IKEA Planners

Design most of the living spaces of your home with IKEA planners, by combining modular parts according to your needs. With PAX and PLATSA Wardrobe Planners, along with bed and mattress planners you can easily design the bedroom that suits you. Also desk and chair planners for your home office and kitchen planner for your kitchens are here for you. Planning your rooms and your home is all easy now with IKEA Planners!

Bedroom Planners

PLATSA Wardrobe Planner

Every house there are small corners that cannot be used because the right furniture does not fit. PLATSA is a customizable modular storage system that you can use in all rooms of the house, adapt it under a sloping ceiling or for small spaces. You can further personalize PLATSA by choosing frames of different heights and widths, various covers, interior organizers, feet and handles.

Plan your PLATSA wardrobe

Bed Planner

Combine comfort, functionality, and style in your bedroom. Starting a new day with a good night’s sleep changes everything. A suitable bed selection lightens up your bedroom as much as yourself.

Plan your bed

Mattress Planner

Preparing for the new day begins with a restful night's sleep in a comfortable bed. It is important that you have the right mattress, pillows and and suitable for your sleeping position for your body to make a good start.

Plan your mattress

TV-Cabinet Systems Planners

EKET Planner

Reveal your creativity by combining different sized pieces and get a functional solution perfect for your home.

Plan your EKET storage system

Living Room Planners

GRÖNLID Sofa Planner

With extra deep seating cushions and comfortable back cushions GRÖNLID sofa embrasses your whole family.

Plan your GRÖNLID sofa

SÖDERHAMN Sofa Planner

Start desinging your own combination in the living room that reveals your style.

Plan your SÖDERHAMN sofa

Children Wardrobe Planner

SMASTAD Wardrobe Planner

With SMASTAD we wanted to create a storage system from a child's perspective, so it’s easier and more fun to get dressed and keep everything organised.

Plan your SMASTAD wardrobe

Chair Planner

Dining Chair Planner

Dining chairs don’t just have to look good, but should feel good, too. Designed with the right proportions, the scooped seat and shaped back give a restful flexibility so that you can sit on comfortably until dessert.

Plan your dining chair

Workspaces Planners

Table planner

Organize your workspace exactly according to your needs. With the Table Planner, first choose the size you want, then add the legs and storage units that suits your style and space.

Plan your table

Open Shelf System Planners

KALLAX Open Shelf Planner

KALLAX is an elegant and simple storage rack that can store many things. Put it on the floor, mount it on the wall or use it to divide your room. KALLAX shelving units are available in a variety of sizes and colours. It can be personalized with a variety of covers, baskets and dividers.

Plan your KALLAX open shelving system

BOAXEL Open Shelf Planner

BOAXEL combinations in white or gray are ideal for areas such as doorways, bathrooms and laundry rooms. You can create a storage space that suits your needs with matching pieces such as knitted baskets, shelves, shoe racks or trouser hangers.

Plan your BOAXEL open shelving system

ELVARLI Open Shelf Planner

Design your customised ELVARLI open storage to keep your clothes organised.

Plan your ELVARLI storage unit

BROR Open Shelf Planner

Say goodbye to piles of boxes and messy tools. Create your own combinations of durable storage that fit your specific needs with BROR open shelving units.

Plan your BROR open shelving system

JONAXEL Open Shelf Planner

JONAXEL storage system lets you utilise the spaces you have in smarter ways. You can build a combination that fits exactly your needs and use it almost anywhere, even in humid bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Plan your JONAXEL open shelving system

Kitchen Planner

Try Our Kitchen Planner

Start designing your kitchen with our new kitchen planner. You can save your designs, share with friends, and finalize with our kitchen experts in store.

Start planning

ENHET Cabinet Planner

Getting a complete kitchen has probably never been easier. By combining open and closed storage, different colours and adding the accessories you want, you can have a fully functional and personalised kitchen up and running in no time.

Plan your ENHET wardrobe

Bathroom Planners

Bathroom planner

It's easy to plan your bathroom from top to bottom. Select one of IKEA's ready-made bathrooms and start planning your own by choosing the wash-basin, tap, cabinets, mirror, lighting and storage solutions according to your style and needs.

Plan your bathroom

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