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Innovative approaches in the world of design bring about the continuous development and diversification of children's furniture trends. IKEA gains the admiration of families and children with its children's room set options that make life easier and increase comfort. Convenient and aesthetic bedside tables help your children to organise their personal belongings and provide more functional use of their rooms.

Especially ergonomically designed children's armchairs and children's chairs guarantee the comfort of your children with their adaptable structures to every corner of the room. IKEA uses safe and durable materials to create a special space for children to release their energy in their rooms. There are also children's room decoration elements that encourage children's creativity. In each piece of furniture designed for children, both functional and aesthetic details come to the fore. IKEA children's youth room collections with modern lines are designed in accordance with the changing needs and tastes of young people. Available in different colours and themes, these products are ideal for young people who want to transform their rooms into personal living spaces.

Designed with the effect of light and colours on the atmosphere of the room in mind, children's room sofa models and accessories help to create a pleasant reading corner and keep the play area lively. IKEA furniture specially designed for children and young people meets maximum safety standards. When shaping your child's living space, choosing furniture that reflects their personality and taste helps them develop their independence and creativity. IKEA's wide range of children's cots and children's bunk beds offers options that will appeal to every family's taste and budget. With their functional layers and decorative elements, they are designed in a way that will make them love their rooms more and more every day.

If you want to create a living space that supports your child's development, IKEA offers a unique catalogue of children's room sets and children's furniture options. To discover the furniture that will support your child's growth in a happy, healthy and productive environment, you can examine IKEA's children's furniture collection offered at ideal prices. You can browse through the most special designs to open the doors to the room of your and your children's dreams.

Children's room models and furniture options

Children's room set options, which support children's imagination in their design and allow them to play freely and continue their development, provide maximum comfort and safety. The IKEA children's furniture collection, which blends modern and classic lines, is rich enough to appeal to the personal taste and needs of every child.

Convenient and aesthetic children's bedroom designs prioritise child safety while effectively using every corner of the living space. For example, girls' bedroom and boys' bedroom models designed according to the size of the room aim to create an environment that will contribute positively to the development of children.

Among the products prepared by considering the different needs of each child; There are children's work desks made of robust materials suitable for active use, children's bookcases, comfortable children's armchairs for resting areas, large and safe children's room chair alternatives for play times. Children's room bookshelf solutions, where toys or collectible figures can be organised, are supported by functional shelf systems, helping you to add both depth and aesthetics to the space.

Details that personalise the room come to the fore with different options. Children's room decoration products offer a creative and fun atmosphere by complementing the overall design of the room. These products include bedspreads, curtains and wall decorations designed for children's youth room accessories in various colours and themes. IKEA works with designers who are experts in their field for solutions that will help organise children's daily use of children's room furniture in a way that will provide convenience and pleasure. Ergonomically structured children's study chairs, which are produced without ignoring the physical anatomy of children, prepare a perfect learning environment together with table sets that support effective learning and creativity processes.

IKEA's collection of children's furniture and children's room sets are designed to appeal to various ages and tastes. Children's beds, children's cupboards and wardrobes, children's dressers and nightstands, children's beds, children's wardrobes, children's chests of drawers and bedside tables offer many alternatives to create rooms where children can reflect their safe, comfortable and personal expressions. You can start creating your children's dream rooms with IKEA and go on a pleasant discovery tour to see what awaits you in the extensive collection.

Children's bunk beds and beds according to room sizes

Whatever the size of your room, IKEA's versatile children's bunk beds and cots allow you to make the most of every space. With children's bunk bed models designed for narrow spaces or children's bedroom sets ideal for spacious rooms, you can both save space and achieve an aesthetic look. Pattern and colour options that appeal to the individual tastes of each child, accompanied by modern designs, make their rooms a special world of their own.

IKEA's children's furniture options include space-saving high beds and multi-purpose children's cabinets and wardrobes for more functional use of space. These children's room set products, where corners are rounded and durable materials are used for the safety of your children during the design process, are also produced to be suitable for use for many years. Considering the physical development of your children, you can safely choose products suitable for their height and weight.

