In the world of everyday objects, handles and knobs often go unnoticed and quietly fulfil their important role in various aspects of our lives. Although often overlooked, handles and knobs are the unsung heroes of our daily lives, quietly contributing to our convenience, safety and functionality. From their role in interior design to their indispensable function in accessibility and safety, these products play a vital role in our environments. From the simple and minimally designed cabinet handle to the classically styled kitchen knob, their uses extend far beyond their basic function.

Handle models

In most of the houses we live in, kitchen cabinets and bathroom furniture come with the house, and renewing these cabinets or redesigning the room can be challenging both in terms of budget and time. In this case, the small details we add to these ready-made furniture are often the most important and realistic steps to personalise these spaces. One of these details is the handles that are always in front of our eyes and make our lives easier.

Handles are used for every storage furniture in every room of the house, but when it comes to "renewing the handles at home", kitchen furniture comes to mind first. Drawer handle models in the drawers you use in the kitchen allow you to personalise an ordinary kitchen and make your drawers easier to use. By combining kitchen cabinet handles with drawer handles, you can achieve a harmonious look in the whole kitchen. You can create harmony between the two rooms by choosing the handles that you will mount on the buffet furniture and console tables that you use in your dining area in the kitchen or in the dining room in harmony with the kitchen cabinet handle, or you can visually separate these areas even in the smallest details by using completely different style handles.

You can also find suitable wardrobe handle models for wardrobes in the bedroom in this category. You can change the atmosphere of the whole room by using the handles suitable for the aesthetics and usage you want in your bedroom. You can complete the look in the room by using the handles you use in wardrobes in minimally designed nightstands and chest of drawers.

The handles you will use in your home can enable you to create details that you can combine and emphasise as you wish, thanks to the details it provides you while designing your space. Firstly, determine the furniture you will choose and decide what kind of look you want. If you have simple sideboards that you want to reveal in the living room, handles can make it easy to renew your showcase and change its appearance. For example, you can use brightly coloured or black cabinet handles to contrast with light or white storage systems; or use white cabinet handles to create a tone-on-tone effect.

Handles are not only the finishing touches that bring the whole room together in interior design, but also stand out with their ergonomic and practical functions. An element that you can evaluate ergonomically in your home is that you can choose handles according to different individuals in your home. Cabinet handles with large and wide grip area can be used more comfortably than knobs and more minimal handles; this can provide an important convenience in the daily life of adults and disabled individuals in your home. The handles you will use in different cabinets of your home can also be combined in accordance with the use of children at home. You can choose which handle to use for which furniture according to what your children should and should not access. For example, in the baby and children's room, the handles that you will use in children's wardrobes could be chosen to be easily holdable for children; you can also choose the handles that your children cannot easily hold for the bathroom cabinets in the bathroom. Thus, you can add another one to the measures you take for the safety of your children in your home.

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