In line with our goal of contributing to financial and environmental sustainability by using our resources effectively in all our activities, we have adopted;

  • Considering and implementing energy-efficient technologies when designing all our processes from the initial stage and on
  • Performing energy efficiency activities without compromising the existing quality and comfort conditions for our customers and employees
  • Developing and implementing projects to increase the use of renewable energy resources and to reduce our carbon footprint in order to have a positive impact on global climate change
  • Diversifying our energy resources and ensuring sustainable energy efficiency by constantly reviewing risks and opportunities
  • Using the data we acquire from our energy consumption analyses for the purposes of achieving our energy goals and targets and continuously improving our energy performance
  • Meeting applicable and legal requirements by integrating the Energy Management System into our corporate governance practices

as our Energy Policy.

MAPA Mobilya ve Aksesuar Pazarlama A.Ş. Company Management Team

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