Kitchen Tables

A wide range of kitchen furniture specially designed for the functionality and visuality of your kitchen stands out with kitchen table models that will suit every taste and need. A stylish kitchen table by IKEA turns into an ideal meeting point for both daily use and special dinners with its quality and aesthetic understanding. Thanks to different materials, sizes and designs, you can find a combination of elegance and functionality when choosing a kitchen table.

There are kitchen table models with classic and contemporary lines among the special designs for every kitchen style. IKEA's innovative design approach allows you to enjoy adding elegance to your space with round kitchen table options or making the most of tight spaces with small kitchen table alternatives. Original designs that transform kitchens into more than just a dining area will improve your quality of life.

The kitchen table made of quality materials becomes one of the cornerstones of your kitchen decoration as well as long-term use. Kitchen tables produced using many different materials from wood to metal, glass to high-pressure laminates are known for their long life and durability. White kitchen table options add a trendy aesthetic to your kitchen. While creating a clean and bright appearance, it makes your space look wider and brighter.

Kitchen table alternatives that offer great solutions for small kitchens make your life easier. Folding kitchen table models can be easily stored when needed, while offering you extra space when not in use. Extendable kitchen table options are also ideal when you need a large table even in limited space. These tables, which can be expanded with their practical mechanisms, make your kitchens maximally functional.

Reflecting the style of your home and the atmosphere of your kitchen, the 4-seater kitchen table options are the indispensable place for family meals and friendly conversations, while the 2-seater kitchen table alternatives are ideal for more intimate and cosy gatherings. IKEA aims to provide maximum functionality in minimum space with wall-mounted kitchen table solutions. The tables offer smart and stylish solutions to suit the needs of modern living spaces.

One of the key elements of creating a kitchen where every detail is in harmony is choosing the right kitchen table. You can enjoy life in the kitchen, the heart of your home, with IKEA's kitchen tables.

Kitchen table models in different sizes

Each kitchen table set offered at IKEA impresses with its functional features, design and colours. Whether you're looking for a 2 seater kitchen table for practical solutions for small spaces or a 4 seater kitchen table ideal for large kitchens, there's a richness and functionality to suit every kitchen type.

For large families or those who frequently host guests, dining tables with large surfaces and robust structures are available. Round kitchen table models, where aesthetic design is prioritised, provide an ideal environment for more intimate and warm conversations. IKEA, which does not ignore modern and minimalist styles, draws attention with a variety of kitchen tables in different sizes and shapes that appeal to every style.

Compact designs are important for those with small kitchens; small kitchen table options offer a stylish look even with modest dimensions. Extendable kitchen table models appeal to those who aim to make the most efficient use of space, while wall-mounted tables offer excellent solutions for space saving.

Adaptability is an important factor when choosing furniture, and for this reason IKEA offers products in neutral colours such as white kitchen tables, allowing you to easily adapt to changing decoration trends and individual tastes. For those who prefer the warmth of wooden touches, kitchen table models in various wood tones bring naturalness and elegance to your kitchen.

You can examine IKEA's customisable variations to reflect your personal style and create a harmonious atmosphere with other kitchen furniture in your kitchen. In this way, with kitchen chair models, you will not neglect functionality while achieving a perfect harmony for your kitchen.

IKEA, which includes traditional details as well as modern designs to complete your kitchen decoration by combining aesthetics and functionality, has kitchen table models that will beautify your dining area. Whether you have a large family or adopt a minimalist lifestyle, IKEA's collection of table chair sets has an option to meet the needs of you and your loved ones.

Kitchen table colours that change the look of your kitchen

Table colours are one of the most important elements that determine the atmosphere of the kitchen. White kitchen table options give a minimalist and clean look, while providing a sense of spaciousness and width in narrow spaces that need a small kitchen table. On the other hand, for those who want to create a warm and inviting kitchen, kitchen table models in wood tones such as walnut and oak are the ideal choice.

In addition to the table colour, glossy or matt surface choices are also among the factors that change the atmosphere of kitchen tables. For example, a white kitchen table with a glossy surface reflects light and makes the space look brighter. A dark coloured kitchen dining table with a matt surface adds a sophisticated touch to the space. Your choice of colour will greatly affect the time you spend in the kitchen and the overall energy of the space.

