How to reduce waste at home?

Even when you live frugally, there’s always a certain amount of household waste, often from food and packaging. Sorting your recyclables and organising your fridge are two ways to help reduce waste – as well as make your home a little tidier.

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Get your waste sorting sorted

Sorting is easier if each type of recyclable material has a dedicated container – so less waste goes to landfill. With both freestanding and built-in options, such as HÅLLBAR series, your home can be tidier, too.

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Waste isn’t always waste. Veg peel can be put in broths, seeds can be grown in egg boxes, newspaper used as gift-wrap...

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Making your food go further

With transparent food containers you can easily see what to eat up first. To prolong freshness, you can arrange the fridge shelves based on the different temperature zones and how fast certain foods will spoil.

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Waste reduction aids

Here are just some of the IKEA products to help you stay on top of household waste.

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Why let good food go to waste?

Rather than add to the mountain of food that’s thrown away each year, why not chill or freeze your leftovers for a quick meal on another day? You might save yourself both time and money.

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