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When those precious summer days hit, having your own retreat is priceless. Updated with colourful cushions and outdoor coffee tables to handle refreshments, it works both as a space to greet guests and your personal, lazy lounge. Once your outdoor furniture is arranged, add the final touch with some outdoor seat cushions you can make the seating area of your garden sofa or armchair more comfortable and enjoy the outdoor longer. And keep in mind to decorate this space with outdoor lighting products like LED candles and lanterns.

Balcony Rugs

Produced for outdoor conditions, balcony rugs provide both an aesthetic appearance and a comfortable space on balconies. As they are generally made of polyester and polypropylene, they are easy to clean and also durable.

Outdoor Seating Cushions

Outdoor cushions let you customise the look and comfort of your outdoor seating, create a whole new atmosphere with different colours and looks. Most have removable and washable covers, so your balcony or garden chair cushions can be freshened up whenever needed.  Add a soft sun lounger pad to your sun lounger so you can stay comfortable while having a tan. Or add some garden chair cushions to your dining area and enjoy a long dinner during a warm summer evening.

Outdoor storage solutions for cushions and other textiles

You can keep your outdoor cushions like new for a long time by storing them when not in use. Outdoor storage products such as shelving units with adjustable shelves, meet your storage needs in the balcony or garden. If you want to keep the storage unit out of sight, you can use outdoor privacy screens as separators in the garden.

Outdoor furniture covers help you protect your outdoor sofas and armchairs from rain, dirt, dust and pollen. A simple and space-saving storage solution you can place anywhere you like. Choose a waterproof, outdoor storage option, and you won’t have to take up valuable inside space to store your cushions.

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