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Separator solutions that you can use to increase the order and aesthetics of your spaces meet IKEA's understanding of quality and design. Designed for every taste and need, folding screen models stand out with both functional and decorative features. Used to separate different parts of a space, create a special corner or create a striking background, folding screens and separators offer optimum privacy and aesthetics together, especially in modern and minimalist interior concepts.

When you want to organise a single area to serve different purposes, folding screen models offer an effective solution. They can be used not only in your living rooms but also in open office spaces to separate partitions, provide office privacy or create creative corners.

IKEA's unique folding screen models are available in a variety of colours and textures, especially in colourful wood motifs or simple plain colours, and are suitable for corporate and home office environments as well as any style of space. The products in IKEA's wide collection of folding screens and separators offer significant advantages in terms of ease of use and portability. Thanks to their modular structure, these products can be easily configured according to the available space and needs and save space, adding a modern interpretation to the spaces with elegant lines created by the expert design team.

The folding screen models and separator options, diversified to best suit your personal tastes and needs, are designed with an approach that prioritises aesthetics and quality in order to create functional partitions and optimise the use of spaces. IKEA folding screens stand out with models that will allow you to create your own personal space in homes, offices or any commercial space, while separators aim to increase productivity by providing a more organised workspace in workplaces. These products show their effects as a decorative element as well as dividing spaces with their original designs and add a new dimension to your living spaces with creative solutions.

There are different sizes and designs that you can choose according to the application areas. For example, for larger spaces, folding screen models with height and width that will create a feeling of larger and vast space can be preferred, while for more compact living spaces, smaller separator solutions that prioritise functionality can be considered ideal. In both cases, aesthetics and functionality are the cornerstones of IKEA's folding screen and divider products.

IKEA folding screens and dividers can be used to add depth to your spaces, create a visual distinction or highlight a specific area, and their careful design and high-quality materials ensure long-lasting use as well as a look that is in harmony with the overall style of the space. User-friendly assembly features and production processes in line with IKEA's sustainability principles ensure that these products offer environmentally friendly and practical solutions. In this way, both everyday convenience and long-term value are key elements of IKEA's folding screens and dividers.

Folding screen and divider models

With their elegant and modern lines, folding screen models bring a unique aesthetic to your homes and workplaces and increase the efficiency of your spaces with their functionality. IKEA offers the best separator and folding screen options with high quality standards in the design process where every detail is taken into consideration. Take a look at this special product range, get inspired and find extraordinary solutions for your bedroom or office space.

IKEA offers a wide range of wooden folding screens and dividers in a variety of materials and colours to suit the atmosphere of any space, from minimalism to classical style, from modern lines to ethnic touches.

Functional and aesthetic room separation folding screens can turn every corner into a stylish detail, from your bookshelves to your headboards. Each folding screen is designed to improve the acoustic layout of the space while creating private areas.

Among the folding screen and divider models that appeal to your personal taste, you can find wooden designs decorated with special carvings and separators adorned with modern and abstract patterns. You can consider options with fixed and interchangeable sections as well as those that are foldable and portable according to your needs.

Decorative folding screen models, which offer a practical use while harmonising with your decoration, can be an effective solution for large spaces as well as narrow and small spaces. The products offered by IKEA are specially designed to meet all your space separation needs.

Standing out with its durability and aesthetic stance, the wooden separator folding screen can easily adapt to any interior with its naturalness and warmth. The unique texture of wood contributes to creating a comfortable living space by making every space warm and inviting.

In addition to dividing your space by creating a stylish camouflage, folding screen models, which also stand out as an artistic object, are among the products that are easy to place and move. Each of IKEA's folding screen and divider models combines functionality and aesthetics to become the hidden heroes of your living spaces.

Why use a separator?

The main reason for using a separator is to ensure that areas with different functions can coexist in a certain order and harmony. In addition to creating a more organised and functional living space by dividing the space into different sections, it also offers an aesthetic integrity. These products offer an effective solution to create smaller, functional areas suitable for the intended use, especially by dividing multi-purpose rooms or large spaces.

Separators also play an important role in meeting personal privacy needs. Creating individual workspaces in the busy environments common in open space offices increases the concentration of employees and thus positively affects their productivity. Separators with acoustic properties help to reduce noise pollution and create a calmer working atmosphere.

The use of separators is also very common in light control caused by geographical or seasonal factors. Especially in places where natural light is intensely received, the intensity of the light is levelled by using separators and the disturbances caused by direct sunlight are reduced. Separators used for safety or child safety also allow the creation of special safety sections in spaces.

Functioning as partition elements in the creation of an ideal living space, separators contribute to both practicality and aesthetics. IKEA offers a variety of separator and folding screen models to provide users with freedom and flexibility in their spaces.

How to use a folding screen?

Folding screen models that vary according to your intended use can be used with the desired aesthetics and functionality to create different atmospheres. In this way, you can create special areas with the use of separators or restructure the space. The folding features of the folding screens make them multifunctional and easily transportable, making them an ideal solution for temporary or periodic needs.

For example, you may want to separate your home office from a multi-purpose room such as the living room. In this case, there may be a need to provide sound insulation or create a visual barrier. In such scenarios, folding screens that function as separators can be made of materials that will provide the desired feature, for example wood or sound-absorbing fabrics. Folding screens in various designs and colours are also used to add aesthetic value.

