Keeping safety in mind at home

Most accidents that injure people occur in and around the home – and, often, they’re easily preventable. The way you use the furniture and home accessories that you live with can play a major role in your family’s safety.

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Around the home, where do most accidents happen?

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Families spend the most time together in the living room, so injuries are more likely there.

Source: EuroSafe IKEA-specific analysis based on European Injury Statistics Database, from 2008-2018.

More child and baby safety topics to explore.

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What are some of the most common hazards at home?

• Falls and slips, for example over rugs, on wet floors or during play

• Accidental ingestion of chemicals or medicines that can cause poisoning

• Furniture tip-overs can cause, for example, crushing injuries or suffocation

• Cords of window blinds, which can lead to strangulation

• Any small object that a child can pick up, swallow and choke on

• Candles, matches and cooking appliances can all be a fire risk if left unattended

• Even very little water can be enough for small babies to drown quickly

• Hot food and drinks can scald or burn.

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Safety at home for all ages

However young and sprightly you are now, you might already find some useful home furnishing tips for when you start to feel your age.

See how to prevent accidents

An ongoing commitment to product safety

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How IKEA develops safe products

Safety is key in the development of IKEA products, to make sure that they can withstand the demands of everyday life at home.

See more on product safety
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The full list of IKEA product recalls

Here you can check if you have an IKEA product that has since been recalled and, if so, what to do now.

See all IKEA product recalls
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