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Adding value to your living spaces with their timeless design and functional construction features, TV cabinet systems offer useful storage solutions along with visual organisation. Whether you are aiming for a minimal living room decoration or need large storage spaces, IKEA's various TV cabinet models offer options for every taste and need. You can discover the features and advantages of IKEA's rich collection and find the most suitable solutions for your home.

TV cabinet systems, an indispensable part of modern living spaces, contribute to the aesthetic integrity of the space as well as organising electronic devices and media accessories. Reflecting a certain style or offering versatile use, TV cabinet models adapt to all kinds of living spaces with options in different sizes and functions. These options include a wide variety of designs such as sliding door systems, LED light showcases or modular TV cabinet combination.

Whatever the size of the storage space you need, IKEA's TV cabinet systems are made from high quality materials, guaranteeing durability. Classic wooden surfaces, modern lacquered finishes or high-gloss glass and metal details are among the rich options for every taste. IKEA's TV cabinet models reflect modern home decoration trends with their minimalist lines and functional designs.

Suitable storage solutions for all the electronic equipment required when creating a space that reflects your own style include alternatives such as TV cabinets with drawers, TV cabinets with doors and wall-mounted TV cabinet models. This furniture both complements the space with its stylish appearance and provides functionality by focusing on daily use. You can evaluate various alternatives to personalise your room with products in many different colours and styles, including white TV cabinet options.

Aiming to transform every corner of your home into a functional and stylish living space, IKEA designs TV cabinet systems and models with all the needs of users in mind. The TV cabinet models offered by IKEA give your living spaces a modern and stylish look while storing all your electronic devices in an organised way. Thanks to the integrated cable management features, all cables can be stored in an organised manner. Thus, a clean and organised space is obtained.

Trendy collections offer the opportunity to complement the decoration style of your home by creating a unique harmony with other furniture, armchair models or sofa models that you combine. However, IKEA's TV cabinet systems guarantee easy installation and quality that you can rely on for many years, so you can achieve effortless elegance in your home.

Discover the right TV cabinet systems and models for your home

Built to meet your special design requests and spatial requirements, TV cabinet systems offer the aesthetics that will be the star of your living room. IKEA's affordable and high quality TV cabinet models combine functionality and stylish looks, adapting to any living space. There is a wide variety in the collection to suit the architectural features of each space and your tastes.

When designing a TV cabinet, striking colours and textures stand the test of time. Neutral colours, such as IKEA's white TV cabinet options, work well with any decorating style, while bold hues create a focal point and draw attention. You can save space and achieve a minimalist style with wall-mounted TV cabinet options that offer elegance and order at the same time.

The modular TV cabinet combination designed for your digital entertainment systems and multimedia devices has built-in sections that can be easily organised. Equipped with special cable management solutions to keep all cables looking neat and tidy, these systems make it easy to keep your living room simple and attractive at all times.

Creating the perfect backdrop for your home entertainment system, TV cabinet systems offer excellent organisation for game consoles, sound systems and other electronic devices. IKEA's TV cabinet models and TV cabinets with drawers in various sizes and shapes allow you to personalise your decoration and increase functionality.

Designed for children, teenagers or adults, the versatile TV cabinet systems suit your lifestyle and space, while also meeting high aesthetic standards. IKEA's aim is to enrich the atmosphere of your home by offering both practical and eye-catching TV cabinet models. Considering all these options, you can start to get acquainted with IKEA TV cabinet units that have details that will transform your living room into a modern and functional space. With IKEA's collections of TV cabinet and open shelving units, you can achieve maximum comfort and style by creating a new atmosphere in your living space.

TV cabinet systems and models with modular solutions

For TV cabinet solutions tailored to your needs, IKEA's wide range of products includes alternatives to suit everyone's taste, from drawer options to clamshell units, from open shelf units to wall-mounted varieties. Functional and stylish designs that will harmonise with the aesthetics of your lounge or living room are also available in different material alternatives. TV cabinet systems suitable for every area include a wide palette of colours and materials. Appealing to every style with matt, glossy, patterned, wooden or glass door options, these products are also advantageous with their customisable functions according to the dimensions of your room. IKEA's innovative design approach offers aesthetic and functional solutions that will have a perfect harmony in every home.

