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Your kitchen furniture choices, which offer a combination of aesthetics and practicality, are the cornerstones of kitchen decoration. You can increase both your comfort and style with IKEA's wide range of kitchen furniture models for your kitchen, which is the centre of conversations and family gatherings as well as the meals you prepare with care. Whatever the size of your kitchen and your functional needs, it offers ideal solutions.

From design to quality, you can find a wide range of kitchen furniture, from kitchen islands to serving trolleys, where every detail is carefully considered. It transforms even small kitchens into spacious and useful spaces with smart storage solutions. You can complete your kitchens with kitchen cabinets designed with modern lines or stylish kitchen worktops to achieve the perfect harmony of aesthetics and functionality.

IKEA adopts not only current trends but also quality materials that guarantee long-term use. The kitchen furniture products you choose are designed to meet the needs of your living space and offer you an atmosphere where you can enjoy every moment in the kitchen. IKEA's fitted kitchens are products that offer usability and aesthetics simultaneously. It continues to be the choice of those who do not want to compromise on aesthetic appearance while increasing the functional structure of your kitchens.

There are also functional and modern kitchen table sets and kitchen chairs for your kitchens with colour and model options that can appeal to every style. Quality standards, functionality and aesthetics that you should consider when buying kitchen furniture are always the basis of IKEA's production and design philosophy. Kitchen chairs and kitchen bar chairs that emphasise practical use add dynamism to your living spaces and make your kitchen attractive at any time of the day.

Ideal for crowded family dinners or cosy gatherings of friends, kitchen tables are available in different sizes and designs. In addition, kitchen shelves, which are used to add an aesthetic touch to your kitchen decoration and find solutions to your storage problems, stand out not only with their functionality but also with their elegant appearance that they add to the kitchen decor. IKEA kitchen furniture collection adds value to your homes with its easy-to-use and stylish solutions.

You can meet the quality and elegance of IKEA products and bring a breath of fresh air to your kitchen decoration when you make your kitchen furniture selection and reorganise your kitchen in this comprehensive and diverse range of furniture options offered to our customers. If you consider long-term durability as well as design when shopping for kitchen furniture, you can create a kitchen that you can enjoy for years.

Modern designs in decorative kitchen furniture

IKEA offers a range of kitchen furniture options to enrich the kitchen area in your home not only functionally but also aesthetically. Kitchen cabinets, practical kitchen islands, stylish bar or kitchen chairs and many other product options combine functionality and elegance in kitchen decoration. IKEA aims to make kitchens more functional and useful with the new features offered in the kitchen cabinets category. You can make the time you spend in the kitchen more enjoyable by choosing among the kitchen cabinets suitable for your own taste and needs.

The latest trends in kitchen furniture

IKEA closely follows trends and makes various innovations to offer you the latest trends in kitchen furniture. Furniture such as tables, kitchen chairs and workspaces are characterised by features that enhance functionality. These innovations include modular designs, products made from sustainable materials and customisable storage solutions. This ensures maximum efficiency and aesthetic integrity in your kitchens. Smart kitchen technologies and furniture equipped with integrated devices make daily use even easier and maximise your kitchen experience.

Kitchen furniture options combining aesthetics and minimalism

Kitchen furniture options that allow you to create a minimalist kitchen with modern designs and simple lines offer quality and elegance together. You can personalise your kitchen decoration by choosing from minimalist or more flamboyant kitchen models. This kitchen furniture offers a variety of designs that appeal to all tastes by prioritising functionality and elegance.

Dazzling designs with kitchen furniture

Bright and shiny materials used in kitchen furniture add a modern and stylish touch to your kitchen. You can furnish this most special corner of your home with IKEA's high quality furniture. These glittering designs create a perfect shine in daylight or under artificial lighting, making your kitchen look brighter and more spacious. Thanks to the highly durable and easy-to-clean surfaces, the furniture retains its aesthetic appearance even after prolonged use.

Enriched with modern materials such as metallic details and glass elements, this furniture transforms your kitchen into a work of art with a sophisticated touch. Especially ideal for open-plan kitchens, these pieces provide a holistic aesthetic by uniting your living spaces.

Freedom of combination in kitchen furniture

You can create the combinations you want in your kitchens with kitchen furniture options offered in colours, patterns and styles suitable for every taste. You can easily select and combine furniture that reflects your own style. This flexibility offers unlimited creativity in your kitchen decoration; you can realise any modern, classic, rustic or avant-garde decoration idea.

Thanks to modular kitchen furniture, you can utilise every corner efficiently and combine aesthetics and functionality, no matter how big or small your space is. You can add a personal touch to your kitchens with various accessories and hardware options, while making your daily life easier with practical solutions.

Easily adaptable kitchen furniture

IKEA's modular kitchen furniture systems are designed to suit different sizes and requirements. In this way, you can create a kitchen layout that suits your taste and needs, regardless of the size of your kitchen.

