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We can't get rid of the dishes that grow in our eyes after a good meal, a pleasant breakfast or a relaxing coffee, but our dishwashing products can help to make it a little easier. With the right products such as cutlery stands, dish-washing brushes with dispensers and dish drying mats, it can be easier to achieve sparkling clean dishes.

No matter how many dishes you have, you can find the right dishwashing products for your kitchen in this category. And when you're done, you can dry your dishes using tea towels.


bottle brush, white
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-bulasik urunleri medelvag sise temizleme fircasi

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We believe great home furnishings should be affordable for the many. So when we design a product, we create the price tag first.

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Time to freshen your kitchen up

You may need a space to dry the delicious menemen (eggs scrambled with tomatoes and green pepper), bagels, olives, and cheese you eat for breakfast in the morning; you may need a space to dry the plates, bowls, and glasses in which you serve ravioli, soup, and hot dishes prepared in a pot for dinner after washing them. You can create the space you need on your countertop with the help of dish racks. Whether you are looking for an aesthetic product that will take a place on your countertop or a solution that you can fold and make space on your countertop when you don't need it; we have a suitable dish rack option for your kitchen. When you have finished washing the dishes, don't forget to dry the clean dishes with a practical cleaning cloth to make space for new dishes.

IKEA-bulasik urunleri skolast bulasik kabi


washing-up bowl, green
Sepete Ekle


dish drainer, galvanised
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-bulasik urunleri kvot galvanizli bulasiklik


dish drying mat, dark blue
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-bulasik urunleri rinnig siyah bulasiklik


dish drainer, black
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-bulasik urunleri stamling bulasiklik


dish drainer, off white
Sepete Ekle


cleaning cloth, mixed colours
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-bulasik urunleri rodknot temizlik bezi

Don't make dishes a big deal

Frozen grease, the smell of eggs and food residues... No one wants to touch dirty dishes after cooking. However, with our selection of dish brushes, you can clean food waste, remove stains and make your dishes sparkling without touching your dirty pots and plates.

IKEA-bulasik urunleri antagen bulasik fircasi
IKEA-bulasik urunleri videveckmal deterjan hazneli sunger


sponge with detergent dispenser, high-gloss yellow
Sepete Ekle


dish-washing brush, stainless steel/beech
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-bulasik urunleri valvardad paslanmaz celik bulasik fircasi

Stainless steel is always nice

Whether you want to place freshly washed cutlery to drain or use it to store clean cutlery. This stainless-steel cutlery stand adds elegance wherever it stands. Whether by the sink, on the shelf, or on the worktop, it is a real eye-catcher.

We can help you save

Saving water is very important for a sustainable life. Washing your dishes in a container in the sink rather than keeping the water running, helps you reduce water consumption. Start exploring the IKEA product range that supports sustainable life.

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