Dreaming of a beautiful balcony is not far away

It's not hard to dream of a beautiful balcony in a tiny apartment in the heart of the city. Start changing the look of your balcony with flooring that suits your style. Floor coverings, which are suitable for outdoor use because they are made of plastic, can be cut and applied to easily fit according to the area. Afterward, you can sit in a rocking chair in the open air on a beautiful summer evening and enjoy the balcony.

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Recreate the look - piece by piece

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garden pedestal table, light brown
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garden pedestal table, beige
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My favourite form of relaxation

Summer is finally here. Time to enjoy the sun and relax a little. If you like to relax by spending time with your family or close friends, you can complete your relaxation area that will make these moments even more special with maintenance-free garden coffee tables.

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Take your breakfast to the balcony

When the weather gets warmer, we all want to throw ourselves into the open air. For this, you don't need as large a balcony as you think. Even a small balcony can make room for a table where you can eat your breakfast or have a coffee with your friend. Fold the DJUPÖN foldable table when you are done and make space on your balcony for other activities. Moreover, you have a ready storage space for 2 folding chairs.

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Redesign your balcony

The ease of creating storage space on the balcony

You can use outdoor storage products suitable for indoor and outdoor use in every corner of the house. While creating storage space on your balcony or garden, you can also create shelf space for decoration. All that's left is to put your feet up on the balcony and enjoy your coffee. The shelving unit with a cover provides you with a closed storage solution at any time. This way you can protect your belongings from the weather and dust.Balkonunuzda veya bahçenizde depolama alanı yaratırken aynı zamanda dekorasyon için raf alanı da oluşturun. Geriye balkonda ayaklarınızı uzatıp kahvenizin keyfini çıkarmak kalır. Kılıfı olan raf ünitesi istediğiniz zaman sizi kapalı bir depolama çözümüne ulaştırır. Bu şekilde eşyalarınızı hava şartlarından ve tozdan korumuş olursunuz.

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Let your closed balcony light up your interior

It is in your hands to make your balcony as beautiful and useful as your home. Closed balconies can be used as a very nice storage area r. Alternative outdoor storage products consisting of cabinets with doors, and shelf units suitable for your needs and z home are waiting for you.

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