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Garden furniture choices stand out as elements that complement the aesthetics of home and living spaces. With IKEA, you can also find a striking outdoor decoration idea. The first step is to choose quality and stylish outdoor furniture. You can organise your outdoor spaces in a functional and aesthetic way with garden furniture equipped with practical details.

There are many outdoor furniture options for those who want to add an aesthetic touch to the exterior of your home with modern and original designs. This furniture is specially designed to relax and enjoy your outdoor space. Garden furniture, which maintains its durability for a long time thanks to its special coating and processed materials, is one of the investments that can accompany you for many years. Each piece should be carefully selected to add a different atmosphere to your outdoor space and should be of suitable dimensions for your space.

Especially when seasonal transitions and changing weather conditions are taken into account, the material quality and ease of maintenance of outdoor decoration products become important factors. Materials such as metal, rattan, solid wood and these materials are expected to be resistant to water and sunlight. When choosing garden furniture, it is ideal for long-term use to prefer products that do not corrode, preserve their colour and are easy to clean.

Colour and pattern choices are also critical in outdoor furniture and accessories. In order to add vitality to the outdoor space and give the area a unique character, furniture designed with inspiration from natural colour palettes are among the options that highlight the natural beauty of the outdoor area. When colours compatible with the existing planting and environmental design are preferred, the resulting integrity adds aesthetic richness to the outdoor space.

Outdoor storage solutions that every home needs should not be forgotten. Storage units for storing many materials from garden tools to pillows and cushions should be selected considering both functional and aesthetic aspects. Storage units that will complement the style of your home and protect the outdoor order should be designed in accordance with your aesthetic understanding.

Creating a weather-resistant and comfortable garden environment that you can use throughout the year is not limited to the choice of furniture. Meeting comfort and aesthetic expectations, especially in places where you will spend time with family and friends, ensures the creation of an atmosphere that will host special moments. Therefore, aesthetic appearance and durability as well as comfort and functionality are factors that should not be ignored when choosing outdoor furniture and decoration products.

Outdoor decoration is primarily based on the balance of aesthetics and functionality, and this balance spans a wide range from outdoor furniture choices to accessories and storage solutions. These products, which are considered as an indispensable part of modern living spaces, are considered as complementary elements that increase the quality of outdoor life and complement your homes with their quality and design.

What are garden and outdoor decoration products?

Outdoor decoration products, which are an indispensable part of contemporary living spaces, are designed to offer functionality and aesthetics together. While garden furniture specially designed for outdoor spaces stands out in terms of durability and style, gardens designed by taking such basic elements into consideration can turn into peaceful corners where you can get away from the stress of city life.

Products to be used in a modern outdoor decoration include seating groups with innovative designs, long-lasting dining tables and chairs, comfortable garden swings, and drawers and shelves with features that pay attention to details. In addition, stylish and functional pergolas, durable outdoor storage units and shades that can be used easily in summer and winter are other elements that increase the comfort and usefulness of the outdoor space.

Garden furniture, especially made of materials that are resistant to seasonal conditions and require easy maintenance, are indispensable for outdoor areas where you can spend pleasant times. Materials such as polymer reinforced against outdoor weather conditions, quality woods such as teak or stainless steel add both elegance and practicality to your spaces.

Details are also of great importance to complete your dream garden. The use of colourful and comfortable outdoor seat cushions adds colour and warmth to your outdoor spaces, making your seating areas more attractive. Outdoor lighting solutions offered in different styles provide functional lighting while creating a pleasant ambience in your outdoor spaces.

In outdoor spaces adorned with plants and flowers, specially designed pots and decorative objects play a key role in highlighting natural beauty. Gardens enriched with aesthetic details such as water features and garden decorations offer an eye-catching view and make the outdoor space unique.

These outdoor elements, which extend to your homes in both practicality and aesthetics, provide comfort and visual integrity as a natural extension of your living spaces. Fences and walls that offer privacy provide both security and protect your private moments from outside eyes. All these elements should be in harmony with the overall design language of your home while giving your outdoor space an identity.

In order to create a peaceful and aesthetic outdoor space, you should pay attention to the quality of the material and the accuracy of the installation as well as the decoration products you choose. Long-lasting garden furniture and accessories that come with appropriate maintenance and protection methods offer a pleasant outdoor experience throughout the year.

In large areas of use, modern and modular structures that will make outdoor spaces more functional should be preferred. Especially when garden paths created in a certain order, special compartments for garden plants, recreation and activity areas are planned correctly, the usability and aesthetics of the outdoor space increase significantly. Each element should be chosen to coincide with the overall design concept.

