From textiles to crockery, how do you decide which sets to keep?

“Fight the urge to recreate what you had before and focus on making something entirely new, together. Look at your pieces with fresh eyes and decide which combinations from both your collections work. Mix patterns with plain, different colours and textures. The magic will reveal itself when you play.”

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glass vase, transparent glass 99 Add to Basket


glass vase, clear glass/gold colour 379 Add to Basket
IKEA-stil bir ev


glass vase, transparent glass 699 Add to Basket


wine glass, grey 449 Add to Basket


goblet, grey 349 Add to Basket


plate set, grey 349 Add to Basket


side plate set, blue-white 499 Add to Basket
IKEA-stil bir ev

How can different art styles come together in one room?

“Sticking to a single look has its place but this home shows off something much more eclectic. Their sizable, diverse collections work wonderfully as gallery walls, immediately catching the eye of anyone who walks into the room without giving any one piece all the attention.”

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black frame, black 799 Add to Basket
IKEA-stil bir ev


black frame, black 219 Add to Basket


lace pillow cover, dark beige 329 Add to Basket
IKEA-stil bir ev
IKEA-stil bir ev

What about bigger pieces of furniture?

“Like the two parts of this blended family, the chairs around their dinner table come from different places yet work so well together. Open your eyes to the new. It’s here you’ll find beauty in the unexpected.”

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