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Behind every clutter and mess, there is the potential for an organised and clean home. You can unlock this potential with our storage and organisation products. Storage and organisation are not just home design elements, they are skills that can be learned.

Developing these skills is an important step towards a more organised, efficient and enjoyable life. Starting to acquire these skills to spend more time for yourself and your work can bring a positive change to your life. Properly organised spaces allow you to make good use of your resources, have easy access to your belongings and therefore free up time to search for things. An organised space can also mean a stress-free, ergonomic and aesthetic space.

Storage and organisation products

Many of the products you will use for storage and organisation in your home can be used in every room and for every purpose. You can combine your furniture designed for storage and organisation with various home organisation products in different areas of the house. For example, boxes and baskets in different models can be selected and used for cabinets, drawers and shelves in any part of your home.

In which areas of the house is storage and organisation done?

Storage and organisation areas can be designed in any room or even anywhere in the house. You can start planning storage and organisation in the bedroom. After all, the bedroom is the first room you see in the morning and the last room you see at night. You can start the storage and organisation in the bedroom with bedroom furniture. Wardrobes, the largest and most comprehensive of these furniture, can alleviate the chaos of not only the bedroom but the whole house. Wardrobes are sufficient alone in some areas where they are combined with wardrobe organisers, but if you need more storage space, you can both free up more space and complete the design in your bedroom with nightstands and chest of drawers. Do you need more space for your bedding such as duvet cover sets and blankets? You can ensure that nothing is left out thanks to beds with storage which incude extra drawer space. If you want to choose from regular beds, you can always create modular storage areas by choosing clothes storage boxes and boxes with compartments suitable for under your bed.

While thinking about storage and organisation solutions in your own bedroom, if you have children, you can also start planning the storage areas in the baby and children's room. The children's room, which is perhaps one of the rooms of the house where order is needed the most, is not only tidy with the right storage products, but also instils positive habits that will support your child throughout his life. As in your bedroom, you can start with children's wardrobes in the children's room and complete them with children's chests of drawers. However, there is one more issue to be addressed in the children's room: Children's toys. Contrary to its name, it may not be so easy to organise children's toys. This is where children’s storage solutions come into play. Thanks to the toy storage that you can choose according to your child's use and toys, you can prevent this confusion and offer your child a calm and organised room. If your child is old enough to read books, you can complete the look of the room with fun and harmonious children's bookcases.

If you have found a place for your children's books and are looking for a place for your own books, you can now move to the study and check out the bookcases. You can choose your bookcases according to your walls and spaces, and if your home office is in your living room, you can create a functional room separator by evaluating open storage systems instead of bookcases. The storage area in the study room not only helps you get rid of clutter, but also makes it easier to focus thanks to this function. You can do your work faster and more efficiently, which helps you save more time. You can also complement the storage functions of bookcases in your workspaces with the help of drawer units and filing cabinets.

The living room is a common space in most homes, both for living and for storage. Stacking and organising items in living rooms, which serve as many rooms in some homes, can help you easily separate areas and functions. Especially TV cabinet systems that help you display televisions, which are the focal point of most living rooms, can be the protagonists of living room storage solutions. Depending on your available space and how much storage space you need, you can choose from TV benches or TV units and store and display your technological items such as cables, remotes, CDs, and even objects such as trinkets and vases that you want to display. If you want to open a more visual and separate area from the TV area, you can add more stylish and aesthetic storage solutions to your room with sideboards and console tables.

Some living rooms are also used as a dining room. However, if you have a suitable dining room for yourself, you can support the dining tables and dining room chairs with different storage-oriented dining room furnitures. Thanks to the console tables, sideboards and buffet furniture you can choose for the dining room, you can either store or display your cookware and tableware products such as dinner sets and serveware invisibly.

Speaking of the dining room, it would be remiss not to mention storage solutions in the kitchen, one of the most essential rooms in the house. You can complement the cabinets and drawers in your kitchen with different storage and organisation accessories to easily access the right spices, preparation, cookware and dishwashing accessories while making delicious meals and cleaning up after a nice feast. For example, you can use drawer organisers in drawers to prevent your cutlery from getting mixed up. You can also use wall cabinets for jars and other food storage products in your kitchen and find unique solutions for your various ingredients in your kitchen.

You can find different storage solutions in every room and every area of the house. However, some homes are lucky enough to have rooms and areas that are solely focused on storage. If you live in a house where hallways can be used efficiently, you can reduce the storage burden in your home by making the right use of this space. Open or closed, storage systems of different sizes and capacities can be considered as the most basic furniture to utilise these areas. You can organise these storage areas with plastic boxes, transparent boxes and other storage boxes and create the storage superstar of your home.

You can also consider storage and organisation-oriented products in bathrooms and laundry rooms. Examples of these products are bathroom cabinets with space-saving and aesthetic storage areas, laundry baskets that allow you to separate your dirty laundry as you wish, hooks that ensure that your bathrobes and towels are always at hand. In this way, you can design a calm bathroom and make your personal care days and the time you prepare for a new day more enjoyable and stress-free.

How to complete storage and organisation solutions?

As important as putting your things in order, it is also important to make them visible and add colour to your storage solutions. You can find integrated lighting to support your cabinets, sideboards and buffet furniture, decorative lightings that makes your organisation furniture look stylish as well as functional, lampshades to illuminate products such as nightstands, coffee and side tables, chandeliers that will change the mood of the whole room and all the lights that will affect your vision in the lighting category.

Although they may only seem functional, storage and organisation products can also be sophisticated and aesthetic parts of your home. By using different home decoration products, you can make your open shelving units, consoles and cabinets part of the decor.

Are you on the move? Our bin bangs and liners can help you beyond the home. Choose from carrier bags for busy shopping days, stylish and ergonomic backpacks for your computers and personal belongings, and lunch bags for your lunches.

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Great solutions for your storage spaces

It's easy to create a space where you can store your clothes, shoes, or bags. With wide and high wardrobes, you'll have the storage space you need. You can store your seasonal clothes without clutter by placing boxes under the hangers, or you can create a wardrobe look that suits your room with PAX wardrobe planners.

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The sun is waiting for you at the top

We are ready to help you keep your balconies and gardens, where you will enjoy the summer, organised. You can display your plants with outdoor shelving units and store your garden accessories with lidded cabinets and boxes. So when you're done, you can enjoy your organised, spacious balconies and gardens where everything has a place.

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A new take on a classic shelf

Keep your hallway clutter-free with the new IVAR shelving unit. Now with felt insert shelf to stash small items and new doors to keep your stuff out of sight. Made of solid pine, it's easy to put your own stamp on it by staining it, putting on a pattern with stencils, or painting it a cool colour.

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Our new products are here!

Discover our new products for your home. With our new products that you can choose from home furnishing and accessories, you can renovate your home as well as make it more functional with furniture.

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Glassware to stay refreshed and relaxed

Use glass jars, jugs and bottles to create water infusions that give you an uplifting boost or calm your senses. It’s a great way to use up your leftover fruit and herbs and enjoy café vibes at home.

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