Sofa Beds

Living rooms are designed for entertaining, socializing, reading a book, or watching something over a snack. However, their comfort can also take them beyond these boundaries, and sometimes they can become a relaxing sleeping area. In this case, our sofa-beds can be considered as the actors that make this possible.

Sofa-bed models

Sofas play a leading role in the layout of living rooms. Beyond being a seating unit, they also play a major role in the visual effect you want to achieve. Sofa-bed models can take their role one step further by not limiting themselves to being a seating component for you, but can also create a space for entertaining and hosting your guests. The sofa-beds can meet your expectations both when you want to spend the night watching TV series or movies for you and when you want to prepare a comfortable bed for your guests, they can also be easily opened and easily closed. In this way, you can have the sofa with the exact look you want during the day and a high comfortable bed when you need it. With two-seat sofa bed models, you have the opportunity to offer a larger space for your guests. They act as the savior of every invitation! In addition to all these benefits they provide, those who take it upon themselves to be even more effective are the sofa-bed with storage models. Providing both accommodation and extra storage space, these models contribute to the use of space in your home. You can bring a new breath to your living room with corner sofas and aesthetically satisfying fabric sofa models that can bring extra efficiency to the use of space in your home!

Double sofa bed

When choosing a sofa bed, you need to consider what size sofa you need and what size two seat sofa will fit in your home. Do you want your sofa to be enough for when you are crowded in your home? In this case, maybe a corner sofa or a double sofa bed would be a good option. If you have limited space, you can add an extra single armchair.

Sofa bed with base

Do you need an extra storage space for your home, sofa bed with base are for you. If you're short on space, it can be difficult to store spare duvet cover sets. In this case, a sofa bed with base with built-in storage is a great solution. With your triple sofas or sofa beds, you can create both extra storage space and a quick bed solution for your sleepover guests.

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