Designed to support the development of children throughout their education and childhood, cots and cabinets also allow their imagination to develop freely. Especially children's beds and children's bunk beds can turn into adventurous playgrounds and enliven their rooms with colourful and interesting models. These furniture, which contribute to the personal development of children as self-confident individuals, are also equipped with details that will allow them to have a pleasant time in their rooms.

Specially designed children's desks and children's desk chair sets help children to gain healthy sitting habits with their ergonomic features and create efficient study environments in their study rooms. Bedside table models and children's room bookcase designs also offer practical solutions where children can store their books and school supplies in an organised way. Children's room decoration elements, which are one of the most important elements in children's room design, are completed with the ideas of evaluating the spaces under the bunk beds, creating eye-catching colours and playgrounds.

Children's bedroom bed options with wide and comfortable surfaces in the product range provide children with a comfortable sleep experience while saving extra space in the room with alternative storage areas. Furniture designed for both children's youth room and younger age groups are solutions to improve your living space at the maximum level by offering the best usage patterns according to the square metres of your home.

You can create spaces where they can reveal their creativity by making different choices from the wide product range, including furniture such as children's room armchairs and children's chairs that meet the individual needs of each child and support their imagination.

Children's room storage and storage solutions

Effective storage and storage solutions are indispensable for maintaining order in children's rooms. IKEA's children's bedroom wardrobes, shelves, children's armchairs and children's bookcases will keep everything in its place. Within the rich range of children's dressers and bedside tables, you can find solutions where your children can easily organise their books and toys. Special storage boxes and hanging systems make it possible to keep the room clean while keeping things easily accessible. IKEA's colourful and modular nursery wardrobe options offer vibrancy with their colours and order with their functional designs. Customisable compartments and shelves in the designs represent an easy way to organise both toys and school supplies.

Creative storage solutions such as toy boxes, hanging organisers and wall units create more space for children to move and play freely. They also help to teach your children at an early age to be organised and to keep their own things tidy. IKEA's functional and educational nursery sofas and chairs can also be used as supportive storage units. Designed with adjustable sizes that adapt to children's growth and development, the storage solutions are easily transportable and help to meet changing needs over time. IKEA's flexible and modular children's room bookshelves provide an organised and spacious look to children's rooms and offer the ideal storage space for books and other learning materials.

Children's wardrobes and wardrobes can be customised to suit every child's room with a variety of sizes and designs. Accessories such as wardrobe organisers and hangers allow clothes to be placed with easy access and visual harmony. These products also develop children's ability to choose their own clothes and gain independence. Children's chest of drawers and bedside tables are both decorative and practical elements that complement the decor of the children's room and offer functional storage spaces at the same time. These minimalist and modern storage solutions are available in a variety of colours and styles, ensuring that all the essentials for daily use are close at hand while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of children's rooms.

Designed with the room sizes of standard homes in mind, IKEA storage units cleverly utilise even tight spaces to help children have enough room to play, work and relax. Suitable for long-lasting use, IKEA's nursery cabinets and other storage units are tested for durability and safety norms, so they can fit into any style, whether classic or modern. IKEA's children's beds and modular wardrobes in a variety of sizes are designed to fit into all kinds of rooms and adapt to your children's growing periods thanks to interchangeable parts. IKEA's storage solutions for children's rooms prioritise children's needs and tastes while keeping the room organised.

Study corner for your children

Creating a workspace that supports children's education is of great importance for modern parents. IKEA's rich collection of children's desks are specially designed for your children's needs, creating an atmosphere that motivates them and makes learning fun. In harmony with the choice of children's study chairs, these areas contribute to the development of children not only aesthetically but also functionally.

The key to providing an ideal learning environment for the youngest members of your family is to create a quiet and peaceful atmosphere that increases concentration. Study corners should be free from distractions and should be organised in such a way that children can focus solely on learning. IKEA's accessories and lighting solutions, in colours and fun designs that attract children's attention, help to increase productivity by creating a quiet focus corner while keeping their interest alive.

