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The guests are coming! Towels in the drawer, combs on the top shelf, hair dryer right there... No need to panic! You have the right to enjoy the same comfort in the bathroom as you do in every other area of your home. Bathroom cabinets and the smart storage spaces; their assistance will help you with this! Moreover, they not only serve you organize your bathroom quickly; they also enhance life and color to your bathroom.

Bathroom Cabinet Models

With different door, shelf and interiordesigns, bathroom cabinet models allow you to store all your personal hygiene and general use items in your bathroom. They eliminate clutter and preserve products that need to be protected from moisture. On the other hand, they themselves also show this durability. Bathroom cabinets with design features suitable for bathroom conditions maintain their same appearance for many years without being affected by moisture. Among the models designed with color alternatives suitable for the aesthetics of your home, there are also mirrored bathroom cabinets that take functionality one step further. In this way, you can complement both the elegance of your home and your own elegance in front of the mirror just before you leave the house. Among the models that diversify according to the different needs of each user, there are also multi-purpose bathroom cabinets that can meet the needs of every user. Offering a smart storage solution, these models allow you to place all your belongings in your bathroom without clutter. Adding to the functionality provided by bathroom cabinets is possible with sink cabinets. Offering more storage space and aesthetic harmony, washbasin cabinets are installed in close contact with bathroom sinks. As a result, you get maximum space efficiency in your bathroom.

A vanity unit for every style and space

We have a large selection of units in several different styles and sizes. From 40 centimetres wide for the small bathroom, to over 100 centimetres for the larger ones. High-gloss and anthracite for those who want a little flair, or simply white and bamboo if you’re going for a calmer or more rustic atmosphere. For the classic and timeless look, there is of course white porcelain. Oh, and while you’re at it, make sure to match your bathroom furniture set with various bathroom accessories for a complete look.

Basins and countertops that make your bathroom pop

A single basin vanity unit is a good fit for the smaller bathroom, where you might be lacking some space. You get extra storage for all your essentials, while the rest of the room can be used as before. On the other hand, you can choose bathroom cabinets with more space. Especially if you share your bathroom with others, everyone will have their own space. Thus, the morning rush is calmer. Should you mount your unit on the floor or to the wall? You can’t go wrong with a classic, floor mounted washstand. It fits together seamlessly with your basin and creates a solid, integrated look. There are many different solutions with both doors and drawers, and it allows for maximum storage beneath the basin. A wall mounted unit, on the other hand, creates the illusion of extra space as the floor is left visible and clear. So, if you’re looking to make your bathroom feel bigger, this is the one for you. With a wall mounted option, you can also easily choose the placement yourself, and adapt it to the height that is most comfortable for you.


Goodbye, GODMORGON. Hello, our new bathroom cabinets!

The GODMORGON bathroom furniture and accessories have been our favourites for many years, but now it’s time for something new. Explore our brand new bathroom range in 2024, with an even wider variety of styles and colours.

ÄNGSJÖN bathroom cabinet – your contemporary at-home retreat

Whatever the size of your bathroom, with the ÄNGSJÖN cabinet you can create a perfect spa-like feel. Go for a sleek expression with a high gloss finish or choose a warm wood look to amp up the cosiness. The ÄNGSJÖN cabinet includes single and double drawer units and comes with a 10-year guarantee.

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bathroom wall cabinet
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-havback banyo sistemi


bahtroom high cabinet, dark grey
Sepete Ekle

HAVBÄCK bathroom cabinet - beautiful in its simplicity

The HAVBÄCK family is created for those who value simple design and effortless storage solutions. The clean expression can be personalised with the details that best fit your style. The HAVBÄCK bathroom cabinet comes with a 10- year guarantee.

See the HAVBÄCK bathroom cabinet

TÄNNFORSEN bathroom cabinet – timeless design and modern comfort

Beautiful details and long-lasting quality – backed by a 10- year guarantee – make the TÄNNFORSEN bathroom cabinet a statement of your unique style. The crafted, traditional expression comes in a selection of classic finishes and can be personalised to express your taste.

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IKEA-havback beyaz lavabo dolabi 2

Start planning your bathroom from home

Do you have grand plans for your bathroom? Use the bathroom planner to find the solution that best suits your bathroom and budget.

Click for the bathroom planner

HEMNES bathroom cabinet – simple design with traditional Scandinavian appeal

From shelf units, mirrors and benches to wash-basin cabinets with drawers and more, the HEMNES bathroom range mixes modern comfort with traditional style. Its classic, elegant look comes in various soft colours that harmonise beautifully across the home with the rest of the HEMNES family.

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Open Shelving Unit, anthracite
Sepete Ekle


bathroom wall cabinet, white
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-enhet banyo sistemi

ENHET bathroom cabinet – easy to assemble and update

The flexible ready-made combinations of the ENHET bathroom cabinet let you create a bathroom for now and for the future. The playful design comes in different colours and sizes, so you can create a solution that suits your style and needs. It also comes with a 10-year guarantee for a look that lasts.

See the ENHET bathroom cabinet

NYSJÖN bathroom cabinet – smart storage for small spaces

A perfect solution for small spaces, the NYSJÖN bathroom cabinet offers smart storage ideas to organise your bathroom and laundry area, like slender cabinets to keep things tidy. A simple, straightforward look in matte white combines effortlessly with other styles and colours.

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