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Tables have always been the secret protagonist of spending time with loved ones, of pleasant invitations, intimate banquets and beautiful memories; they are much more than simple pieces of furniture, they are the central point of the house, an indispensable place in everyone's daily life. For this reason, it is the object of constant study and innovation by designers. It can always bring different sensations and emotions, it is a reserved accent for the family, a good partner for pleasant coffee breaks and candlelit dinners. To do this, it must represent the perfect synthesis between art and functionality, uniqueness and versatility.

Table models and choosing the right table for your home

Tables are one of the key pieces of furniture to create a unique atmosphere in your spaces, having become a unifying element in the rooms where they are used. Due to their size and function, they occupy an important place in the room and therefore, you can choose the right table by considering a few elements. Especially in a room where the table is the focal point, such as the dining room, you can evaluate many different perspectives for the right table that will probably stay in the same place for a long time, should not interfere with the comfort of daily life, but on the contrary, will adapt to your habits and life.

Dining tables must combine aesthetic pleasure with functionality and can generally be chosen large and spacious, but above all made of surfaces that are easy to clean, durable and resistant to stains and scratches. The dining table is a meeting place: not only for eating, but also for playing games, helping children with their homework, chatting with family and friends. Therefore, its placement in the dining room or dining area in the living room will reflect the overall aesthetics of the house and the hospitality and personality of the owner. Other elements that require special attention are the material, colour, style and size of the table. You should consider how many people will sit around your table. In this way, you can ensure that the members of your household and your guests can socialise by eating comfortably. You can also check out kitchen tables for enjoyable and effortless breakfasts, small coffee breaks and quick dinners in the kitchen.

Do you host large banquets at home, but need a modular solution for small and intimate dinners when needed? Extendable dining tables offer modular and aesthetic solutions for those who do not want to give up elegant invitations or gatherings with friends despite having limited space. Depending on the needs, these tables are offered in a compact form on a daily basis and then, when necessary, their cleverly designed mechanisms are extended to offer guests all the comfort possible without disturbing the spaces and balances of the home. The speciality of extendable tables is that they retain the same beauty and robustness even after being extended.

Particular attention should also be paid to the style of the selected dining table, because in addition to being a functional object, it can give your space a distinctive and personal mark. Modern table models are characterised by clean and uncluttered lines, bold and basic forms that never remain complacent. These sophisticated shapes are often associated with eye-catching colours, ranging from neutral to bright colours. Therefore, those who choose modern design, where solid yet light, compact and at the same time refined materials are favoured, opt for a table that can be striking without hiding its surroundings, combining functionality and expressive beauty at the same time. Those who prefer curved and sinuous lines, warm colours and rich ornaments can choose between classic style tables. These add glamour to the room and can enliven the richness of a banquet. In these cases, the past is revisited with nostalgia and this design choice becomes romantic.

How to complete the dining tables?

The first step in completing a dining table is, of course, to choose suitable chairs for your dining table. Firstly, you can start with what kind of table you will choose chairs for: Bar chairs and bar stools for bar tables and other high tables, kitchen chairs for your kitchen table and dining room chairs for your dining room table. You can also choose your chairs according to aesthetic and material elements: Fabric chairs for an elegant and classic look, wooden chairs for a rustic and natural look or plastic chairs for a easy-going and modern look. Stools and benches can be quickly hidden under the table, easily moved wherever you want, or even stacked and stacked when you don't need them. For a more modular solution that you can store out of sight, you can consider folding chairs.

Do you have difficulty in making the appropriate table-chair combination in the dining room and kitchen? You can find carefully selected combinations for you in the dining table sets category. You can complete your rooms with kitchen table sets that will perfectly match the other kitchen furniture and table chair sets that will be the focus of your dining area.

You can take a look at other dining room furniture to complement the dining room. Stylish sideboards and console tables take the aesthetics of your dining room to the next level, while at the same time contributing stylishly to the organisation solutions in the room. So you can display your cookware and tableware such as dinner sets, serveware, or kitchen textiles such as tablecloths and place mats, or store them in closed drawers and cabinets. By choosing a functional and visual chandelier above your dining table, you can organise the look of the whole room and provide the necessary light source for the atmosphere you want to create in your room.

How to decorate tables?

Decorating dining room tables, kitchen tables, desks and even dressing tables in the bedroom is not only pleasing to your eyes, you can also create functional solutions by choosing the right home decoration objects. For example, by using decorative plates and bowls on your table, you can stack different objects on the table and create visual compositions. Decorative boxes also provide small storage spaces and look stylish.

Another decoration group that comes to mind when decorating dining tables for special occasions are candles and candle holders. Candles can give a more intimate and warmer atmosphere to the area where they are placed, and the light created by candlelight allows you to illuminate your space with a soft light without using large and powerful lighting. With chandelier candles, you can decorate your invitation like a professional decorator and combine your candlesticks with vases and trinkets.