TV cabinet models not only act as a media unit, but also provide the additional storage space required for today's multifunctional lifestyles. Designs that include adjustable shelves, hidden cable slots and spacious drawers that allow you to personalise your layout are prepared with current technology needs in mind.

As a complementary part of your home decoration, TV cabinet combination options also contribute to the overall layout of your room. Modular pieces can be put together to fit your space perfectly and can be reconfigured over time, as your needs change. In the decision-making process, it is important to consider the dimensions of your room and the overall decoration style. For smaller rooms, minimalist and functional small TV cabinets are ideal; for larger spaces, large and eye-catching units that offer extra storage and styling possibilities are ideal. All you need to do is choose the product that will adapt to the size and style of your living space and make it the focal point of your room.

If you're looking for a stylish TV cabinet with extra storage space, take a look at the wide range of solutions IKEA has to offer. Integrated shelving systems, options with drawers and doors increase the organisation and aesthetics of your room, while appealing to every budget with a variety of models to meet your needs.

What are the most useful TV cabinet sizes for your room?

Dimensions are extremely important when choosing TV cabinet systems that differ according to the dynamics of each room. Ideal for small or large rooms, small TV cabinets or large units should be preferred according to the size of the room and your storage needs. TV cabinet combinations that provide optimal dimensions and ease of use stand out as both a decorative element and a functional furniture.

TV cabinet models, which both save space and offer an aesthetic appearance, complement the elegance of your living rooms and living rooms. These models become a decorative part of your living space while offering large storage areas for entertainment systems and personal belongings. For a minimalist look, wall-mounted TV cabinets can create a modern and stylish environment by saving space.

If you have a TV with a large screen, you can consider under TV cabinet models that will complement and securely support this screen. Such cabinets should be durable enough for the size and weight of your television. In addition, when buying a TV cabinet, it is important to remember that it should provide good ventilation so as not to damage your electronic devices.

A wood texture that will harmonise with your decoration can complement the ambience of your room. Especially if you prefer an open and bright room decoration, white or light coloured TV cabinet models reinforce this feeling. However, the models offered with different colour options allow you to choose according to your personal tastes.

If your living room is small, small TV cabinets with a minimalist line can be a suitable solution. These can make the room look spacious by taking up less space. In addition, TV cabinet options with drawers containing multiple compartments and drawers help you organise your living space by offering extra storage space for your media devices as well as your items such as magazines and books.

For families with children, acquiring robust TV cabinet models with rounded edges may be important for safety. When choosing a TV cabinet combination, you can examine IKEA's sofa models collections to ensure that your home is compatible with your other furniture and provide a visually pleasing integrity.

TV cabinet systems according to your storage needs

The devices and accessories brought by the multimedia world can cause chaos in your living spaces without regular storage areas. For this reason, stylish and functionally designed TV cabinet systems include solutions that you can easily manage all these equipment. The smart cable management system offers a cleaner and more organised living room experience by minimising wiring problems while organising your electronic devices.

Large shelf and compartment areas where you can easily place your lights, game consoles and other media devices are among the features that are prioritised in IKEA TV cabinet systems. These shelves are ideal for displaying and using devices, while also providing easy access to them. There is a choice of TV cabinet combinations designed for all your equipment, from sophisticated gaming devices to home theatre systems. Certain models offer specialised compartment areas. So you have a special place for your game consoles, controllers and other accessories.

Ideal for your multimedia organisation as well as your documents, collections and other personal items, TV cabinet models with drawers offer both open shelves and closed drawers. Thanks to this model option, you can easily access your frequently used items and effectively store rarely used ones.

IKEA TV cabinets and armchairs, the indispensable duo of order and aesthetics, stand out with their designs that appeal to every taste. Cabinets with a supportive structure for heavy electronic devices contribute to the atmosphere of your room by integrating with your aesthetic and modern armchairs.

What should be considered when buying a TV cabinet?

Functionality is as important as choosing a TV cabinet that is aesthetically compatible with your room. Attention should be paid to durability, material quality and workmanship details, and preferences should be made for designs that will provide sufficient air circulation for electronic devices.

