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Mirrors are more than just useful for checking how your hair’s doing. With their distinctive frames and shapes, they can really enhance your décor. Larger wall mirrors, or smaller ones grouped together, make a room look brighter and bigger.

Mirror models

Mirrors are one of the items that play an important role in our lives. They are considered impressive home decoration products not only because of the image they reflect but also because of their spirit and aesthetics. These magnificent objects that decorate our homes, workplaces, and even works of art represent a timeless beauty.

Mirror models have a wide range to appeal to every taste and style. For those who prefer a modern minimalist style, there is a plain framed mirror, flat surface mirror, or square mirror, while for those who like a more traditional and classic style, there are models with carved or ornamented frames. It is possible to find mirrors of all sizes and shapes, from large, wall-hung mirrors to small, desktop decorative mirrors and even black full-length mirrors.

However, mirrors are not only decorative objects, they can also be used in many areas of the house. You can take a look at the round mirrors or wall mirrors in the living room mirror models. While the living room mirror adds a stylish look to your space, it makes your room wider with the image it reflects. 

Mirrors can also greatly affect the atmosphere of a room. When placed correctly, they can make a room wider, brighter, and more inviting. The reflection of light energizes the room and makes it feel more spacious. In addition, a properly placed mirror can complement the decoration of a room and create unity in harmony with other decorative elements.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirrors are more than just useful for checking how nice you look. With their distinctive frames and shapes, they can really enhance your décor. Larger wall mirrors, or smaller ones, make a room look brighter and bigger.


standing mirror, ash
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wall mirror, rattan
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standing mirror, black
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round mirror, copper-coloured
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cheval glass, black
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round mirror, black
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round mirror, walnut veneer
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Attractive design

The modern lines of the walnut veneer mirror are striking. The lower part of the frame is wide and serves as a shelf. Ideal for storing small items such as mobile phones and keys.

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An exotic bath in green

The GRANVÅG wall mirror designed by Aaron Probyn offers more functionality than meets the eye. In the frame at the bottom, you can hang towels or other accessories that you want to keep close at hand. You can add depth to your bathroom by adding this mirror to the bathroom decoration, so you can get a larger and more stylish bathroom look.

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