Chest of Drawers

A dresser that suits your style, your clothes and the space you have. You may need a white chest of drawers for a monochrome look, or you may want to add some colour to your room. You can find the product that will make you happy at IKEA. We also offer styles to match our wardrobes. Thanks to the variety of sizes, you can use these products as a chest of drawers wherever you need extra storage space.

Chest of drawer models

Dressers play an important role in home decor, both as a functional and aesthetic piece. Combined with different design and style elements, materials and accessories, dressers add character and storage space to your room. Dressers should be cleaned and maintained regularly so that you can use them in a long-lasting and robust manner. Now you can choose the dresser model that best suits your style and needs. Dressers are considered an important part of home decoration. With their stylish and functional designs, they are an ideal option to meet your storage needs and add an aesthetic touch to your room.

Dresser models come with various design and style elements. Firstly, dressers, also known as side table models, can be found in different sizes such as side table, centre table and zigzag table. This gives you different options depending on the size of your room and your needs. Dressers can also be made of different materials. Wooden coffee table models offer a natural and warm look, while metal coffee table models create a more modern and industrial feel. Plastic coffee table models, on the other hand, stand out with their light weight and easy portability.

Chest of drawer models are designed in accordance with the modern decoration style. Clean lines, simple geometric shapes and minimal details are the main features of modern dresser models. Dressers in this style are usually made of wood or metal materials and usually have a glossy or matt finish. Modern dressers are often equipped with drawers and shelves to increase storage space. They can also be combined with mirrors to increase their functionality. This gives your room a greater sense of depth and spaciousness.

Classically designed dressers have a timeless aesthetic. Carved details, curved lines and elegant textures are characteristic features of classic dressers. Dressers in this style are usually made of wood and usually have a natural colour. Classic dressers are often combined with a large mirror. This allows it to be used both functionally and as a decorative element. In addition, storage spaces such as drawers and cabinets are also available.

Chests of drawers, when combined with a mirror, give your room more light and a sense of depth. Mirrors are a powerful decorative element that can change the size and atmosphere of a room. When combined with dressers, they create a useful space for using as a dressing tables or seeing yourself while getting dressed. Dresser models with mirrors come in different design and style options. While large and flat mirrors are generally used in modern dressers, framed and carved mirrors are preferred in classic dressers. The shape and size of the mirrors complement the overall aesthetics of the dresser.

Storage areas of chests of drawers

If you want to keep your bedroom organised and clean, it is very important to have a dresser. Dresser models offer you an excellent additional storage space. Dressers attract attention with their different storage areas. These areas allow you to store your clothes, laundry, accessories and other personal belongings in an organised way.

The most prominent storage area of the chest of drawers is usually the drawers. They are especially ideal for organising smaller accessories and special items. Drawers can also be used to store larger items of clothing such as cardigans, trousers and underwear. Storage space at your fingertips helps you get rid of clutter in your bedroom. The different storage areas of the dressers are designed to suit your needs and personal preferences. They offer an ideal option for keeping your clothes tidy and organising your bedroom in an orderly manner.

It is important that your dressers have an ergonomic design to access the storage areas. Factors such as easy opening and closing of drawers, sufficient depth of shelves and smooth operation of the hinges on the doors provide comfortable access to storage areas. Organisation tools that you can use in the storage areas of your dressers help you store your clothes and other items in an orderly manner. For example, compartments and organisers in drawers are ideal for organising small accessories. Shelves and compartments can be used to organise larger clothes and other items. Providing good lighting in the storage areas of your dresser will help you organise your clothes and find what you are looking for. Various lighting options can be used, such as in-cabinet lighting or a lamp on the side table.

Closets have many different storage areas to create an organised space in the bedroom. These storage areas offer a variety of options that you can use to organise and store your clothes. Drawers are the most obvious storage space of dressers. They usually come in various sizes and depths. Drawers are ideal for organising small accessories, underwear, socks and other personal items. You can also place larger clothes and laundry in the drawers. Drawers allow you to keep your clothes organised and easy to find.

Dividers and organisers in drawers provide more order. These tools can be used to divide drawers into different zones and place a certain type of item in each area. For example, you can place your underwear and socks in separate compartments. Dividers and organisers are ideal for storing your clothes in an organised way and quickly finding what you are looking for.

Some dressers include shelves and compartments as well as drawers. These storage areas can be used to store larger garments, books, photo frames and other decorative items. Shelves and compartments provide additional storage space for your dresser and make your bedroom more organised.

The top surface of the dressers is another option that can be used as additional storage space. Dressers with a flat and wide top surface are ideal for storing various personal items or decorative objects. For example, you can place your daily jewellery, perfumes or photo frames on the top surface of the dresser. In this way, you can make your dresser more functional and store your personal belongings in an organised way.

Creative storage solutions for chests of drawers

Creative storage solutions for dressers provide more storage space and keep order in your bedroom. You can get additional storage space by using storage boxes at the bottom or top of your dresser. You can use these boxes to store seasonal clothes or items you use less frequently. Storage bins help you keep your dresser organised and create more space.