When choosing a kitchen table set that will harmonise with your kitchen, it is important to pay attention to its harmony with your cabinets or kitchen carpets. You can create colour contrasts or use similar colour palettes for a tone-on-tone transition. Pieces that stand out with their functionality, such as extendable kitchen table models, can add an extra dynamism to the space with their colours. If you prefer wall-mounted tables, you can choose models that will contrast with the wall colour.

Choosing a colourful dining table set can be a bold step for kitchen decoration and can revitalise your kitchen with the right combinations. When matching the colour of the dining table with kitchen chair models, it is recommended to consider the colour harmony with chair cushions or kitchen textile products for the integrity of the space.

A kitchen table for 4 people or a dining table in larger sizes, which will be preferred entirely in line with personal tastes, will ensure that your kitchen will be an aesthetic space as well as functional with the colours chosen. If you want a modern style in your space, a kitchen table in neutral tones such as grey or black will be the appropriate option with its timeless fashion.

Cost-effective solutions such as wall-mounted kitchen tables also play an important role in kitchen decoration and colour plays a key role in maintaining the overall atmosphere of the space. Wall-mounted folding table solutions, when preferred in light colours, contribute to making the space feel more spacious and open, while darker colour options can create a more classic effect.

With the right choice of kitchen table colour, it is possible to transform your kitchen from just a dining area to a social environment where you can have a pleasant time with family and friends. By finding a balance between aesthetics and functionality, you can change the atmosphere of your kitchen both for daily use and for special moments.

What should be the kitchen table sizes suitable for your home?

One of the most important elements that combine functionality and aesthetics in your kitchen design is the choice of kitchen table. Kitchen table sizes vary according to the general planning of your kitchen and the space you use. When choosing the most suitable kitchen table sizes for your home, you should consider your future usage habits and needs as well as the available space.

No matter how big or small your kitchen size is, the size of the kitchen table you choose will determine whether you will create ease of movement and a comfortable dining area at the same time. Small kitchen table models can create a comfortable dining area even in limited space, while large kitchen tables are ideal for large family meals and gatherings. When determining the size of the table, it is important to leave a distance of at least 75-90 cm around so that the chairs can be pulled out comfortably and the transition is easy.

Another important consideration when buying a kitchen table is its height. Standard kitchen table heights are around 70-75 cm. However, you can choose high or low tables according to your personal preference, and you can create a perfect combination with kitchen chair models suitable for decoration. Kitchen table models with minimalist lines can be ideal for kitchens with modern decoration, while tables with heavier and stronger details will be more suitable if you have a traditional or rustic decoration style.

Kitchen tables offered in different forms such as rectangular, square, round or oval appeal to different needs. For example, round kitchen tables are ideal for fluid interaction and intimate conversations, while rectangular models provide a more organised dining arrangement. Extendable kitchen table models are a great option for those looking for flexibility; you can use your space in the most efficient way thanks to foldable or extendable parts.

When choosing the size, it is also important that the table is suitable for the intended use rather than the area. When choosing a kitchen table set, it is useful to take into account the size of your family and the number of guests you often host at home. The harmony between the kitchen table and chairs should be carefully evaluated both in terms of comfort and aesthetics. It is always advantageous to consider creative solutions such as a wall-mounted kitchen table for situations where you need extra storage or workspace.

When choosing kitchen table sizes, your usage habits and aesthetic expectations should be as effective as the dimensions of your kitchen. Within the balance of functionality and design, you can find options suitable for every style and budget with IKEA's wide range of products, and you can complete your kitchen decoration in accordance with your personal tastes with comfortable kitchen chair models.

Folding kitchen table types that will create space in your kitchen

Folding kitchen table types aim to offer maximum functionality even in kitchens with limited space. Designed with the flexibility required by modern living spaces in mind, the tables can be folded in a few easy steps and can be quickly put back into use when needed. Ideal for families who spend most of their time in the kitchen, folding tables are the perfect choice for busy lives as they do not take up space and are easy to store. These products are also ideal for practical use and cleaning of other decor elements such as kitchen rugs.

Offering a balance between aesthetics and functionality, folding tables fully meet your small kitchen table needs. These products, which are indispensable for small homes for those who host guests from time to time but need more compact solutions for daily use, also impress with their stylish designs. Wall-mounted options, on the other hand, offer a modern look as well as saving space by leaving the floor area completely empty.