As IKEA, we are always with you to help you realise your kitchen dreams. Whether it is a modern look or a traditional design, you can design your kitchen as you wish with kitchen furniture and realise your dreams.

Ready-made kitchen cabinets with modern designs

IKEA's modern and stylish kitchen cabinets are designed to suit your kitchen's needs and your style. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, whether with doors or open shelving systems, these cabinets will keep your kitchen utensils organised and easily accessible. Designs that attract attention with their minimalist lines have become an indispensable part of contemporary kitchens.

For those who pay special attention to detail, IKEA kitchen cabinets offer exclusive customisation options. You can customise your cabinets to your own taste with different door types, colours and handle options. With innovative storage solutions, you can keep everything you need in the kitchen in an organised way, striking the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Each cabinet module designed for your kitchen is made from materials that prioritise durability and quality. IKEA kitchen cabinets are extremely practical to assemble and use. In this way, you can use your time more efficiently. Thanks to their easy-to-clean surfaces, maintaining a hygienic kitchen environment is effortless. Especially for homes with narrow kitchens, IKEA's versatile cabinets and pantry solutions allow you to make the best use of limited space. Smartly designed pantry cabinets offer ample interior space for organising and storing your food, while visually enhancing your kitchen.

IKEA kitchen cabinets are also manufactured with the principle of sustainability. Environmentally friendly practices such as the use of water-based paints and recyclable materials are prioritised to reduce our environmental impact. In this way, you will adopt a nature-friendly approach while choosing the most beautiful designs for your home.

Offering a combination of aesthetics and functionality in kitchen cabinets, IKEA allows you to create perfect spaces. The details of each cabinet combine with ease of use and elegance to enhance the quality of life for you and your family. Whether traditional or modern, IKEA kitchens make a difference and elevate the style of your home. IKEA kitchen cabinets with elegant designs offer solutions that will increase the aesthetic value of your space. Discovering our cabinets that combine optimisation and aesthetics is the first step to creating a functional and stylish kitchen layout. IKEA kitchen cabinets offer a kitchen experience that will meet all your needs and set standards in quality and design.

Kitchen shelves to match your home décor

Decorative kitchen shelves play a saviour role when additional storage space is needed in any kitchen. Thanks to their functionality, they allow you to keep frequently used kitchen utensils close at hand and organised. From wall-mounted models to free-standing shelving systems, different options can adapt to any kitchen size and design. Open shelving systems are perfect for adding a modern flair as well as being useful.

The kitchen shelves we design as IKEA balance your aesthetic and practical needs. The materials used are carefully selected to increase the warmth and elegance of your home as well as durability. There is a wide range of products to suit every style, from wood finishes to metal accessories. You can enliven your kitchen with your personal touches by adding plants, books or special collection pieces to your shelves.

Thanks to our modular shelving solutions, you can use your existing space flexibly and customise it according to your needs. By offering easy assembly and disassembly, you can easily meet your seasonal or periodic storage needs. Stylish and functional kitchen shelves will bring aesthetic order to your kitchen.

With the variety offered by IKEA, it is possible to find shelf models suitable for every purpose. From high-capacity storage solutions to exhibition shelves with minimalist design, every detail has been taken care of. Reconfigure your kitchen organisation with stylish and useful shelving options designed to make your time in the kitchen enjoyable and efficient.

Kitchen shelves in harmony with your kitchen decoration also reflect IKEA's sustainability principle. The use of environmentally friendly materials contributes to the protection of the world while extending the life of our products. It offers options that prioritise quality and sustainability with pricing suitable for every budget. Developed by IKEA's expert design team, kitchen shelves will add value to your kitchen with their functionality and aesthetics.

If your kitchen needs to be reorganised, you can reshape your kitchen layout with IKEA kitchen shelves. Ideal for those looking for a practical storage solution with rich options and harmonious designs. Change the atmosphere of your kitchen by choosing among functional and aesthetic kitchen furniture models and create an order that will provide convenience in daily use.

What should be considered when choosing kitchen furniture?

The most important factors to consider when choosing an ideal kitchen furniture should be quality, functionality, aesthetics and suitability for long-term use. IKEA offers you every solution you need with a wide range of products that fulfil these criteria. However, when realising your kitchen designs, it is of great importance that each piece of furniture is suitable for kitchen ergonomics. Care should be taken to ensure that kitchen cabinets, drawers and doors are easy to open and close, and that bench heights increase the comfort of use.

The storage solutions among the selected kitchen furniture models are sufficient and functional, making the time you spend in the kitchen more efficient. Alternatives such as in-cabinet organisers and pantry cabinets for pots, plates, spices and other kitchen utensils can take your kitchen to the next level in terms of both aesthetics and order.