Designs that are completely dependent on personal preferences and specific to the outdoor space can be arranged in accordance with the lifestyles of the users. Always prioritising quality and design in the selection of outdoor decoration products that will add value to your home and life should be considered as an investment that will provide both aesthetic satisfaction and long-term benefits. Paying attention to these suggestions while creating your ideal outdoor environment will help you create a pleasant and comfortable space.

What should we pay attention to when buying outdoor furniture?

When choosing outdoor furniture for your living spaces, you should have information about many factors. In order to make the furniture located in the garden or terrace look more elegant, you can create a sophisticated environment with the support of impressive outdoor lighting products.

The choice of material becomes very important as outdoor furniture will be exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun, humid conditions such as rain and sometimes sudden temperature changes. Among the materials, weather-resistant alternatives such as stainless steel, aluminium, teak or rattan should be considered. In terms of weight and portability, it is important that your outdoor furniture can be easily moved and stacked, thus providing ease of storage during seasonal changes.

The garden furniture you choose should also aesthetically harmonise with your garden or terrace. Determining the dimensions according to the space is critical in order not to look too crowded or empty. By determining your intended use, choose pieces that support functions such as dining, relaxation or entertainment. In terms of colour and design, choose the ones that appeal to your taste among the shades suitable for your outdoor space and modern or traditional designs.

Considering long-term use, it would be a wise investment to choose brands with good quality and warranty. When purchasing outdoor furniture, choosing products that offer low-cost and practical solutions for the maintenance and cleaning of furniture will improve your quality of life. For example, removable and washable covers, quick-drying materials make your life easier.

Comfort is always important, so it is necessary to test the comfort of cushions and pillows to check whether these pieces are suitable for outdoor use. A quality garden cushion adds an aesthetic touch and increases your sitting comfort. Some cushions are water repellent and offer extra suitability for outdoor use.

Make sure that your outdoor furniture is made of environmentally friendly materials. Wood from sustainable sources or recycled materials are durable and stylish options while reflecting your sensitivity to the environment. Shopping for outdoor furniture from reliable stores with high quality standards will give you the advantage of a wide range of options and expert consultancy services.

Most popular garden decors

Thanks to developing design trends and increasing diversity, popular garden decoration ideas are renewed and expanded every season. People tend towards conceptual designs such as rock gardens and zen gardens, which attract attention with their authentic and natural appearance, as well as modern and minimalist designs. If you want to highlight peace and tranquility in your garden, garden furniture and rustic accessories with harmonious colour palettes can be preferred. Unique details such as special garden sculptures and ornamental pools specially designed for your space are among the main elements that will enrich the aesthetics and atmosphere of your garden.

Plant selection is at the heart of the design of a garden, and a variety of greenery and colourful flowers create a natural atmosphere while enlivening the space. When arranging plants and flowers in garden decoration, it is necessary to consider their harmony with outdoor furniture and their durability according to the seasons. The maintenance of the plants and the appropriate size for the space are also key points. Thus, it is possible to have a dynamic and aesthetic garden in every season.

Another popular decoration element from the past to the present is pergolas and shades. These structures are ideal for protecting from the sun on summer days and creating a cool resting area. Adding ivy plants and hanging flowers to such structures can create a romantic atmosphere in touch with nature. Decorative objects and stone mosaics on the famous garden wall are among the decorative elements preferred by those who love Mediterranean-inspired designs. You can turn your wall into a work of art by placing them on the wall or using pot shapes.

Considering the changing seasonal conditions, durability and easy maintenance are important when choosing outdoor furniture. For the spring and summer months, furniture made of light-coloured and light materials provides both visual freshness and ease of use. Winter garden decoration products are among the important factors that extend the life of the garden and create a warm atmosphere during seasonal transitions. Heaters, outdoor lighting products and indoor furniture allow you to enjoy outdoor spaces in cold weather conditions.

Small garden decoration ideas, especially for small spaces, attract great attention by offering creative and functional solutions. Vertical garden designs and growing plants in pots can be effective in efficient use of space and adding decorative value. Areas used vertically instead of horizontally contribute to making small gardens look more spacious and wider. Seating groups designed according to personal tastes and colourful cushions are details that increase comfort and aesthetics in these areas.

Colour and texture combinations have eye-catching effects in garden decoration. Garden paths, boundary walls and pheasants, which allow the use of different materials and colours together, give the space a dynamic appearance. Walkways made with natural stones or special corners created with colourful pebbles can add a distinctive character to your garden.

