Expandable and modular HEJNE Series

Made of solid wood, the hardwearing HEJNE shelving unit offers a storage solution to be used for many years. You can expand the combination by adding on sections to fit your available space or adjusting the shelf heights.

Conquer the mess with SAMLA boxes.

Ardiye Alanları

You can store most of your items in SAMLA boxes in different sizes and volumes, from sports equipment, to clothes, from toys to magazines or cleaning materials. The boxes are transparent which means you can see at a glance what's inside the box.

Any room can be your laundry room.

You don't need a room to dry and iron your clothes, any room can do. Carry the laundry bag where you collect the clean ones, the ironing board and a wide laundry bag to put the ones you ironed to wherever you want. And turn this housework duty into fun while watching TV in your living room or listen to music in the hallway.

Keep it tidy with SKUBB.

If chaos is king inside your drawers or wardrobe, SKUBB Series puts you back in charge. The shoe box lets you see what shoes are inside the box through the mesh while the storage box under the bed which is perfect for extra bedlinen, pillows or covers, protects them from dust. You can use storage with compartments for smaller items and hang it on a clothes rail or on hooks to save space.