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Every home's storage needs and usable space vary, so sometimes a "one-size-fits-all" approach to furniture may not offer the most efficient solutions. In these cases, storage units that you can choose and combine in different ways offer you unique and functional solutions. Thanks to their modularity and practicality, you can organise storage units as you wish, and change and renew them whenever you want. Storage units are designed to be compatible and consistent within product families, so you can make additions when you need them, and if you want to create more free space, you can take them apart and change your storage space.

Storage unit models

Storage unit models can be evaluated for almost every part of the house where you need storage. For example, storage units can be used as an alternative to wardrobes in the bedroom where open storage systems can be used. Thus, an airier storage unit where everything can be seen and organised can be obtained. You can also support the storage units you have designed with wardrobe organisers, storage boxes and drawer organisers to have an organised look and use. You can combine your storage units with baskets to complete the look and add a cosy and natural texture to the room.

Storage units can be functional not only as storage but also visually. Especially in homes where the living room is used as a relaxation area, a home office and a dining room, open storage units can be used as a functional room divider. Likewise, in homes where living rooms and kitchens are combined, open cabinets can meet the various storage needs of both rooms without creating crowding and darkness. Working spaces in our homes is one of the rooms we need to focus on the most, so the storage units and storage systems we use in this room can be a good start for a more orderly and organised work and school life. By using storage units with different shelves and combinations: you can also design your ideal storage and display unit as an alternative to bookcases or sideboards.

How to complete storage units?

The first thing you need to think about when choosing storage units and other furniture, and before complementing them with different home decoration and home organisation products, is to make sure that they are safe to install and use. Therefore, do not forget to mount the storage units and all other furniture that needs to be fixed to the wall in accordance with the user manual of the products.

Empty spaces in the hallways, under the stairs and in the corridors can be the perfect storage space for small homes. Modular storage areas can create a storage space that will alleviate all the chaos of the house by placing a unique storage unit according to your free space and needs. You can support these areas with plastic boxes, boxes with lids and other boxes in different shapes and sizes, and you can stack your belongings from all over the house in the volumes you want.

Storage units may look rough and industrial at first glance, but in fact, these units can be considered as blank canvases that you can decorate as you wish. You can add personality to your storage units by using trinkets, vases and different decorative accessories. For example, you can decorate your storage units with various artificial plants for a natural and rustic feel; glass domes, decorative plates and bowls for a more sophisticated aesthetic; and simple lampshades and other lighting products for a minimal and bright look.

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