Children's desks in various designs and sizes, and cabinet and shelf solutions compatible with desks, combine with ergonomically designed work chairs that are suitable for children's body structures to create ideal spaces. It is important to remember that children need comfort and ergonomics. You can benefit from comfortable and ergonomic furniture to unleash the creativity of young minds. IKEA's ergonomic children's armchairs and chairs support developing bodies and allow children to sit comfortably for long periods of time.

In a study corner specially designed for children, study routines can be made enjoyable. IKEA's study corners allow children to explore their personal creativity in a friendly and stimulating atmosphere, while also helping to build regular and disciplined study habits. In this special space for your children, you can watch them daydreaming with peace of mind. In order to understand the positive effect of a study corner on children, it is important that the space is shaped as a space where they can think and learn freely. Study environments equipped with IKEA's aesthetic and functional solutions can make a big difference in children's educational lives. You can start to equip your children's study corner with IKEA quality with children's table and chair sets.

Things to consider when buying children's furniture

Choosing furniture is an important decision that directly affects your children's personal development and daily life. For this reason, it should not be forgotten that it should not harm your children and should have features that support their development. Experts emphasise that sharp corners that may pose a danger in the children's room set to be selected should be avoided and safe mechanisms that reduce the risk of crushing or squeezing should be preferred.

In addition to physical safety, girls' or boys' room concepts designed according to gender make children's rooms more enjoyable and contribute positively to the shaping of their identities. IKEA aims to appeal to the unique world of each child with its children's youth room collections, which it prepares by prioritising individual differences and preferences.

On the other hand, it is important for parents to consider the height and weight of their children when choosing furniture. Products such as children's cots, children's study chairs and adjustable children's study desks, which offer ergonomic solutions for children during the growing period, are among the essential choices that support physical development. IKEA offers a range of ergonomic and durable products for these needs.

In addition, parents' preference for furniture that reflects their children's tastes and also contains educational elements encourages them to spend more time in their children's rooms and explore these areas. Children's table and chair sets, children's bookcases and thematic children's beds are meticulously designed by IKEA to contribute to learning and play activities as well as room decoration.

The preference for sustainability and environmentally friendly products in furniture purchases is a growing trend in today's world. Products such as children's cupboards and wardrobes, children's dressers and bedside tables made from healthy and sustainable materials create a safe living space for them while instilling the importance of protecting our planet.

IKEA meticulously designs the products you need for babies, who have an extremely sensitive constitution, both in the newborn and in the 2-24 month period. First-class healthy materials that do not harm the baby's body, from the respiratory tract to the skin, are presented to parents with the baby furniture collection.

IKEA develops bedside table models and cabinet models that do not harm the natural lighting of the room and provide good air circulation, with the awareness that the cleanliness of light and air plays a role in the healthy development of children. IKEA's wide range of products, from ease of use to safety, from aesthetics to sustainability, all the elements that need to be considered when buying children's furniture are taken into consideration and offer the best solutions to parents. With this in mind, you can start looking through the IKEA catalogue to create an ideal room for your children.

The zone for chilling out

When you walk under the arch, you enter a different zone. It’s perfect for hanging out with friends, with comfy pouffes that fold out into mattresses – handy for sleepovers. There’s organised storage with shelves and pull-out trays and baskets. Plus, some mini furniture so the aliens can hang out, too...

Bring wood into your child's room

The simple design and wooden details of the TARVA single bed combine Scandinavian tradition with modernity. You can prepare a peaceful sleeping environment for your child by combining your bed with a comfortable mattress and providing extra storage space by adding boxes under the cot.

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SMASTAD Wardrobe Planner

With SMASTAD we wanted to create a storage system from a child's perspective, so it’s easier and more fun to get dressed and keep everything organised. Plan your SMASTAD wardrobe

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