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Nowadays, with the shrinking of houses and the need for space optimisation gaining importance, functional furniture has become critical. In this context, the bed base stands out as one of the essentials of bedroom decoration; because these products serve not only as a sleeping area, but also as an extra storage point. Base beds, which are indispensable for modern and practical living spaces, are an excellent storage solution especially for items that take up little space thanks to their structure that offers hidden storage.

On the other hand, bed base models are among the important options for those who want to add a sophisticated touch to the bedroom decoration. Because the bed base is designed with different materials, patterns and colours that can be chosen according to your eye taste and furniture preferences. Whether you have a modern, classic or avant-garde bedroom design, the wide range of bed beds with storage you can find offers original options that combine both aesthetics and functionality. In this way, you can improve your bedroom not only in terms of comfort but also aesthetically.

Especially in small houses or rooms with limited space, the use of a box spring plays a vital role in saving space. Eliminating the need for an extra wardrobe or chest of drawers, box spring beds allow you to use the free space rationally. Creating additional storage space for many different items such as laundry, seasonal clothes, pillows and blankets, box springs allow these items to be stored in an organised and dust-free manner.

Bed base models that appeal to different lifestyles and needs not only offer storage space, but also provide you with a more restful sleep experience by improving your sleep quality. The fact that the bottom of the bed is full of space helps the bed to breathe and thus be more hygienic. Base types that offer high support provide a healthier support for your bed and spine.

Being careful about choosing the appropriate plinth dimensions and plinth sizes affects your satisfaction with the decision you make in the long term. When choosing a base suitable for your personal tastes and usage habits, choosing a base that is compatible with your room dimensions allows you to maintain the overall layout and aesthetics of the room. Single bed bases are often used in guest rooms or youth rooms. Double bed bases are mostly evaluated in parent rooms. Choosing the most suitable one for your room size will be the right step in terms of ease of use and aesthetics.

There are a variety of bed base models available, depending on the size of your bedroom and your personal storage requirements. Having a large bedroom allows you to choose a larger size bed base, while in smaller rooms, cleverly designed more compact bed beds with storage can be life-saving in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. At this point, you need to balance your perception of functionality and aesthetics. On the one hand, you may want to store your excess belongings, on the other hand, you may not want your room to look crammed.

When choosing a bed base, it is important to find a model that will harmonise with your existing furniture or the bedroom design you are planning. Therefore, when choosing a bed base model, taking into account all factors such as functionality and usefulness as well as visual harmony will help you find the ideal solution for your bedroom. In addition, making choices that will provide integrity with beds or day beds will increase the quality of your living space by ensuring that your bedroom has an integrated appearance both functionally and aesthetically.

Base models that provide ease of storage

Increasing the value of your space and combining additional storage space and comfort, box spring bed options offer a perfect solution for bedrooms. Base models that can easily adapt to your existing decoration with different pattern, colour and design options offer a combination of aesthetics and functionality in your home. Special sizes of bed beds with storage designed for rooms of various sizes are produced to adapt to all kinds of living spaces. From simple designs for those who adopt a minimalist approach to more elaborate and ornate models; these products, which are offered in a range that appeals to different preferences and tastes, add an elegant touch to your room.

Each bed base can be an ideal storage solution for frequently changing items such as shoes, seasonal clothes, sheets and bed linen. Plinth models, the lower part of which is usually designed in the form of a lid or drawer, protect your belongings from dust and external factors, while at the same time providing easy access. Combining elegance and functionality, these products serve not only as a bed base but also as an additional piece of furniture. Thus, the use of a bed base not only saves space but also adds aesthetic value to the room.

Thanks to state-of-the-art features, bed base models offer users a practical storage space for out-of-hand items, while bed base sizes are designed according to the width of the room, making it possible for each individual to find the most suitable option for their personal needs. Modern details such as hydraulic systems, slow closing features and extra security locks also enhance the user experience and provide maximum comfort in daily use. Intelligently designed bed base models not only complement the decor of your home, but also facilitate your daily life and provide a perfect harmony. With these products, rethinking and organising your bedroom becomes both a pleasurable and functional process.

As an alternative to fixed pieces of furniture such as built-in wardrobes or shelves, plinths are characterised by their flexibility and versatility. They offer endless convenience, especially for small apartments or space-constrained bedrooms. For example, folding plinth options that you can use as guest beds can be easily removed and stored when not in use, thanks to their practical and space-saving structure. This provides both a functional and aesthetic solution.