If you want to make a functional transformation in your kitchen, you can take a look at IKEA's 2-seater kitchen table or larger models. Beyond practical use, these tables have the potential to create aesthetic integrity in harmony with other furniture in the home. Folding kitchen tables are also a simple and impressive choice for those who adopt a minimalist decoration approach.

Folding kitchen table types are designed not only functionally but also for long-lasting use. Combining durable materials and expert workmanship, IKEA products offer high resistance to frequent opening and closing. Thanks to their easy-to-clean surfaces, they are resistant to stains that may appear in the kitchen, making it much easier to maintain a clean and hygienic kitchen environment. This provides a great advantage especially for products that are constantly active in daily use, such as kitchen dining tables.

Available in colours and designs to suit every kitchen style and theme, folding tables can easily blend in with other kitchen furniture and accessories. You can create a warm and inviting atmosphere with alternatives in wood tones as well as brightening your kitchen by choosing a white kitchen table. Folding table solutions offer you flexibility and elegance together to make the most of your limited space.

If you are looking for solutions to suit your specific needs, you can choose from IKEA's range of folding kitchen tables to transform your kitchen into a stylish and functional space. This way, you can easily access everything you need in the kitchen and reflect your style while saving time.

What to look for when buying a kitchen table?

When shopping, it is important to make a choice that prioritises quality and durability. When buying a kitchen table, you should pay special attention to its dimensions, material, design and colour. These preferences should fit your kitchen both aesthetically and functionally. For example, a solid wood kitchen table is a valuable investment in terms of preserving its durability for many years and being an eye-catching element in kitchens with classic decoration.

When choosing a kitchen table, it is important to choose a model that will have sufficient seating capacity for your meals and social events. If you plan to host a certain number of people, you may need a kitchen table for 4 people or a kitchen dining table of an appropriate size for larger meetings. If you are looking for a modern and minimalist approach, a white kitchen table with clean lines and stylish design can completely change the atmosphere of your kitchen.

In terms of functionality, you can consider space-saving options such as folding kitchen tables or folding kitchen tables, which provide a great advantage for small kitchens. Especially small kitchen table models offer ideal solutions for those looking for space saving and functionality. Wall-mounted kitchen table preferences are perfect for saving extra space in the kitchen and making a modern touch. Such tables provide the opportunity to create a comfortable dining area even in limited spaces with their functionality.

In terms of colour and material, choosing a table that matches the tones and design of your kitchen is critical for aesthetic consistency. You can strengthen the overall look and atmosphere of the space by choosing a colour that is compatible with your decoration. If you want to use vibrant colours, you can ensure balance by taking care that the other furniture and accessories of your kitchen are in simpler tones. Instead of buying a dining table set, you can create and personalise your own style by choosing only kitchen table and separate kitchen chair models.

You can also match your table with kitchen carpets or other textile products as complementary elements of your decoration. Carpets can be selected in appropriate sizes under your kitchen table, providing visual warmth and helping to protect the floor. Before making your choice, you can take a look at IKEA's wide and varied product range and consider the most suitable kitchen table models, kitchen table set alternatives and other related product groups and make your kitchen a stylish and functional space as you imagine.

At IKEA, the principles of ease of use, aesthetic value and sustainability are taken into consideration in the design process of each product. In this way, you can take confident steps in your kitchen table choices and choose from high quality and contemporary designs. You can enrich your kitchen experience by equipping the areas where you eat or have a pleasant time with IKEA assurance.

Practical and colourful kitchen tables

The kitchen is one of the places we spend the most time at home. With a functional and stylish kitchen table, you can make your work easier and get the kitchen look your dream of. Whether you have a kitchen for two or four people, no matter how small your kitchen is, we have kitchen table models for you in every size and variety. Folding kitchen tables can be used open or closed depending on your kitchen space. If you have a small kitchen, you can use it closed, but if you have a larger kitchen you can use it open. In addition, the kitchen tables will fit into your kitchen in every way with their simple or colorful appearance. You can save space by using wall-mounted tables and they can turn into practical shelves when you need them. You can make your kitchen tables more elegant with the help of decorative accessories or vases if the wall next to your kitchen table seems empty to your eyes, it would be a good idea for you to complete it with wall decorations.

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