TV cabinets are indispensable elements of the living room and therefore must fulfil certain functions. An elegant TV cabinet with drawers offers extra storage space and adds aesthetic value. The choice of colour and material should be in harmony with the existing decoration and provide a visual balance in the space. Modern TV cabinet models that offer integrated solutions for lighting and other technological components should be preferred.

When choosing the dimensions, you should take the dimensions of your television as a basis. A very large or small TV cabinet can create visual disharmony and negatively affect your television viewing experience. The height of the preferred TV cabinet should allow you to have a comfortable viewing angle from where you sit. Ideally, the centre of the TV screen should be at eye level with your sitting position.

Another element that contributes to the overall aesthetics of the space is wall-mounted TV cabinet options. This type of product saves space and creates a modern and stylish look. However, factors such as mounting and wall durability should be taken into consideration, the weight capacity of the wall and cable organisation possibilities should be evaluated. TV cabinets with doors prevent dust accumulation and facilitate the maintenance of electronic equipment. The design of the doors should not interfere with the signal reception of the remote controls and the compartments should offer sufficient space and convenient access for your digital devices. Glass doors and glass shelves can also be an impressive design element.

One of the most important points when buying a TV cabinet is the quality of the material. Different material options such as MDF, laminate, solid wood differ in terms of durability and appearance. Solid wood offers a longer-lasting and warmer look, while MDF and laminate options can be more modern and affordable. Integrated cable management systems prevent clutter and provide a clean, organised look. Easy accessibility of cable entries and exits facilitates the connection and maintenance of technological devices. In addition, it is important to check that shelf spacing is adequate, taking into account the size of the devices to be placed inside. Inadequate air circulation, which can cause devices to heat up, can cause problems.

Often the focal point of living rooms, TV cabinet systems not only support your television, but also make a statement about the style of the room. In addition to being functional, design, aesthetics and the quality of the material used are the most basic elements that determine the effect your TV cabinet will create in your room.

Things you need to know about TV cabinet cleaning

TV cabinet options, which are easy to clean and maintain, ensure long-lasting use as well as preserving the aesthetic appearance. TV cabinets that you can clean with a damp cloth and whose surface is made of materials resistant to stains and scratches should be preferred. For this, using a microfibre cloth and a slightly damp structure ensures cleaning without damaging the product surface.

If your TV cabinet is made of wood, you can quickly remove dust and dirt using special wood cleaners. Glass cleaner sprays are ideal for metal or glass areas. It is recommended that you do not spray the sprays directly onto the furniture, but rather onto the cleaning cloth. This application is effective in preventing droplet marks and stains. It is also important to pay extra attention to electronic products and cables in TV cabinet cleaning. Dust accumulated in these areas can shorten the life of electronic devices.

An ideal cleaning routine prevents fingerprints and other stains on the surfaces of your TV cabinets from becoming permanent over time. In order to protect the surface of your cabinet, you should definitely avoid cleaning products containing heavy chemicals and choose products suitable for the coating material of your furniture. Cleaning of TV cabinets that are special in terms of surface material and have a glossy coating should be done with a cleaning material suitable for the surface. It is important to choose suitable cleaning tools and products to prevent dulling of glossy surfaces and to protect them against scratches. You can easily find every model product you need in IKEA's wide range of products and buy them with secure payment methods.

Wide TV benches make more space for all the things you love

A home for your TV, sure! But these wide and spacious TV benches also make room for books, lamps and artworks. No matter what you need to store and display, you can find a TV bench that fits everything you need.

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tv bench, light beige
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tv bench, white/oak veneer
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IKEA-besta tv sehpasi


tv bench, grey
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tv bench, oak veneer-brown
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tv bench, dark grey
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tv bench, dark grey-black marble effect
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tv bench, oak veneer
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IKEA-tonstad mese kaplama 178x37x55 cm tv sehpasi
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Takes up little space, solves many tasks

The modern harmony of metal and solid wood is combined with a simple design. This TV unit takes up little space but collects all the clutter of television and media systems. FJÄLLBO suits every home.

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