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A retro living room with lots of storage

Colour-filled, sleek and geometric shaped, this modern space feels like a small hotel room from the 50s. It’s a living room where everything has its dedicated place – you can throw anything in, it will still look organised! The grey sofa adds calm to the energy, where home becomes a playground for work, exercise and more.

Eclectic pieces and invisible storage for every day

The sleek wall cabinets in dark grey help you to store away clutter and personal items, as well as providing clear areas for work, play and everything in between. Mix in a yellow wall and a quirky lamp to enjoy a warm and passionate layering to the clean living room.


wall-mounted drop-console, dark grey
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box with lid, transparent black
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storage box, bamboo
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shelving unit, walnut effect
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Categories to help you create storage solutions in every area of your home

Make room for your passion

Whether you live big or small, there is always room for your favourite hobbies. An unused corner or even a tight space underneath a slanted ceiling can turn into a workspace and storage haven for your beloved pastime.

IKEA-vattenkar masaustu duzenleyici


desk organiser, white
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storage unit frame, white
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magazine file, white
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storage tray with compartments, grey
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IKEA-dyvlinge tekli doner koltuk

It spins again!

Some things are too great to stay forgotten. When the DYVLINGE swivel armchair reached IKEA customers as MILA in 1967, it was a huge success. The low, soft and reclined armchair was then nicknamed the anti-stress armchair. Now reinforced with an extra leg for stability, it’s ready for another spin. Are you?

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Our new products are here!

Discover the latest products for home furnishing and accessories. You can change the look of your home with the new designs you need and enjoy this look.



pendant lamp, white
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box set, multicolour
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waste bin, dark grey
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