Tables for working spaces

Considering the functions of tables at home and everywhere else, the first tables that come to mind besides dining tables are desks. Especially in these days when we work at home and need to focus, choosing the right desk for your working spaces can increase our productivity while at the same time bringing a nice looking piece of furniture to your room. The desk you choose for your home office; As with dining tables, you can choose by considering many elements: These are elements such as material, function or size. For example, wooden desks can adapt to many environments with different colours, finishes and forms. Corner desks are ideal for people who need more space and for large workspaces. For offices and professional environments, office desks and conference tables allow people with many ergonomic needs and aesthetic preferences to personalise desks and work together.

The most important element that provides the ergonomics of your workspace is the desk chairs. Finding the right desk chair that will directly affect your sitting, posture and working ergonomics can positively affect your productivity and focus. You can choose your desk chair from chairs with armrests or without armrests according to your preference. The combination of desk and chair may vary from person to person, so you can create a unique combination yourself.

Another element you need while working at your desk is a healthy light source. Table lamps and other lighting products that you will use in your study room not only have a positive effect on your work and vision, but also harmonise with the aesthetic line you achieve in the study rooms.

You can complete your workspaces at home with different storage and organisation furniture: Modular and practical drawer units, filing cabinets to organise your documents and stationery, and bookcases, which are indispensable for working spaces, allow you to stack the items in your workspace in an organised manner. If you want to combine your bookcase and desk in the same unit in your room, desks with bookcases may be ideal for you. By personalising your workspace with different models of office accessories, you can create an ideal and unique environment for working. 

If you are an avid gamer and have started to organise your computer area, you can take a look at gaming desks and gaming chairs. Gaming desks are ideal for amateur and professional gamers and can be combined with gaming chairs and other gamers equipment. Thus, you can improve your gaming performance and proudly display your gaming system that you have designed thanks to your long efforts.

While we look at the working environments of adults, we can also talk about suitable working environments that will help our children to do their homework, be creative and communicate with us. You can create a suitable working environment for your child with children's table and chair sets that you can use in the baby and children's room or in an area of the living room. You can design your child's homework and study environment with children's desks and children's desk chairs, by that you can help them gain regular study and focus habits from a young age.

Outdoor tables

For those who love living outdoors, on balcony and gardens, enjoying the outdoor space with family, friends or even when working from home, balcony tables and garden tables are durable and aesthetic options for outdoor spaces. They are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture because they are moved to better adapt to needs and allow you to take advantage of gardens, balconies or terraces that are often used seasonally. Combining the robustness of the material and the lightness of the shapes, outdoor tables become a perfect synthesis of all the elements of nature. Thanks to the use of materials and technologies that guarantee durability and resistance to wear and tear and atmospheric agents, balcony and garden tables can be added to spaces to personalise and characterise any environment. You can look at other balcony furniture and garden furniture to complement these tables; you can look at outdoor lighting to make the invitations you plan in your garden even more beautiful.

Table shapes and materials suitable for your home

Regardless of personal tastes, the room itself often determines which table is most suitable. For example, if the available space is limited, you can opt for a round table, a model that encourages dialogue between diners while saving space with its compact forms. The lack of edges makes it very suitable for places where there are children, who can walk around without fear of getting hurt or sit without any danger. In addition, round tables are precious objects, characterised by a unique and impeccable style that can harmonise the environment and spaces in the best possible way. This also means that most models can have a central support and not the classic four legs. The square table can also be an ideal solution for small spaces. Its highly regular shape reshapes the volumes of the environment and is combined without contrast with other furniture with refined shapes and styles. Thanks to their basic shape, rectangular tables, large or small, are the most widely used. They become the heart of the home, providing greater capacity and the possibility of adding more people. On the other hand, those looking for an unusual and impressive solution, or those who want to surprise and amaze those who enter the house, can only choose from a wide variety of oval tables. These are the perfect compromise between refined aesthetics and traditional festivity.

When choosing the material, other furniture already in the room must be considered so that each part of the design can be emphasised. Wooden dining tables are the most popular because, in addition to being sturdy and durable, they are slim and elegant. Depending on the processing and colour of the wood, they can completely change the style of the room. For example, light-coloured or white dining tables are chosen to be combined with modern furniture, while dark woods are used for classic furniture with their elegance and warmth. Metal tables are an excellent choice for those who love the solidity and impressive strength of this material, which is inevitably reflected in the surrounding space, but also for those who love bold choices. To give the room an added value that can create contrasts and fascinating reflections, you can opt for glass tables. These can create an air of elegance and lightness thanks to the transparencies and reflections inherent to the material. In fact, they are perfect for those who like to bring the play of light and colour into the room.

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