Factors such as durability and durability should not be ignored when choosing a plinth. The material quality, durability and workmanship of this piece of furniture where you will store your valuables will affect the satisfaction you get from the use of the plinth in the long term. At the same time, these models should be made of easy-to-clean materials and have a robust structure so that they can guarantee years of use. With a careful and conscious choice of bed base, your bedroom layout will have a spacious and spacious appearance and your storage needs will be met.

What is a plinth?

A bed base is a piece of furniture, originally used in bedrooms and often also serving as a bed, whose internal volume is designed as storage space. This structure, which has an adjustable bed frame, basically turns the bottom of the bed into a spacious storage box. The term plinth refers to the lower part of the bed, which has a durable structure and supports the mattress and bed mattress by distributing the weight evenly.

In modern plinth designs, many elements from material selection to workmanship, from aesthetic appearance to functionality elements have been taken into consideration. Durability and longevity are aimed by using different structural elements such as wood, metal or composite materials. Bed base models, which complement the room decoration, also offer ease of use by being equipped with covers, drawers or lever systems.

Thanks to the customisable variety in its design, users can choose a bed base according to their needs. For example, bed base models with smaller sizes and dynamic colour options can be preferred for children's rooms, while options with more elegant and sophisticated details can stand out for adult bedrooms.

Ease of use is also an important feature of the base. The internal volume, which can be accessed thanks to the easily openable cover mechanisms, offers a wide range of storage possibilities from home textiles to personal belongings. A large storage solution for bed linen, blankets, off-season clothes and valuables, the bed base will be a great help in organising your living space.

The base also prolongs the life of the bed mattress. It provides a solid and flat surface under the bed mattress, providing equal support and thus preventing the bed mattress from collapsing or deforming. It acts as a kind of protector of your bed mattress and provides you with a better quality sleep experience.

Many bed base models also have design features that improve air circulation. This feature allows the bed mattress to breathe and provide a more hygienic sleep environment. Today, the bed base, which has become an indispensable element for a bedroom, is one of the most important furniture of the bedroom in terms of both functionality and aesthetics.

In addition to design and functionality, factors such as material quality, durability and warranty should also be considered during the selection. Choosing a quality bed base guarantees the continuity of trouble-free use and aesthetic appreciation for many years. In order to achieve a harmonic appearance in the bedroom, it is also important to choose a base in harmony with other bedroom furniture.

What are the advantages of using a plinth?

The advantages of using a plinth are endless. It not only provides an ideal floor for a comfortable sleep, but also expands your living space by turning under the bed into extra storage space. Moreover, box spring bed options are also useful in terms of dust protection and providing a more hygienic bedroom. Base models are generally higher than the floor, allowing easy cleaning and thus making it difficult for allergens to reach your bed area.

In terms of usefulness, it is known to extend the life of the mattresses placed on the beds with storage. Thanks to their supported structure, they evenly distribute the weight of the mattress and prevent the collapse and deformation of the mattress. While this significantly improves the quality of sleep in terms of health, it also contributes to your budget by reducing the frequency of mattress replacement in economic terms.

Designed in both modern and classic styles, bed base models easily adapt to every bedroom. Thanks to their different materials and coatings, it is possible to find a variety of bed beds with storage that vary according to your taste and the decoration of your room. Moreover, extra features in some models, such as folding or sliding doors, offer ease of use and accessibility.

The plinth, which also stands out with its storage function, is an excellent solution to combat clutter in the home. From seasonal clothes to spare bed linen, it allows you to store your bedroom items in an organised way. Therefore, by creating a large storage area for those with limited living space, it can free up other storage areas in the home and contribute to a more organised home environment.
From an economic point of view, base bed designs appeal to all budgets with a wide range of price ranges. While the price varies according to the quality, capacity and aesthetic details of the material used, each user can easily find a model suitable for their needs.

Many plinth models are also characterised by their modern mechanisms. Thanks to gas lifting systems or hydraulic pistons, they help users to open and close the bed base covers easily, which is a great advantage especially for users who want to provide access without difficulty.