By adding hanging bars next to or inside your dresser, you can create an additional space to hang your clothes neatly. This will allow you to store your clothes in an organised way and access them easily. You can create extra storage space by adding wall-mounted shelves next to or above your dresser. You can use these shelves to hold books, photo frames or other decorative items. Wall-mounted shelves make your bedroom more organised and allow you to use your dresser more efficiently.

The storage spaces of dressers are indispensable for making your bedroom neat and tidy. Different storage options such as drawers, shelves, compartments and hidden compartments help you keep your clothes and other personal belongings in an organised way. You can also use the top surface of your dresser as additional storage space. You can use creative storage solutions to use your dressers more efficiently. As a result, by maximising the storage space in your dressers, you can create a tidy space and keep your bedroom organised.

Chest of drawers models and materials

Can be made of various materials. Wooden coffee table models offer a natural and warm look. Different colour and texture options are offered by using different types of wood. Wooden coffee table models are popular due to their durability and natural beauty. Wooden dressers help you add elegance to your room by offering a natural and warm look. Dressers made of different types of wood offer colour and pattern options suitable for the decoration of your room. Dark wood dressers create a rustic style, while light wood dressers provide a more modern look. Wooden patterned dressers add a natural touch to your room and create a harmonious look with your other furniture. Wooden dressers are generally durable and long-lasting. At the same time, being an environmentally friendly option is one of the reasons why many people prefer it. The natural texture and warmth of wood improves the atmosphere of your room and creates a comfortable environment. Wooden dresser models will complement the style of your home and offer a functional storage solution.

Metal coffee table models create a modern and industrial feel. The strength and elegance of metal makes this style of dresser a popular choice. Metal coffee table models usually have a glossy or matt surface and offer different colour options. Metal dressers provide a modern and industrial look. Metal material adds a touch of sophistication to your room by offering a stylish and hard look. Offering variety with different metal colours and patterns, metal dressers allow you to complement the style of your room. Matte, shiny or oxidised metal surfaces add a different atmosphere to your room and provide a remarkable appearance. Metal dressers are known for having a durable and robust structure. Therefore, if you are looking for a long-lasting furniture option, metal dressers may be ideal for you. In addition, metal dresser models are generally easy to clean and maintenance-free. Metal material is a practical option as it has water and stain resistant properties. Metal dressers help you create a modern and minimalist decoration style, while also meeting your storage needs.

Plastic coffee table models are light, durable and affordable. Plastic coffee table models usually have colourful and modern designs. Such coffee table models are generally preferred by young people or budget-oriented shoppers.

The handles used in dresser models are an important element of design. Handles complement the overall aesthetics of the dresser and provide ease of use. The design of the handles used on the dressers reflects the style and character of the dresser. In classic dresser models, carved or antique-looking handles are generally preferred. This emphasises the classic style of the chest of drawers. Modern dresser models, on the other hand, usually use flat and minimalist handles. This gives the dresser a modern and stylish look. Some minimal dresser models are designed without handles, which adds simplicity to their design. The material of the handles also affects the design. Wooden and brass handles are generally used on wooden dressers, while metal handles are preferred on metal dressers. The colours and shapes of the handles complement the overall aesthetics of the dresser.

Colour and pattern options for chests of drawers

Chests of drawers play an important role with their colour and pattern choices to complement the style of your room. For wooden dressers, you can choose between natural wood colour or painted options. Natural wood colour will add warmth and naturalness to your room. Painted wooden dressers will add colour and vitality to your room. You can complete the style of your room by choosing the one that suits your taste among different colour options.

Metal dressers have different colour and pattern options. You can choose from different colours such as silver, gold, black or white. Also, metal dressers in different patterns help you add character to your room. For example, metal dressers with floral or geometric patterns can add vitality and mobility to your room. You can choose the most suitable dresser model by considering the general decoration style of your room when choosing colours and patterns.

Wood patterned dressers have a design that imitates natural wood texture. These models provide warmth and elegance by adding a natural look to your room. Wood patterned dressers are an ideal option for people who love the look of wood but do not want to maintain wooden furniture. The material used in wood patterned dressers is usually wood veneered MDF or chipboard. These materials provide the same look as natural wood, but are more durable and maintenance-free.

Wood patterned dressers are available in different colours and patterns. Dark wood patterned dressers add a rustic and stylish look to your room. Light coloured wood patterned dressers create a more modern and minimalist style. Wooden patterned dressers are a stylish option that will complement the style of your room and meet your storage needs.

Dresser models are a stylish option that will help you complement the style of your home and meet your storage needs. Dressers made of different materials such as wood and metal can add a different atmosphere to your room. You can choose the most suitable dresser model that will complement the style of your room by choosing colours and patterns. Wood patterned dressers provide warmth and elegance to your room by imitating the appearance of natural wood. Dresser models contribute to the decoration of your home by combining functionality and elegance. Now you can choose the most suitable dresser model to complement the style of your home.

How to use chests of drawers in different rooms of the house?

