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Open storage system solutions are of great importance for maintaining order and efficient use of space in home or office environments. Under this category, you can find open storage system products suitable for all types of spaces. From simple designs to functional solutions, we offer many alternatives such as open shelving units, hangers and hangers and bins to organise and personalise any space. IKEA open storage systems will be your indispensable elements to create an organised environment and bring your living space to a more functional and aesthetic level.

When you need more storage space, you can easily implement the solutions you need thanks to the modular structures and expandable features of these systems. Beyond ease of use, open storage system products create a special place for each of your belongings, allowing you to quickly find what you are looking for. Whether you have a minimalist or maximalist design, you can make an arrangement that reflects your personal taste with our open storage system solutions that are suitable for every style.

You can organise your home or workplace in an extraordinary way and add a modern touch to the decoration by using our open storage units. These products offer extremely flexible solutions to maximise usability and shape living spaces according to your personal needs. That's why, in our open storage solutions category, you can find everything you need for a long-term and sustainable organisation.

IKEA open storage products are made from high quality materials, making them ideal for durability and longevity as well as their aesthetic appearance. With our options in different sizes and dimensions, you can find a storage solution that suits your style while making the most efficient use of your space. Designed to help you create an aesthetic layout even in tight spaces, open storage systems offer the perfect way to have functionality and elegance at the same time.

Among our products, there are options produced in different colours and materials. So you can create the atmosphere you want and add vibrancy to your space. At IKEA, every product is meticulously designed for ease of use and aesthetics, so with open storage solutions you can not only organise your space but also create a space that reflects your lifestyle. By ensuring that every detail is functional and stylish, you can create an environment that maximises practicality and comfort in your daily life.

Open storage system solutions

Open storage system solutions are ideal for those who want to create a professional and stylish workspace. With our wide range of products, we offer customisable solutions for every taste and need. While aesthetics and functionality are offered together, you can contribute to the atmosphere of your spaces with the richness of materials and colour options. These systems, which are indispensable for modern living spaces, reveal a certain style and ensure that the spaces are in harmony with the general design language.

Open storage system products, which come in modular designs so that they can easily adapt to changing needs over time, are supported by stylish clothes rails and coat stands, contributing greatly to the freedom of users to rearrange and personalise the space. Whether at home or in professional environments, optimum solutions are developed by always prioritising the need for effective storage and display.

With ease of use, installation practicality and flexible configuration options, you can create a layout that suits your own lifestyle. These systems can be easily installed without the need to use any tools and can be expanded by adding to the existing layout if necessary. These features make them the perfect solution, especially for spaces with square metre restrictions.

Customisable open storage solutions give you the opportunity to unleash your creativity while contributing to the sustainability of your layout and organisation. With a choice of colours, finishes and accessories, it is possible to create an aesthetically rich look and highlight your personal tastes.

Combining functionality and aesthetics, open storage system products also stand out in terms of the variety of usage areas. It can easily adapt to any area in your home or workplace and help you create an aesthetic order. Therefore, regardless of your lifestyle, with the solutions offered by these systems, you can create an environment that will both facilitate your daily life and appeal to your taste.

Open storage system solutions that we offer with modern and minimal designs play a key role in saving space. Open storage units allow you to make the best use of your space while responding to your storage needs. These units provide a visually pleasing balance and increase functionality with ease of organisation and access.

Open storage system products produced in line with our durability and quality standards promise long-lasting use. Thanks to being produced with high quality materials, they show high resistance to any deformation or abrasion. Thus, we ensure that your investment will continue to add value to your space for a long time.

Accessible and practical for every user, IKEA open storage solutions also make economic sense. Considered as a long-term investment, its modular structure and expandable features keep your space alive and functional by responding to your various needs over time.

You can create a more peaceful and organised environment in your space thanks to the convenience of these systems that combine design and functionality. With our unique design approach and the importance we attach to customer satisfaction, we not only offer you a storage solution, but also provide you with aesthetic and quality options to beautify your living spaces.

When choosing open storage solutions at IKEA, it is important to consider all these factors and evaluate how each detail will serve your needs and lifestyle. With a product range that allows you to find the ideal solution that suits your space, whether it's in colour or texture, you're sure to find a solution that meets your every need.

Advantages of using an open storage system

The use of open storage systems is a breakthrough in terms of organisation and accessibility, with boxes frequently used in homes, offices and other living spaces. With a variety of styles and designs to suit your aesthetic sense, you can organise your interiors according to your personal taste. The open order provided by open storage system products not only ensures that everything you are looking for is quickly at hand, but also facilitates cleaning and maintenance.

Another important advantage is flexibility. The system can be simply expanded or modified as you need it. This is especially ideal in rented premises or for people who change frequently. When organising the way your items are displayed, open storage system solutions offer unparalleled freedom and allow you to make the best use of your space.

In terms of visual layout, open storage systems help you create a customised design according to the purpose of the space in which they are used. Spices and kitchen utensils in the kitchen, books and documents in the study, clothes and accessories in the bedroom provide an aesthetic order in the shelving systems. This organisation not only provides ease of daily use, but also allows your space to make an impressive impression to visitors.

The cost effectiveness of these systems should not be ignored. By simply selecting the items you need, you can create a storage area that suits your needs with customisable open storage system solutions. As a cost-effective solution, you create an aesthetic and functional space without exceeding your budget.

