Balcony Tables

Balcony table options that will beautify your space and offer functional solutions can be ideal choices in your search for comfortable and stylish balcony furniture. There is a wide range of balcony table models from wooden to metal, folding to fixed. This comprehensive guide is designed to help you find the right table for your taste and needs. 

Within the various designs, there are structures that appeal to different needs, from minimalist small balcony table options to balcony dining table alternatives suitable for larger groups. Narrow long balcony table types offer elegance and functionality even in narrow spaces, while round balcony table models allow you to save both modern and space.

Considering different balcony types and sizes, it is possible to find a balcony table suitable for every space. Especially wooden balcony table types create a peaceful atmosphere in outdoor areas with their natural texture, while metal balcony table models designed for situations that require durability offer a modern solution. 

Whether you are looking for a small and cute mini balcony table to sip your morning coffee or you need a more useful retractable balcony table, there is a model that can meet all tastes and needs. French balcony table options that will add colour to the balcony are especially ideal for narrow and stylish spaces and help you make the most of your space.

Thanks to retractable balcony table solutions, you can decide exactly how you want to use your spaces and personalise your space efficiently. Retractable designs offer excellent functionality when you need a larger surface and can be folded compactly when not in use.

Table models for your balcony

You can personalise your outdoor spaces with balcony table models that play a key role in your balcony decoration. Especially small balcony table options offer practical and elegant solutions for balconies with limited space, while round balcony table or narrow long balcony table alternatives for balconies with a certain width meet different needs and tastes. Especially in apartment life in metropolises, the balcony table is preferred in small sizes due to the limited space of the balconies and provides an efficient usage area. You can create a functional and stylish outdoor space by completing your balcony with balcony chairs and other accessories.

Wooden balcony table options that blend functionality with decorative elements reflect naturalness and warmth, while metal balcony table types with modern and minimalist design increase the elegance of the outdoor space. You can achieve maximum comfort and aesthetics, regardless of your balcony size, with innovative solutions such as easy-to-use balcony table folding designs and hanging balcony tables that allow you to use the space in the most efficient way.

Indispensable for romantic dinners for couples, two-person balcony table alternatives create an attractive environment even in limited spaces, while balcony dining table options that appeal to larger family gatherings and groups of friends can make large balconies and terraces more functional. Among the design options, French balcony table and wall-mounted balcony table models are among the alternatives that appeal to modern lifestyles and aesthetic tastes. Thus, it is possible to find a table model suitable for every taste and need.

Foldable balcony table folding products, which stand out with their folding feature, are an excellent option for those who want to use the space in various ways. These products provide flexibility in use, allowing you to instantly transform your balcony from a relaxation area to a dining area. Hanging balcony table and wall-mounted balcony table options are also available for those looking for minimal design. 

When decorating your balcony, you can save space with retractable balcony table models specially designed for outdoor use and gain extra table surface when you need it. Nevertheless, it is necessary to be sensitive about the dimensions because smaller solutions such as mini balcony tables may sometimes be smaller than expected or may not offer sufficient usage area. Each one is ready to add a new dimension to your balcony life, pushing the boundaries in style and functionality.

Foldable tables for narrow balconies

For those with space constraints, folding balcony table or folding balcony table models are ideal. These designs allow you to save space by folding when not in use. Hanging balcony table solutions can also be mounted on the wall to create a working and dining area. These folding tables are the perfect solution for versatile use of tight spaces. These tables, which can be easily folded and stored, add a modern atmosphere to your balconies with their stylish designs.

Users with narrow balconies often prioritise minimal designs and functionality. Narrow long balcony table options are designed especially for such narrow spaces and are rare products that combine elegance and usefulness. Long and narrow designs allow you to make the most of limited spaces and increase the order on your balcony.

Many balcony tables are foldable and made of water and weather resistant materials. In this way, they can be used with peace of mind in all seasons of the year. Some models use UV-protected materials to minimise the colours being affected by sunlight.

In some cases, you can consider your balcony as a full dining room and save space with wall-mounted balcony table solutions suitable for this area. The wall-mounted feature allows you to remove your table when you don't need it and use the space for other activities.

While creating a functional space, it is important that the table on your balcony complements the overall decoration style and aesthetics of your home. Balcony tables start with small and minimalist designs, and there are modular systems that you can expand according to your needs. So you can customise your outdoor space to suit your personal needs and style.

Mini balcony table options are also produced in sizes that can be used comfortably on narrow balconies. Thanks to their compact structure, these tables take up little space and are ideal for users with small outdoor spaces in city life. Mini tables can also be foldable so that they do not take up space on your narrow balcony.

Round balcony tables

Round balcony table options that increase the dynamism of the space are perfect for friendly chats and intimate dinners. Round designs can create a pleasant ambience among your two-seater balcony table preferences. Especially for those who want to use limited space efficiently, the round form facilitates the flow in the space and provides more movement space. With its structure that does not obstruct the viewing angle, it allows everyone to see and communicate with each other comfortably.

A round balcony table creates spaciousness even in small spaces, as it takes up less space than other items on your balcony. This special shape can be placed in the centre of your balcony, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical use. Round designs are often characterised by their compactness and elegant lines and can also be compatible with modern decoration concepts.

A balcony table with rounded lines supports users to create a closer and more intimate environment by sitting around it. Thanks to the comfortable access it provides, you can easily share whatever is on the table and create an interactive space dynamic. Inspired by restaurants, these tables not only offer comfort and functionality, but also create a sophisticated atmosphere on your balcony.