One of the furniture used to organise the rooms in our homes and increase storage space is dressers. Dressers can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and storage areas. Dressers are very commonly used in bedrooms. Dressers are an ideal solution for organising and storing your clothes. Wooden dresser models provide a classic and rustic look, while metal dresser models can be suitable for a more modern style. Dressers can be found in different designs such as side table models or centre table models. When using a chest of drawers in the bedroom, it is important to choose a model that suits the decoration style and size of the room. It is also important to consider the compatibility of the chest of drawers with other furniture such as beds or wardrobes.

Where you place the dresser in the bedroom can affect the layout and usefulness of the room. Usually the chest of drawers is placed next to the bed or wall. This makes the dresser easier to use and complements the overall aesthetic of the room. If the dresser has a mirror, it is important that the mirror is in the right position to reflect light and make the room appear brighter. It is also important to place the dresser in a way that suits the traffic flow of the bedroom. The dresser should not impede the movement of other furniture, such as a wardrobe or bed.

Diffoniers can be used not only in bedrooms, but also in living rooms. In the living room, dressers are often used as side tables or centre tables. Metal coffee table models have a modern style and add a stylish look to the living room. Wooden coffee table models can create a more natural and warm atmosphere. Dressers are ideal for displaying decorative items in the living room or providing a useful space for daily use. In addition, storage space can be found under the dressers, which can be used to maintain order in the living room.

Hallways and storage areas are other places where dressers can be used. Dressers can be used in hallways to provide additional storage. Decorative items or flowers can be placed on the dresser, making the hallway more inviting and aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, the drawers of the dressers can be used for organised storage of small items such as hats, gloves or keys. The use of dressers in storage areas offers a convenient solution for organising and storing your belongings.

Diffoniers can also be used very functionally at the entrance of the house. The drawers of the dressers can be used to stack shoes, umbrellas and different items. By placing decorative plates and bowls on top of your dresser, you can also visibly display your keys and small items that you need to take before leaving the house.

How to organise chests of drawers?

Organising the drawers of a chest of drawers makes it easy to find your things and helps you maintain order. Organising the drawers by categories ensures that your things are stored in an orderly manner. For example, you can put socks in one drawer and underwear in another. You can use organisers to organise dresser drawers. This will help you store your things in a more organised way and avoid clutter in the drawers. Sticking labels inside the drawers makes it easier to find things. For example, you can label a drawer "socks". Check the dresser drawers regularly and remove unnecessary or unused items. This helps you maintain the order of the drawers and use your storage space more efficiently.

Diffoniers are versatile pieces of furniture that can be used in different rooms in the home. In bedrooms they are ideal for storing your clothes, while in living rooms they provide a decorative space. It can be used to provide additional storage in hallways and storage areas. Organising dresser drawers allows you to easily find your belongings and maintain order. The use of dressers in different rooms helps you to increase the order of your home and optimise your storage spaces.

Assembling and securing the chest of drawers

Closets are usually sold unassembled and require assembly. Installation instructions usually come with the product and include step-by-step instructions. Assembling the dresser is usually a simple process, but you may need the right tools and instructions.

It is important to check all parts before starting the assembly process. If there is a missing or damaged part, you may need to contact the seller. Gather the tools and materials you need to assemble the dresser and read the instructions carefully. Assembling the dresser usually requires the use of screws, dowels and screw drivers. Assemble the parts correctly and insert the screws tightly. When assembly is complete, place the chest of drawers properly and check all drawers and cabinets. For your safety, make sure your chest of drawers is fixed to the wall.

Cleaning and maintenance of chests of drawers

Cleaning and maintenance of dressers is important to ensure their long life and robust use. Cleaning wooden dressers can be done with a slightly damp cloth. Avoid using harsh cleaning agents and abrasive materials, as this can damage the wood. Cleaning and maintaining wooden dressers is important to preserve their natural beauty and durability. Regularly remove dust from wooden dressers. You can use a slightly damp cloth or microfibre cloth for this. To protect the surface of wooden dressers, you can use furniture polish or wood preservative. This increases the shine and durability of the wood. Clean and dry the wood surface before applying the varnish or protector. Clean up spilled liquids immediately and wipe with a damp cloth. Take care to keep it away from heat and humidity, as this can cause deformation of wooden dressers. Also, avoid holding heavy items or sharp objects on it, as this can cause scratches or damage.

Cleaning metal dressers can be done with hot soapy water or metal cleaner. Stainless steel or other metal cleaners can be effective for maintaining the shine of the metal. However, avoid using abrasive cleaning agents because this can damage the metal surface. The mirrors of the dressers can be cleaned with a glass cleaner. Avoid splashing water or cleaner on the mirror surface during cleaning. To clean the mirrors, use a soft cloth or gauze and wipe gently.

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Store and organise in style

Whether you’re going for a sleek and minimal look or a more rustic and traditional style, you can find the perfect chest of drawers to complement your room’s design. With large drawers and space above, there’s plenty of room to store stuff, and even have a little left over to display the things you love.

Stylish and functional storage areas

Have you met our perfect chest of drawers that you can use in almost every room of your home? You can store your tools that can create clutter by adding a chest of drawers next to your shoe racks for your hallway, your dining sets or covers by adding them next to the bookcases in your living room, and your sports clothes or pajamas by placing wardrobes in your bedroom.

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chest of 6 drawers, grey/white
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