Beautify your home with New Year decoration products

Discover accessories that revitalise your living space and reflect your personality in the New Year. You can customise every corner of your home with IKEA's decoration products and start preparing for the New Year with New Year products. Between 2023 11 November and 2024 02 January, decorate your home by winning a 200 TL gift voucher for your purchases of 1,000 TL of selected Christmas decoration products.

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IKEA-hediye ceki kampanyasi tr 1


lamp shade, white
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IKEA-strala beyaz 48 cm abajur basligi
IKEA-1 cam agaci yesil 150 cm cam agaci


christmas tree, green
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IKEA-vinterfint kirmizi altin rengi agac susu


hanging decoration, red/gold-colour
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IKEA-vinterfint metal kutuda kokulu mum


scented candle in metal tin, red
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IKEA-vinterfint kirmizi yumusak oyuncak


soft toy, red
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IKEA-vinterfint desenli cok renkli pecete


paper napkin, patterned-multicolored
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IKEA-vinterfint kirmizi agac susu


hanging decoration, red
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IKEA-aftonsparv koleksiyonu

The new AFTONSPARV collection lands in a bedroom near you!

Uzay temalı yeni koleksiyonumuz bu dünyanın dışında; astronotlar, uzaylılar, roketler, uzay gemileri ve Our new space-themed collection is out of this world. Filled with astronauts, aliens, rockets, spaceships, and lots more. The only fuel it needs is imagination, ready to blast off in 3, 2, 1...!

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Discover colourful home furniture and accessories

To celebrate 80 years of IKEA, we're bringing back some home furniture and accessories. Keep exploring the NYTILLVERKAD collection with vibrant colours and stylish designs.

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IKEA-jarlasa beyaz tekerlekli sehpa


coffee table on castors, white
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candle holder, orange
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IKEA-tuvkornell turuncu mumluk
IKEA-holmsjo siyah tabure


stool, beech-black
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round rug, red
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cushion cover, multicolour
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IKEA-stoense kirmizi yuvarlak hali

A cottage-style living room inspired by Nordic forests

Ever dreamt of living in your own cottage deep in the forest? Get inspired by this cottage-style traditional living room inspired by Nordic nature. Featuring cosy nooks and charming details wrapped in a fresh colour palette of white, green and blue, this room also shows a traditional Scandinavian technique for painting walls.

Prepare your living room in traditional Scandinavian style

Maximum storage, minimal clutter

Directly below the television is a great spot to utilise for storage space. Choosing a wide tv bench with drawers and shelving means you can store unsightly items like remote controls, games consoles and cables. Adding boxes and inserts on the shelves will keep your living room looking clean and uncluttered.

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Categories that interest you for your living room

A warm spot that welcomes extra guests

Free up space in your kitchen with an extendable dining table that is compact day-to-day, then extends when you have guests over. Inspired by traditional Swedish furniture, this wooden PINNTORP table has a simple design that is full of warmth and character. The perfect spot for sharing meals and memories together.

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Enrich your dining table with budget-friendly products

Before and ahhh-fter

Tidying up can be a daunting task. But with the right storage boxes and a little bit of will power, you can unleash the zen, banish chaos, and find inner harmony – all while keeping your socks in check!

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Check out the ideas to create the order you are looking for in your home!

Shelves and boxes – a great start to your storage

Shelf units that reach up high will give you lots of storage space. When removing open shelving units, put heavier things lower down to avoid straining yourself with lifting. Boxes make it easy to gather together and organise stuff. Transparent boxes mean you always know what’s inside and boxes with lids keep out dust.

Storage across the home


shelving unit, black
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IKEA-bror siyah raf unitesi


box, pine
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waste sorting bin, white
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waste sorting bin, white
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stepladder, beech
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IKEA-samla seffaf kapakli kutu


box with lid, transparent
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It's time to meet our colourful collections!

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Our new products are here!

Do you want to prefer the newest ones when buying furniture for your home? Here are our brand-new products for you. From duvet cover sets for your bed to colourful curtains and even storage boxes for your belongings, you'll find everything you need at IKEA. You have to start exploring somewhere.

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IKEA-yeni en
IKEA-snokrabba kirmizi tepsi


tray, red dot patterned-light beige 89.99 Add to Basket


cushion cover, white/red 129 Add to Basket
IKEA-majsmott beyaz kirmizi kirlent kilifi


cushion cover, yellow 159 Add to Basket
IKEA-spoksackmal sari kirlent kilifi
IKEA-snokrabba cok renkli desenli kurulama bezi


tea towel, multicolour/patterned 74.99 Add to Basket


umbrella, yellow 189 Add to Basket
IKEA-knalla sari semsiye


cushion cover, dark blue 149 Add to Basket
IKEA-svardtag koyu mavi kirlent kilifi
IKEA-sunnersta acik sari kutu


box, light yellow 17.99 Add to Basket
IKEA-ana sayfa surdurulebilirlik EN
IKEA-ana sayfa sosyal sorumluluk EN
IKEA-ana sayfa evde guvenlik EN
IKEA-ana sayfa onemli bilgilendirme EN


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