Playful harmony in a superorganised kitchen

Smooth and seamless fronts form the basis for this inviting kitchen. The neutral light grey colour is easy to combine with other hues and materials, allowing you to create a contemporary kitchen that stands the test of time but is uniquely yours. Airy and calmly joyful, this is a kitchen that you will love coming home to every day.

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IKEA-super duzenli bir mutfakta eglenceli uyum 1

Design your dream kitchen step by step

Get inspired and find the ideal kitchen by choosing from a wide choice of materials and colours. Thanks to our different kitchen solutions, you can adapt your kitchen according to your budget, your space and your style.

1- Explore

2- Measure

3- Plan & design

4- Install

5- Personalise with accessories

Plan your dream kitchen

A functional and stylish kitchenette

A smaller version of a full-size kitchen, this solution has all the basic functions you need for food preparation, cooking and washing-up. It has a shelf for storing a portable hob when not in use, a rail with hooks for utensils you want close at hand and recycling bins conveniently placed under the sink.

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IKEA-rinnig siyah  sivi sabunluk


soap dispenser, black
Sepete Ekle


sink tap, stainless steel
Sepete Ekle


waste sorting solution, white/light grey
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-hallbar beyaz acik gri cop ayirma cozumu


glass jar with lid, glass
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-variera beyaz dolap ici duzenleyici


interior organiser, white
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-stodja beyaz catal bicaklik


drawer organizer, white
Sepete Ekle

Efficient kitchen wall storage that enhances the look

A smart way to free up workspace and keep things close at hand – that’s what our wall accessories are about. But they offer more than just extra storage. Depending on the style you choose and the things you store, a wall rail with a combination of hooks and containers serves as a personal design statement.

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Living space in your kitchen

Turn your kitchen, the heart of everyday life, into a living space where you eat a family meal, help your children's homework, take a break and drink coffee, or enjoy your hobbies rather than just a place for cooking.

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Open Shelving Unit, white
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-enhet mutfak dolabi


built-in oven cabinet, white-oak look
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-knoxhult cekmeceli kapakli alt dolap 2


base cab dr/front/shlvs/2 low drwrs, white
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-aspinge siyah disbudak mini mutfak


mini kitchen, black ash-black
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-knoxhult cekmeceli kapakli alt dolap


base cab dr/front/shlvs/2 low drwrs, high gloss white
Sepete Ekle


oven base cabinet with drawers, white
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-enhet beyaz acik raf unitesi


Open Shelving Unit, white
Sepete Ekle

Lowest price

We work hard every day to keep prices as low as possible for you, and we lower prices where we can. By producing in high volumes with smarter designs and flat packaging, we can continue to offer affordable products without compromising quality. Shop our new low prices now!

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IKEA-hultarp siyah bulasiklik


dish drainer, black
Sepete Ekle

The hardest-working member of the kitchen

Are you short of space on the workbench? HULTARP comes to your aid from the air. It does not take up space on the counter while drying your dishes. Moreover, it helps you to do the environment a favour by watering your flowers with the water accumulated in their tray!

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Explore our different kitchen solutions

Take some pressure off

Like all our kitchen taps, DELSJÖN is fitted with an aerator which reduces water consumption without any loss in flow. This means you can lower your water usage and your bills, and relieve some of the pressure on our planet’s water reserves.

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Kitchen storage solutions and organisers that turns chaos into beauty and efficiency

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