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Want to tidy your everyday things away or show off your most beloved items? Our cupboards and cabinets come in a wide range of styles to help you find the look and function you want. Make the most of your home with our smart cupboard and cabinet solutions.

Storage systems for your home

When preparing your bedroom, choosing the right wardrobe is an important detail. You can create the wardrobe look you want with hinged wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes, or modular wardrobes. In addition, by combining wardrobes with each other, you can create more space in your bedroom and store your textile products or clothes in an organised way. If you have a small bedroom, you can choose a corner wardrobe to save space. Thus, you will use your space more efficiently.

Complete your living room with storage systems. All you need to do is to combine shelves, cabinets, and coffee and side tables . Therefore, a harmonious and functional storage system can create a practical solution for your home.

Cabinets for offices

Create your office environment with filing cabinets. By using open shelving units or cabinets with doors, you can store your files, electronic devices, or belongings in the office. You can place a board above the office desk to keep your notes in front of your eyes, and you can also create extra space for your belongings with wall cabinets.

Organise your bathroom

Bathrooms are perhaps one of the areas where you need the most storage space. Create the space you need with bathroom cabinets. From narrow 40-centimetre-wide bathroom cabinets for small bathrooms to 100-centimetre-wide bathroom cabinets for larger bathrooms. For those who prefer a flashy bathroom, we have bright and anthracite options, as well as white porcelain bathroom cabinet models for those who want a calm and classic look. Complete your bathroom look with stylish and functional bathroom cabinets.

Children are important to us

When preparing your children's rooms, you may need to choose safe and functional children's wardrobes. You can prevent them from tipping over by fixing the children's wardrobes you choose to the wall. Children's wardrobes, which come in many sizes and styles, ensure that your children can easily reach their wardrobes.

One of the biggest reasons why children's rooms get messy can be the toys scattered everywhere. You can get help from toy storage to keep children's toys more organised. By combining the storage units with a toy storage box, you can get a toy cabinet consisting of many compartments. In addition, toy cabinets help your child to sort their toys and find the toy they want easily.

Create a pantry look

Pulses, filled jars, spices, cake ingredients... You can use pantry cabinets to store them all together in an organised way. So you can also create the pantry look you want. Organise your jars and tins or boxes using pantry cabinets and shelving units. Everything you need is now right in front of you.

Show off your design skills with customizable shelving units

Creating sleek, personalized storage shelves doesn’t need to break the bank. These shelving units are easy to customize and easy to assemble – with a price that’s easy to love – so you can design a storage solution that truly fits your style and space.

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Helpers for your storage spaces

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If only your outfits were as easy to put together

Neat and compact with a built-in style advisor (AKA mirror), VIHALS wardrobe is easy to assemble – you might put it together faster than your date night look.

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wardrobe, white
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clothes hanger, white
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Make the interior of wardrobes more organised

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One size fits all

A roomy, practical and minimalist wardrobe that’s as essential as your 23 pairs of jeans. If you need more clothing storage, add another wardrobe from the KLEPPSTAD series for a coordinated look.

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A creative corner

This dining room is truly a multi-purpose space and the hub of the home. Here, we used a storage combination with boxes in a corner to create an inspiring station for arts and crafts. The blackboard painted wall – where you can write the menu of the day – enhances the cafe theme of the room.

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