Another important point to consider when purchasing is the material of the table. Since it is used outdoors, natural materials such as wooden balcony table should be preferred. These materials are known for their durability as well as adding natural texture and warmth. When the simplicity of round lines comes together with natural wood, it exhibits a much more aesthetic stance.

Round tables also offer the advantage of easy installation and transport. Especially those with a folding or disassembled balcony table provide practicality in case of storage or transport at the end of the season. Folding balcony table models help you gain extra space when your space is limited.

Dining table for large balconies

For larger balconies and terraces, balcony dining table options come to the fore where you can enjoy your meals and special moments. Combine functionality and aesthetics with mini balcony table or retractable balcony table models with large surfaces. Such tables are indispensable for those who want to enjoy a comfortable meal while enjoying the view.

A stylish and modern designed balcony dining table creates a visual impact and changes the atmosphere of your balcony. The size and shape of the table should be in harmony with the other furniture and decorative elements on your balcony, providing comfortable and functional use. It is possible to capture a style that softens and integrates the transition between your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

When choosing among different balcony table models on large balconies, the combination of tables and chairs as a full seating group is also important. Narrow long balcony table alternatives provide enough space for events and meetings as well as the pleasure of dining outdoors with friends and family. Long tables or multiple two-person balcony tables can be used together for crowded invitations and special meetings.

A wooden balcony table can easily adapt to the design of your balcony in terms of colour and structure, while adding a warm and natural touch. If you are looking for a modern touch, you can take a look at metal balcony table options. Metal is often a preferred material for outdoor furniture because it is lightweight and durable. Such tables offer a minimal and striking appearance.

What materials are balcony tables made of?

Balcony table options that can offer long-lasting use in outdoor conditions are often designed with various material combinations. In wooden balcony table preferences, weather-resistant hardwoods and specially treated solid woods are used. However, metal balcony table alternatives are produced with metals such as stainless steel, aluminium and iron to provide durability. Both wood and metal materials are among the material options that emphasise durability and aesthetics along with modern design.

Balcony table options can also be produced from plastics such as polypropylene, which is known for its light and robust structure. These materials stand out with their colour diversity and easy-to-clean features. These types of plastics are especially preferred in compact designs such as small balcony tables and narrow long balcony tables. In tables where artificial materials are used, additional features such as UV protection prevent the material from fading and extend the life of outdoor furniture.

If you are looking for a natural touch, there is also a range of balcony tables using mesh materials such as rattan or bamboo. Such tables are lightweight and aesthetic options that are particularly suitable for tropical and bohemian-style outdoor decorations. Like wooden balcony table models, rattan and bamboo may require special treatment against temperature and humidity.

The combination of metal balcony table and other materials evolves over time depending on outdoor fashion and technological advances. Therefore, when choosing outdoor tables, it is advisable to consider aspects such as material quality, workmanship, maintenance requirements and aesthetic characteristics as a whole. Since the choice of material will play a decisive role in determining the style and atmosphere of your balcony, choosing the most suitable material for you will provide an excellent balcony experience in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

What colour should the balcony table be?

Balcony tables also harmonise with their surroundings or create contrast with their colours. While natural tones are suitable for every environment; vibrant colours add energy. You can choose the tones that will provide a decorative integrity according to your preference. Colour preference may vary according to the seasons; light and pastel tones are preferred in summer, while darker and warmer colours may be preferred in winter.

Colours in harmony with the surrounding natural elements can make your balcony look like a natural extension. For example, choosing earthy tones for green plants or dark brown tones for wooden balcony furniture will give your balcony a natural feel. On the other hand, for those who desire a modern look, neutral colours such as grey, black or white will be a stylish and elegant choice.

Along with colour selection, material and texture can also affect colour perception. The texture of materials determines how colours are reflected and the differences in appearance. Glossy surfaces are more striking when combined with vibrant colours, while matte surfaces can create a softer effect and create a relaxing atmosphere.

You can further enhance the colour harmony with accessories and cushions. Especially if you have chosen a solid coloured balcony table, you can create a nice contrast with pillows in various patterns and colours, thus revitalising the space.

The colour of the balcony table is also related to the outdoor lighting. In the evening, colours can take on a different dimension with the reflection of light and add a different emotional depth or warmth to your space. The colour and intensity of the lighting elements can affect the table colour you will use and should be carefully selected.

What should be considered when buying a balcony table and chair set?

There are points to consider when choosing a balcony table chair set. Firstly, consider the dimensions of your balcony. A small and cosy balcony table fits perfectly in small spaces, while for large balconies you can look for large and comfortable sets that can host more people. Considering the climatic conditions and possible wear and tear, factors such as material quality and weather resistance should not be ignored when choosing a set.

Another point that should not be forgotten is the functionality and flexibility of the balcony set. Especially for narrow balconies, the balcony table can be folding or wheeled and chairs designed accordingly can be selected. In this way, you can both provide ease of storage and respond quickly to different needs.

Whether the balcony table is folding or fixed, it should be in harmony with the other accessories you will use. For example, space can be saved by combining a hanging balcony table with wall-mounted chairs or a holistic design can be created with chairs compatible with various balcony table models. Your set pieces should be easy to assemble and disassemble, so you can adapt to seasonal changes or moving.

If you are planning to create some green space on your balcony, it will also be useful to consider the harmony of your table and chair set with plants, flower pots and other decorative elements. The colours and materials of your furniture can be in contrast or harmony with natural elements, which can enrich the atmosphere of the balcony. If you are looking for a mini balcony table or a more generous sized table to accompany the pleasant moments you will spend in the open air of your home, you can consider IKEA's balcony tables as both comfortable and functional choices.


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