Food is precious!

When leftovers are visible in the fridge, they are less likely to end up in the bin.

Consume your food more efficiently.

You do not need to throw away the leftover fruits and vegetables. You can use them by making jams, pickles and sauces. While doing this, IKEA glass jars will be your biggest helpers.

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IKEA Sürdürülebilirlik

Plant-based goodness

Plant-based foods need less resources, less water and less land and therefore make less carbon footprint to feed just as many. So, surprise your taste buds and try the plant-based foods next time you visit our IKEA Restaurant or Swedish Food Market.

Coffee from responsible sources

Our organic coffee that we sell and serve in our restaurants, is UTZ certified which stands for sustainable farming standards, better opportunities for farmers and traceability of fields.

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IKEA Sürdürülebilirlik

Kids will love these veggies!

A vegan lifestyle helps provide an ecologically sustainable diet and lifestyle for our planet. At IKEA Food Market, you can find many options that support the vegan diet.

Sustainability at IKEA

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