Colour and material choices also affect the general atmosphere and brightness level of kitchens. While light tones create a more spacious feeling in small kitchens, dark tones can add elegance to larger kitchens. Material quality has a direct impact on the durability and lifetime of your furniture. IKEA's selection of kitchen furniture is designed to last for many years with high quality materials and state-of-the-art production techniques.

The fact that kitchens are frequently used areas requires that ease of use and cleanliness are also at the forefront of furniture selection. Easy-to-clean surfaces, stain-resistant materials, applications and surface treatments gain importance from this point of view. The ease of maintenance and cleaning of furniture also supports kitchen hygiene and provides a healthier living space.

Energy saving and environmental awareness are factors that have become increasingly important in recent years. Furniture that is compatible with energy-efficient appliances and has environmentally friendly production processes should be preferred. IKEA offers kitchen furniture models that perform both economically and ecologically superior from a sustainability perspective.

The harmony of kitchen furniture with the general decoration of the house creates an aesthetic integrity. The compatibility of kitchen furniture with the furniture in other parts of the house in terms of colour, style and material creates an overall harmony and provides a visual balance. IKEA's timeless designs include products that can be seamlessly integrated into any style of decoration with a wide colour palette and a variety of material options.

What you need to know about cleaning kitchen worktops

Bench cleaning is vital for a healthy kitchen. Regular cleaning and maintenance of worktops maintains kitchen hygiene and extends the life of the worktops. Careful cleaning and the use of the right materials will keep your kitchen worktops like new for years. For this reason, it is important to choose cleaning products and methods suitable for the properties of the material used in your worktops. Different kitchen worktop materials such as granite, marble, laminate or wood each have specific cleaning requirements. For example, knowing that acidic cleaning products can damage marble worktops is critical when caring for such materials. IKEA provides the right care products to maximise the lifespan and maintain the appearance of your worktops.

Increasing the frequency of your cleaning will help prevent stains and bacterial growth. Spillages should be cleaned up immediately and water drops wiped dry to prevent stains that can occur with daily use. Regular cleaning with a quality bench cleaner will keep your kitchen worktops shiny and hygienic at all times. In terms of food safety, thorough cleaning of worktop surfaces, especially after cooking, affects the quality of the food you serve. To avoid cross-contamination, it is essential to use separate cutting boards for meat and vegetables and to clean these surfaces with appropriate cleaning materials.

Scratches and surface damage can provide a harbour for counter bacteria. It is therefore important to protect your worktops by always using cutting boards for cutting and chopping. Care should be taken not to place hot pots and plates directly on the worktop. Harsh chemicals, abrasive sponges and sandpaper can damage your worktop surfaces. Therefore, it is best to use a microfibre cloth and gentle cleansers instead. Microfibre cloths are known for their ability to attract dirt and grease without scratching the surface and can be the secret to your long-lasting worktop use.

Regularly removing dirt and debris that accumulates between worktops and around kitchen sinks helps to prevent bad odours in the kitchen. Cabinets and drawers under the kitchen worktop should also be cleaned from time to time to remove food residues.

As IKEA, we are at your service with a wide range of high quality kitchen furniture models so that you can realise your kitchen dreams. You can visit our furniture category to discover our innovative and functional kitchen solutions and customise your kitchen space as you wish. You can choose IKEA to learn more about the cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen worktops and to ensure long-term use with quality cleaning products.

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Design your dream kitchen step by step

Get inspired and find the ideal kitchen by choosing from a wide choice of materials and colours. Thanks to our different kitchen solutions, you can adapt your kitchen according to your budget, your space and your style.

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Plan your dream kitchen

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step stool, white/birch
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We believe great kitchen furnishings should be affordable for the many. So when we design a product, we create the price tag first.

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Manage your kitchen space

Meet kitchen furniture, the complementary products of your kitchen. Whether you have a small kitchen or a large space, you can find kitchen furniture that will fit any kitchen at IKEA. You can choose from plate shelves to display your favourite plates, kitchen islands that will provide you with extra storage space, and step stools that will help you reach high cabinets.


plate shelf, off white
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step stool, bamboo
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trolley, birch
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wall shelf, off white
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work bench, stainless steel
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step stool, white
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Kitchenettes that are small on space but big on functionality

Living in a tight space but still want a kitchen to be proud of? Our ready-made kitchenettes are not only compact and sturdy, but they’re also designed to get the most out of your cooking ambitions. Easy to install, easy to enjoy.

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Make your time together meaningful

You can make breakfasts and dinners with friends or family more comfortable and enjoyable. Discover kitchen table sets that can make room for everyone from nuclear families to large families.


folding kitchen table, white/oak veneer
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kitchen table, black
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kitchen table, black
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kitchen table, ash veneer
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trolley, black
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Room to room

Do you need to move your computer and all its cables from one room to another? The RÅSKOG service trolley is your biggest helper at times like this! You can easily transport all your belongings from room to room. Living room, kitchen, bathroom, it doesn't matter. Wherever you are and wherever your belongings are.

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