Save water and energy


Cut your water consumption in half, without even trying.

Our kitchen and bathroom faucets help you cut your water consumption by up to 50%. The only difference you’ll feel will be in your water bill.

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Change and save

Did you know that LED bulbs use up to 85% less energy and last 20 times longer than incandescent ones?

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Saving energy and the planet without leaving home

Electricity makes life at home so much better. But how we use it adds up, both for our electric bills and the planet. We can help you use less with a fresh look at your lighting, heating and home appliances.

Rechargeable products reduce waste.

LADDA rechargeable battery provides the equivalent of 500 disposable alkaline batteries that will eventually be thrown away. It may be time for you to make a change, too.

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Save leftovers for later to make a big impact on reducing waste.

Transparent food containers and jars allow you to see how much food you have left. Seal up leftovers, then heat and serve them for a quick lunch on another day since they can be used both in the freezer and in the oven.

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Easier to carry with roll packs

IKEA beds are now sold in roll packages that can be carried more comfortably and take up less space. In this way, we carry more products in our vehicles at one time and consume less fuel. This also means that you can easily carry your bed on the bus or in the trunk of your car.

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Sustainability at IKEA

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