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What makes a celebration magical? Of course, it's how you do it and how you adapt it to suit you. If it is the most celebrated time of the year, you can start preparing your home for the New Year. You can view this category for all the New Year decoration products you need to create the ideal atmosphere in your home where you will welcome the new year with enthusiasm.

New Year decoration ideas

Just as the decoration and layout of every home is different, so are the decorations to celebrate special occasions or turn ordinary days into extraordinary moments. You can look at the decorations you will make to spread the joy of the season to your home from many angles: Do you want a minimal and stylish decoration, or do you want to turn your home into a winter dream? No matter what look you want, you can find the appropriate decoration products for your home in this category.

Pine trees and ornaments, which are indispensable for every New Year’s decoration; They are the decoration objects that we first place and decorate in our home while preparing for the New Year and when it is time to remove the Christmas decoration products, we often remove them last. In addition, decorating a pine tree can be a fun activity to spend on your own or with your loved ones. A classic pine tree may be one of the most recognisable symbols of Christmas celebrations, but not only a large tree, miniature pine trees or wall decoration products that resemble a pine tree are also great options to decorate your home. In addition, a Christmas wreath on the door is an excellent option to welcome your guests with enthusiasm.

You can also make a special arrangement on your dining table where you will host your guests on New Year's Eve. You can create a classic look by using classic New Year’s colours such as red, green and gold; or you can capture a modern aesthetic on your dining table by using minimal decorations in white and silver tones. Start by laying out different tablecloths, placemats and runners on your table, then you can decorate your table with Christmas figures and candlesticks that you will choose according to the mood you want to capture on your table. You can also complete your table with table and cooking accessories such as colourful plates, specially designed glasses and elegant goblets.

New Year’s products are not only for display, but can also offer you many practical functions. For example, while preparing delicious meals for your guests and loved ones in your kitchen, you can capture the right atmosphere while cooking your meals by using different New Year’s tableware and cooking utensils. You can create wonders on the dining table by using Christmas cookie moulds, muffin papers, tart and cake papers, especially for the desserts you will make on New Year's Eve.

In which areas of the house are New Year’s decoration products used?

Christmas decoration products can be used in any area of the house according to their types: You can bring a unique winter atmosphere to your home with trinkets on your shelves, tablecloths and glassware on your dining table or Christmas textiles on your sofa. Soft blankets, throw pillows and carpets can help you create a cosy atmosphere in your home against the cold weather outside.

When we think of New Year's Eve, we usually think of soft, dim and calm lighting. You can combine many different Christmas lightings to create these sweet lights in your home. Candles that emit soothing light and candle holders that perfectly complement your candles will add warmth to your home. You can also use candles in decorative candlesticks or glass lanterns to create a safe and stylish atmosphere. You can also decorate windows and balconies with lighting chains to create a festive atmosphere outside.

Are you ready for the new year?

Between 11 November 2023 and 02 January 2024, decorate your home by winning a 200 TL gift voucher for your purchases of 1,000 TL of selected Christmas decoration products.

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Your tree. Your rules.

Show your creativity by placing accessories that highlights the new year spirit in the living room, on your dining table, door tops, and windows. LED lights that go on and off, scented candles, heart warming christmas textiles and decorative accessories in red, white, gold and silver color are essentials for a new year decoration. Decorating your door with artificial wreaths kindly welcomes your guests. Help your children participate to turn this preparation into a big and fun activity.

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Create a Christmas atmosphere in your home!

Now is the season for cosy nights in

There’s something about this time of year that makes us want to go into hibernation mode. So turn your living room into a sumptuous retreat for the winter months ahead. Choose comfy cushions, soft blankets, and find out how many people you can squeeze together on the sofa.

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New Year's breeze everywhere in your room

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Christmas Set

How about a set with the products you need while redecorating your home for the New Year? With the Christmas set, we have prepared for you, you can buy New Year's products such as Christmas tree, Christmas lighting, Christmas tree ormanents, and soft toys in one go instead of buying them separately.

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Our new products are here!

Discover the latest products for the decoration of your home.

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Our lowest prices

We believe great home furnishings should be affordable for the many. So when we design a product, we create the price tag first.

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The holiday season, sorted

There’s no such thing as the perfect holiday celebration, there’s only your perfect holiday celebration. We hope our new VINTERFINT Collection gives you some ideas. The end result is up to you.

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Lighting that complement the Christmas atmosphere in your home

STRALA lamp shades give your home a warm and welcoming atmosphere when combined with a cord set to hang it from the ceiling or with a lamp base to use it as a table lamp. you can be surrounded by the whimsical light of STRALA in the shape of stars, hearts, boxes, rabbits, squirrels, and in various colors and patterns.

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Anyone for coffee and cake?

Take a relaxed approach to setting the dining table. Mix a few old favourites home decoration with new holiday table décor and festive ornaments to create a style that’s uniquely you.

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Christmas touches in your kitchen

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