Garden decoration is a process that requires sensitivity. Caring for plants according to their needs, cleaning outdoor furniture and accessories at regular intervals and adapting to seasonal changes will ensure that your garden will be preserved both visually and functionally for a long time. Although the maintenance and design of a garden requires time and care, the peaceful corner at the end will be worth all your efforts.

How is outdoor decoration done?

Outdoor decoration is a process that aims to combine aesthetics and functionality. The main factors to be considered in this process are the size of the area, the climatic conditions specific to the space and the needs of the users. Natural colour palettes and sustainable materials are often preferred to achieve an overall harmony. This is considered a reflection of a design approach that respects nature.

The purpose of the outdoor space to be created should also be carefully analysed. For example, is it intended to be a space for entertainment or an open-air lounge that will emphasise relaxation? These goals are vital in the selection of furniture and accessories. If you are creating a quiet corner to read a book in the afternoon, you can choose comfortable armchairs and pieces of outdoor furniture such as umbrellas or pergolas that will provide shading.

Another issue that should be considered for the most efficient use of space is multifunctionality in design. For example, outdoor storage solutions can create storage areas for items such as pillows or garden tools, while also functioning as seating areas. Thus, every corner of the space is utilised in the best way.

Colour choices are another factor that greatly affects the atmosphere of the space. While vibrant colours add energy and enliven the space, natural tones create a peaceful environment. The outdoor lighting elements to be used should also be chosen to make the space safe and inviting in the evening hours. For an impressive decoration, decorative lights to be used with emphasis in places can strengthen the atmosphere.

Unlike indoors, plants and landscape elements also play a big role in outdoor decoration. The right plant selection and placement ensures that the space remains lively at different times of the year. For example, creating areas that can be coloured with evergreen shrubs and seasonal flowers will reflect the beauty of your outdoor space in every season.

Durability and ease of maintenance are also important. The materials used in the production of furniture and accessories are important in terms of resisting external factors and easy cleaning. Materials such as stainless steel and polyurethane contribute to the preservation of the aesthetics and functionality of the space in the long term.

You should take care that all the elements used in your decoration concept are compatible with each other. For example, floor materials, garden furniture and other accessories should be chosen to tell a story. This harmony ensures that the space gains a holistic appearance and helps all elements complement each other.

It is important to think long-term when making outdoor decoration. Climate-resistant materials and carefully selected plants will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space not only today but for years to come. In IKEA's special collections, you can examine and order durable and stylish products offered to create a pleasant outdoor environment.

How about spending time on a garden-like balcony?

With the opening of the balcony season, it's time to create a new space for yourself. With a few small touches, you can both create storage areas on your balcony and create a peaceful space for yourself to relax.

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All picnic, no problems

No ants, no grass stains, just good times. With the right furniture you can eat outdoors and be perfectly comfortable. Choose the LERHOLMEN picnic table for a family gathering or the TÄRNÖ foldable table with benches for a cosy snack with friends. Two styles, same hassle-free treat.

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We work hard every day to keep prices as low as possible for you, and we lower prices where we can. By producing in high volumes with smarter designs and flat packaging, we can continue to offer affordable products without compromising quality. Shop our new low prices now!

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Now you see it, now you don’t

With smart, flexible furniture, you can maximise every inch of a small outdoor space. Just stack, fold, and tuck it away when you don’t need it.

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Bring joy to your table

The NÄBBFISK jar with tap is both fun and easy to serve drinks to your guests on hot days. This jar with tap has a fun and modern design that adds a little more fun to your parties. It is also perfect when you want to add fruit or herbs to your drinks.

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jar with tap, transparent-bright yellow
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Bring summer to your balcony and outdoor space

Creating spaces where you can spend pleasant times with your loved ones outdoors and adding new ones to your memories sounds very nice. While preparing for the warm days of spring and hot days of summer, you can take a look at balcony furniture that you can use both indoors and outdoors.

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chair with armrests, dark green
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outdoor shelving unit, grey
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folding chair and table set, blue/black
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foldable table, green
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IKEA-lacko balkon masasi


balcony table, grey
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IKEA-lacko bahce banki


garden bank, grey
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Expand your kitchen in one afternoon

Bring the cosy, comfy feeling of indoors outside with a KANTSTOLPE rug and some ENSHOLM chairs. Even on a rainy day, you will feel right at home.

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Meet our favorite outdoor series

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Sustainable and beautiful

All of our wooden outdoor furniture is made of solid acacia, a natural material with lively color shifts and grain patterns that ages gracefully over time.

Acacia is highly durable, resistant to scratches and water, ideal for heavy-use.

The stain also lasts 2-3 years, which means you can spend less time maintaning your furniture and more time enjoying the outdoors.

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