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Storing and sorting things can be daunting. Even the idea of organising the mountains of stuff, shoes, kitchen products, books, clothes, duvet cover stes and everything else in every room can feel like a huge task for some of us. However, while organising our belongings can have a big impact on our home, using boxes of different sizes, functions and styles can make home organisation easier than it seems.

Using boxes in home organisation is one of the most universal and easiest ways to remove clutter from a space. Not only in homes, but also in offices, workplaces, outdoors and everywhere else, you can avoid clutter by using appropriate boxes.

Box models

It is possible to find storage boxes suitable for every room and every area of your home. Considering the furniture you chose for your room, you can combine the appropriate boxes and baskets and create your unique and personalised storage solution. You can use cabinet organiser boxes for all your cabinets and storage furniture in your home. For example, you can categorise cookware and tableware such as picnic and on-the-go products, dinner sets, glasses and jugs that you do not use frequently in the kitchen according to their functions by using different boxes in kitchen cabinets and pantry cabinets.

In common areas such as the living room, especially in a crowded house, it can be challenging to separate different types of belongings of more than one person. You can complement the TV cabinet systems or wall cabinets you will use in living rooms with suitable boxes. Thus, you can keep versatile and multi-member spaces skilfully clean and tidy. In the living room and dining room, you can also store unused trinkets, vases, decorative plates and bowls and other home decoration products in boxes to protect them from dust and dirt, by placing these boxes inside the console tables.

You can also use storage boxes to control the piles of toys in the baby and children's room. You can include your children in the home organisation process by positioning the storage boxes suitable for toy storage within the reach of your children. Especially TROFAST Series toy cabinets are ideal for organising children's toys and other children's belongings in many children's rooms. You can also examine other children's storage solutions to alleviate the chaos in the children's room.

You can also use storage boxes in your pantries and hallways to take over the clutter of the whole house with the right planning. Transparent boxes, which you can use with open storage systems, allow you to easily see what is inside by looking from the outside, and allow you to make vertical planning by stacking boxes of different sizes and functions. With the lighting products you will use in the room, you can create an ideal storage area where everything is visible but not in the centre. By organising large boxes and small boxes according to their size and capacity, you can combine them with different storage systems in your pantry.

Proper storage of home textile products can save you the time to wash the laundry again and the budget to renew the products. For this, you can use different storage solutions in rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms. For example, you can store duvet cover sets, blankets, sheets and unused clothes by using suitable boxes with lids under the regular beds and boxes with compartments in the drawer areas of the beds with storage. Some boxes with lids can also be used in bathroom cabinets, ensuring that your clean towels and bathrobes are always accessible but free from dust and dirt. In your bathroom and kitchen, you can stack your cleaning supplies and tools such as dish cloths, dish sponges, cleaning gloves, dish brushes, etc. in boxes and put them out of sight until the next laundry and cleaning day, protecting your furniture from potential detergent drops and moisture.

You can use shoe boxes to create a space to organise shoes in hallway wardrobes and bedroom wardrobes. You can also find clothes storage boxes, clothes rails and other wardrobe organisers that you can use to facilitate the organisation of your wardrobes and other storage furniture in the bedroom in the interior organisers category.

Plastic is a durable, easily malleable and versatile material for many products used at home and everywhere else. The plastic boxes you use in your home also stand out with their durability, easy stacking and adaptability to every part of the house.

Boxes are used not only at home but also when moving your belongings from one place to another. You can use boxes of different sizes when moving your belongings, and if you want a recyclable and temporary solution, you can choose cardboard boxes. You can write writings or draw symbols on the cardboard boxes to indicate the items inside; or you can mark the symbols on some cardboard boxes so that there is no confusion between the boxes. Cardboard boxes are more durable than they look, they also take up less space when folded, so you can use cardboard boxes over and over again.

How to organise the boxes?

You can choose the boxes you will buy according to the storage needs in your home by considering many factors from the space you use to their style, size and materials. For example, you can choose boxes that are compatible with open shelving units that you can use anywhere in the house, and you can plan your own storage solution that can be seen from the outside. You can also choose decorative boxes for visually prominent storage furniture such as bookcases and sideboards and store your small items in aesthetically.

We usually use the boxes you choose for filing cabinets in the study rooms, home office and other working spaces to organise documents, stationery, technological tools and other office accessories. For this reason, it may be more accurate to choose small and compartmentalised boxes when organising these shelves. In this way, you can stack many kinds of items according to their types, and you can organise the boxes you have organised according to your usage habits and frequency.

If the weather has improved and it is time to spend time on balcony and gardens, you can complete outdoor storage furniture with boxes suitable for outdoor conditions. Outdoor storage products and furniture are resistant to many harsh conditions, so you can store your empty flower pots and planters, flower watering cans, grill and barbecue accessories and other gardening accessories safely, cleanly and robustly all year round.

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Give your clutter a bit of personality

Looking for a chic abode for your small belongings? Say hello to the new KUGGIS boxes. With the option to mix and match lids in black, white, and bamboo, you can create a personalised storage solution that suits your style.

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Our new products are here!

Discover the latest products for the decoration of your home.

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Box-by-box organisation

VARIERA boxes are the secret to order and tidiness in the kitchen. Packaged food, teas, coffees, oils, vinegar, salts, sugars... whatever you need to organise, place it in the boxes. Find what you're looking for easily.

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A toolbox for your everyday tools

Get a grip on clutter with the new FÅNGGRÖDA inserts! Robust plastic and a handle make lifting a breeze. With generoussized compartments, your mess is transformed into a tidy haven, ensuring you find what you need, when you need it.

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