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Space-saving shoe storage

Don't let your shoes take control of the hallway. These shoe cabinets can hold up to twelve pairs of shoes. So, just imagine what a whole row of them could do to save floor space and keep your hallway organised.

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A box for beautiful little things

The smallest things are the easiest to lose. A storage box with many compartments is a good place to unload and keep the jewellery you use often. And it’s even better for putting it on again, thanks to the mirror lid.

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Don't underestimate a good hook rack

Hooks are the antidote for clothes piling up or simply getting dropped on the hallway floor. Clear labels help keep things organised too. Just don’t forget to put a row at the right height for the children.

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Box by box drawer organisation

Upgrade your drawers’ sorting skills by combining containers of all sizes. This will make things easier to find – and the individual containers can be brought along when you’ve got a project going on.

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An inbox for veggies

Incoming produce needs organising too. Baskets are perfect for storing those vegetables that don’t belong in the fridge and add a welcome touch of green to your countertops.

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Smart storage for more than just magazines

Walls are ideal for storage as they save space and get things out of the way. A magazine rack works well not only for morning papers and incoming mail, but also for odd-sized stuff that you want to keep handy.

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Order that brings a smile to your face

Tidy up your desk, kitchen counter or hallway storage with inserts that bring perfect tangle-free harmony to your drawers. When you’re in a hurry, this kind of order is simply bliss – even more so with drawer lighting.

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