Outdoor Shades

Looking for cool shade and protection from the sun's UV rays? Find a outdoor shades and parasol base here. We have many shapes and sizes, including cantilever outdoor shades that give you more space underneath. Some of our options of outdoor shades can even be tilted to keep the sun away all day long. 

Outdoor shades models

Complete your outdoor oasis with a stylish outdoor shades. It's the perfect accessory to provide shade from the hot sun while relaxing, reading or sleeping. Outdoor shades prove just as handy in rainy weather – you can stay dry while enjoying lunch on your patio even throughout a passing shower. At IKEA you'll find different designs of outdoor shades and parasol bases. Find the perfect outdoor shades and parasol base for your outdoor space.

How to find the right parasol and base

You can either choose a outdoor shades and parasol base separately or buy them together as a complete set. You’ll want to consider the sizing of your outdoor space, the amount of shade you want, and the style of outdoor shades that will complement your outdoor area.


There are three types of parasols to choose between. There’s the classic parasol on a stand, with a pole that goes in the middle. These outdoor shades can be a good addition to a garden table and chair set and are the perfect setup if your outdoor space is limited because your outdoor table and outdoor shades will occupy the same space.

If you want to control the shade, an outdoor shade or gazebo is a great option. By tilting your outdoor shade according to the position of the sun, you can lie in your hammock from early morning until sunset and enjoy the refreshing shade.

You can also choose an outdoor shade for your balcony. With outdoor shades designed to fit the limited space of a balcony or a small patio, you can enjoy meals with your balcony table and chair sets in a safe and shady way on a sunny day.

Parasol bases

The parasol base supports the outdoor shade. A sturdy base provides stability and prevents your outdoor shade from flying away if the weather turns inclement. However, parasol bases are not universal. They come in different shapes and weights designed to fit specific parameters. After choosing your new outdoor shade, always check the product description to verify which parasol base it is compatible with.

Sun-protective outdoor shades

Outdoor shades are an ideal way to make your outdoor life more comfortable and provide protection while enjoying the sun or light rain. These shades are usually made of durable materials and equipped with fabrics that protect against the sun's rays or light rain. Thanks to their sunscreen properties, they help protect you from extreme temperatures in summer, while also protecting you from the harmful effects of UV rays. However, outdoor shades can also be used on windy days and have a sturdy construction that can stand steadily in the winds. Furthermore, some outdoor shades have waterproof properties, thus protecting your outdoor space even when it rains. Outdoor shades usually have adjustable heights, so you can adjust the height according to your needs. They are also practical to use thanks to their easy-to-open and close design. Outdoor shades combine both functionality and aesthetics to make your outdoor life more enjoyable.

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