Encouraging creativity and flexibility, open storage systems help you personalise and organise your daily life. It gives you the freedom to create a minimalist or maximalist look in your space. The objects you choose are not only a storage solution, but also become decorative elements that reflect your personal tastes and lifestyle.

Open storage systems make the process of finding a specific item simple and quick, while reducing stress and the feeling of clutter. Open shelving and hanging systems improve your quality of life by providing quick and easy placement or retrieval of items needed in your daily life. This convenience means saving time and energy.

Another benefit of open storage systems is that they create a certain order and openness in your space. A clean and organised space often offers more natural lighting, making it feel airier. This can make your time at home or at work more enjoyable and create a more positive working environment.

Open storage systems support an agile and dynamic lifestyle in bustling city life or in a busy workshop, classroom or workplace. They contribute to effortlessly managing your life by allowing you to easily place, remove and reorganise your belongings as you wish. By using these systems, you can keep your space organised and carry out your daily work more efficiently.

Where are open storage systems used?

Open storage system solutions used for the organisation of food and kitchen utensils save time by providing easy and quick access to the materials needed in the kitchen. Open shelves and hanging systems for spices, dry foods and cooking tools increase kitchen organisation and aesthetics.

Ideal for clothes, accessories and personal items, open storage systems offer seamless organisation and an ordered look in bedrooms. Stylish shoe racks, open cupboards and clothes hangers provide ease of use and add a modern touch to room decoration.

Open storage system products, which provide display areas for books, plants, photographs and artworks, offer both a functional and aesthetic solution in living rooms. With their eye-catching designs and functional structures, they adapt to every style and add a warm atmosphere to the most used area of the house.

The use of open storage systems for easy organisation of toys and school supplies encourages children to keep their rooms tidy. Colourful boxes, bookshelves and toy storage units make children's rooms more fun and functional.

Open storage systems designed for storing documents, files and stationery maximise efficiency and accessibility in professional working environments. Aesthetic shelves and partitions contribute to maintaining convenience and order while maintaining office organisation.

Open storage systems used for storing towels, personal care products and cleaning supplies are produced from materials resistant to factors such as moisture and wetness in bathrooms. Functional shelves and baskets meet aesthetic and hygiene requirements, while offering the opportunity to display products in an organised manner.

Ideal for categorising and storing art and craft supplies, sports equipment or any hobby-related tools, open storage solutions create an inspiring and organised workspace in hobby rooms.

Open storage systems designed for shoes, hats and coats play an organising role at the entrance of the house. They offer a practical solution for visitors and residents to easily place and retrieve frequently used items.

Commercial spaces such as shops, restaurants or cafes can opt for open storage systems to display their products and materials. Stylish and eye-catching solutions both increase functionality and attract customers.

Durable systems for tools, tools and stored boxes offer maximum usable space in garages and storage areas. Open storage units provide organised storage and easy accessibility, saving homeowners time and energy.

Outdoor storage system solutions, where ornamental plants, outdoor furniture and gardening materials are displayed in an organised manner, save space on terraces and balconies, making outdoor living spaces more functional.

Outdoor storage systems can be used in any area, regardless of home, workplace, private or public institution. With their robust construction, variety of materials and colour alternatives, it is possible to find a model suitable for every space. Among IKEA's special collections, you can evaluate both ready-made and customisable modular designs and have storage units in specific sizes for the area you will use.

What should be considered when choosing an open storage system?

When choosing an open storage system to create an elegant and useful space, every detail from aesthetics to functionality should be considered. A storage solution proportional to the dimensions of your space will allow you to make the best use of the space and support the overall layout of the room. Planning so that each object has its own place will provide great convenience in daily use.

The open storage system products to be selected should not only be made of high quality materials, but also stand out with their durability and lifetime. While different materials such as metal, wood or plastic appeal to different usage areas and tastes, the long-term performance of the products should also be considered. Quality can create long-term satisfaction by offering resistance to scratches and impacts.

Functionality in storage systems requires that every part is designed to make it easy to use. The ease of use of drawers, shelving units and hangers helps to protect your precious time in daily life. Multipurpose modular systems maximise the use of space by offering flexible solutions to different storage requirements.

When buying an open storage system, the colour and design should be in harmony with the overall ambience of the space. Modern, minimalist or traditional styles can combine with colour palettes to give your space a special character. Choosing your system in accordance with the aesthetics and style of your home or office will work as a unifying element for the entire interior decoration.

Another point to consider is lighting. Planning how to integrate natural and artificial light into your open storage system solutions is especially important for darker or narrower spaces. Light will emphasise your storage areas and increase accessibility.

When planning your budget, it is important to make a balanced decision between cost and quality, as turning to cheap solutions can lead to higher costs in the long run. The investment cost, maintenance requirements of the products and potential spare parts or expansion options should also be evaluated.

When choosing an open storage system, a balance between visuality and functionality should be established and the solutions you choose should aim to combine both aspects. High-quality and stylish storage solutions that you integrate with your overall space layout can transform your space and enhance the user experience. In particular, you can significantly improve the organisation and accessibility of your space by using various open storage system products such as open shelving units, hangers and hangers and boxes. To achieve a certain standard of organisation in your home or workplace, you can explore IKEA's iconic designs and make site-specific choices.

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