A folding screen is not only a functional item, but it can also become the focal point of the space like a work of art. For this reason, many people try to find a folding screen model that will complement the decoration of the house while seeking only a practical solution. With a good choice of folding screens, you can raise the overall atmosphere and spirit of the house.

Folding screens can also be used as a quick and practical redecoration method. If you want to change the texture and feel of a particular area, folding screens can have as big an impact as rearranging furniture or painting walls. This is a perfect solution for people who cannot make permanent changes to the walls, especially in rental properties. This way, when you want to make changes or when it's time to move, you can easily pack up your folding screen and move it to your new place.

Using folding screens in the workplace is also an effective way to partition work areas and provide privacy for employees. Acting as a separator, folding screens can reduce noise and thus create a more productive work environment. Folding screens used in workplaces are usually modular and can be easily rearranged according to the office structure when necessary. This type of application is ideal for dynamic office layouts and provides great flexibility in optimising workflow.

In general, the use of folding screens and dividers varies according to personal tastes and needs. They offer a wide range of uses, from changing the mood of any room, providing privacy, sound insulation to decorative purposes. It is important that the selected folding screen harmonises with the overall design and functionality of the space where it is used. By choosing a suitable folding screen or separator, you can easily and effectively rethink and redirect your existing space.

Where is the folding screen used?

Folding screen and separator applications are suitable for use in various living spaces. These include bedrooms, living rooms, workspaces or commercial spaces. Folding screen models in homes are very functional for creating special areas. For example, they can be used to create a dressing area in a bedroom or to separate a work corner within the room.

On the other hand, the use of separators is also a preferred method to separate different seating groups in large and open-plan living rooms. This gives the room a structural order and also appeals to the eye as a decorative element. It also offers an ideal solution for separating the kitchen, bed and living areas in studio apartments.

Folding screen and separators are also preferred in public and commercial spaces. Restaurants, cafes and shops often use folding screen models to provide privacy for customers or to group certain areas around a certain theme or functionality. Separators between tables create a cosy atmosphere, especially for customers who desire a quieter and more private dining experience.

Separators are also frequently used in educational institutions. Different types of folding screens can be preferred to divide classrooms, create reading corners or create individual study areas among students. This practice not only physically separates a space, but also improves the learning experience by providing students with a quiet and organised environment to concentrate.

What are the types of folding screens?

The types of folding screens offered by IKEA vary to complement any interior design. Foldable and movable folding screen models, where functionality is prioritised, are ideal for those with limited space. They can be easily folded or stored when not in use, making space management practical and flexible.

Wooden folding screen options add a classic atmosphere to the spaces with their natural texture and warmth. These folding screens promise a long-lasting use thanks to their strength and durability. Wooden separator folding screen designs are suitable for partitioning your workplace or home with a natural elegance.

Fabric covered folding screen models add a pleasant atmosphere to the environments with the softness brought by textile. While giving an extra character to the decoration with colour and pattern options, they can also have extra features such as sound insulation. This feature is especially preferred in working areas such as offices where echoing is not desired.

Decorative folding screen types can become the focal point of the room with their remarkable designs and have the power to impress your guests. Such folding screens are especially popular in living rooms and lobby areas.

IKEA also offers a range of movable separators ideal for multifunctional living spaces. Thanks to the built-in wheels, these products can be easily moved and the layout can be instantly reconfigured according to changing needs. This feature is especially advantageous for multi-purpose rooms and event areas.

Another option, the mirror detailed folding screens offer a practical solution for daily use while attracting attention with their feature of making small spaces look wider than they are. For example, these folding screen models, used as a dressing area in the bedroom, combine functionality and aesthetics.

The folding screens specially designed for children's rooms and playgrounds attract attention with their colourful and fun designs. Made of safe materials, these folding screen and separator models are designed to encourage children's imagination and help parents to organise children's playgrounds.

There are also fabric and illuminated decorative folding screens designed for special occasions and events. These folding screens are designed to enrich the atmosphere for all kinds of events from weddings to office parties. Thanks to their lighting features, you can add a mesmerising ambience to your space.

All these folding screen models and separator products from IKEA strike the right balance between aesthetics and functionality, making the best use of living spaces and offering a variety for every budget. With their ease of installation and long-lasting use, these products allow you to beautify your living spaces and shape them according to your personal needs with their carefully thought-out designs.

What should be considered when choosing folding screens and separators?

When choosing folding screens and separator products, which are an important part of interior design, you should pay attention to prioritise functionality and aesthetic unity. When choosing among the folding screen models, it is important to choose the ones with colours and patterns compatible with your existing decoration. The harmony of the product you choose throughout the room and creating a sense of integrity will positively affect the general appearance of the space.

When choosing a folding screen or separator, the intended use should not be ignored. If the need for a certain privacy or partitioning in an area is at the forefront, models that reduce visibility and limit sound transmission will be the superior choice. As well as functionality, whether the product to be used is portable or not, features such as foldability should also be examined in terms of ease of use and flexibility.

Eco-concept folding screen types stand out with sustainability and environmentally friendly designs. These folding screens are produced with recycled materials or raw materials obtained from renewable resources and help you create a living space that supports green living.

In modern working areas, wooden separator folding screen options are very popular in open office layouts of workplaces to enable employees to work without distracting them. This is an effective way to create individual workspaces and reduce noise. Portable and movable folding screens are often used at events, fairs or temporary exhibition areas, as they offer practical solutions with their easily portable and flexible designs.

If you would like to add a striking touch to your private or commercial spaces, you can view the separator and folding screen models available at IKEA and place your order.

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