Due to their structure, bed beds with storage not only provide usefulness, but also add a stylish and aesthetic appearance to your room. With their attractive designs and colour options, bed base models can become a key element in bedroom decoration and offer the opportunity to reflect your personal taste. The variety you will encounter will give you a wide range of space to find the most suitable product for your needs and will most likely allow you to make an investment that you will be satisfied with.

What should we pay attention to when buying a plinth?

When purchasing a plinth, you should consider whether it is suitable for the dimensions of your room and your personal needs, material quality, durability and warranty. Making the right choices about plinth dimensions and plinth sizes in harmony with bedsteads and mattresses will increase your satisfaction in the long term.

Another important factor is the design of the box spring. You can create both an aesthetic and functional space by choosing from modern or classic designs suitable for the general decoration style of your bedroom. Colour options will also provide a harmony that appeals to the eye and will determine the atmosphere of your room.

In terms of functionality, some plinth models may have folding doors and hydraulic systems. Thus, ease of use and accessibility come to the fore. Easy and silent operation of the lifting mechanisms will add comfort to your daily life and provide practicality in use.

When choosing a base bed, attention should also be paid to the interior design and compartments. A bed base with organising compartments and shelves suitable for the size of your belongings and your storage needs will help you create an organised storage space.

The quality and durability of the materials used in production are also very important. A base made of durable materials will maintain its functionality for many years and will offer you less maintenance or replacement needs. In addition, the easy cleaning of the material is another element that will meet the sensitivity about hygiene.

Some bed base options can also offer features such as an integrated bed or extra bed. Such models, which can be used as an additional bed for your guests, are an ideal option for those looking for a multifunctional piece of furniture.

Service and support services are also important. Services such as product warranty, assembly support and customer service can make the purchase of a plinth reliable and attractive for consumers. For a quality buying experience, it is important to investigate the level of after-sales services and product support.

How many cm should the plinth depth be?

The depth of the plinth may vary according to the intended use of the product to be purchased and the types of items to be stored. In general terms, it would be best to choose a model with a depth suitable for the dimensions of your room as well as providing sufficient storage space. The depth of the plinth, which you can use together with the day beds that will complement your bedroom layout, is the key to a practical and stylish bedroom.

For an ideal plinth depth, you should also consider the square metre usage of your room. If you have a small room, you can choose a model with less depth, so you can create more movement space in the room. A deeper model may be ideal for storing your less used products such as clothes, bed linen and seasonal items.

In addition to the variety offered by the beds with storage in terms of depth, the cover mechanisms are also important. Mechanisms such as hydraulic lids or sliding lids make it easier to open the lid and more practical to access items. These features help you organise the layout inside the base without having to lift heavy items frequently.

If you want to create a stylish atmosphere in your bedroom, you should choose the depth of your bed base in accordance with the general aesthetics of your bed and your room. A bed base can make a difference not only as a storage space but also as a decorative part of the room. With its depth, outer coating and colour options, bed base models can add a modern or classic atmosphere to your room.

Taking into account the ceiling height of your bedroom and the dimensions of your other furniture when choosing between plinth sizes provides a suitable balance to the room. It contributes to a proportional appearance of the whole room, allowing you to create an eye-friendly and aesthetic space.

Plinth depths are also important when choosing for children's rooms or youth rooms. Considering the ease of use and safety factors, models that are not excessively deep and provide easy access should be preferred. A base that children can easily open and close and organise their own belongings also develops their sense of independence.

Another factor that should not be forgotten when determining the plinth depth is the bed height. As a result of the base and bed combination, you should evaluate whether the bed height is suitable for the user, and you should consider the ideal height to sit and get up comfortably in bed. When these factors are taken into consideration, you will choose the most suitable base depth not only as a storage space but also in terms of the usefulness and comfort of your bedroom. You can browse IKEA for the most suitable, useful and stylish bed beds with storage for your living spaces.

Increase your storage space

Do you need extra space in your bedroom to store your belongings? The 4 large drawers hidden under the bed provide nice storage space, ideal for blankets, pillows, and bed linen. The beds with storage drawer design opens and closes to give you easy access to your belongings. Whether you prefer a single bed base or a double bed base, you will find the right one according to the size of your room.

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Can every bed be a wardrobe?

Under the BRIMNES bed, there are four huge drawers that cover the entire base. If you have a small house and a few cupboards, don't worry. Settle in nicely inside the drawers. Open and close them whenever you need them. Feel comfortable in your room.

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