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A tidy fridge in six easy steps

It’s best to start with a thorough cleaning. It makes organising everything more rewarding and you’ll be more pleased with the end result.

• Empty the fridge and wipe all surfaces clean

• Plan the placement of everything

• Group similar contents in handy storage boxes

• Clear containers make it easy to see what’s inside

• Zip-lock bags keep your food fresh for longer

• Some foods don’t belong in the fridge

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Handy box organisation

A smart organising tip is sorting items that need roughly the same temperature in larger boxes. The lower part of the fridge is colder – good for raw meat and dairy. The top is better for spreads and ready to eat foods, for instance. Boxes also make it easier cleaning up if something springs a leak.

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Less surprises, less waste

With clear containers it’s easy to see what’s inside. And a good eye on things tends to lead to less food waste. Most food container series come in a range of sizes with the same size lids, making the containers stackable. Some can even be used upside down – with the lid as a tray the container becomes a cover.

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Smart storage choices for a tidy fridge

Food storage containers come in many diff erent materials, types and sizes. To make sure that you always have options to choose between, having a mix in stock is usually what works best.

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Seal in the freshness

These resealable bags keep veg, nuts and other foods fresh for longer. Thanks to the double seal they’re also great for storing leftovers and ready-made portions in the fridge. If you want – and depending on what’s been inside – you can re-use them with a quick hand wash.

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What to keep out

Some foods are best stored outside the fridge. So, why not check kitchen rails and hooks and get a few hanging net bags and beautiful bowls for your countertop? It’s a much better place to keep your tomatoes, avocados, onions, potatoes, bananas and more. This is also a nice relief for your fridge, making it less crowded.

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