Kitchen Strip Lights

Good lighting across your worktop makes cooking safer, easier and more fun. Spotlights, under cabinet lighting and drawer lighting help you find what you're looking for, and adds a decorative element to your kitchen too. A great way to show off your favourite dinnerware, cabinet doors and wall panels. If you are looking for something to light up your kitchen island, take a look at our pendant lamps and ceiling lamps.

Kitchen lighting

Finding it difficult to spot the right ingredients in your dark pantry? Can’t tell if the chicken is done due to weak lights above the cooker? If so, upgrading your kitchen lighting is probably a bright idea. Luckily, we have a large selection of kitchen lights to light up your home. They can brighten up your cooking, help you scavenge for snacks or just add some atmosphere to your kitchen. Let us guide you to some great kitchen lighting ideas.

Spotlights as task lighting or clever pantry lamps

Spotlights are a good choice of kitchen lighting, since they offer a focused and flexible light source. They are often small and lightweight, meaning they can easily be installed wherever you need them. And since they’re adjustable, they make for great task lighting, for example above your kitchen worktop. We offer regular wired spotlights that you connect to a power outlet. But we also have battery-powered ones that are easy to install wherever you need them. These are a good choice to add inside a cabinet or pantry. Because, who said only the refrigerator can have built-in lighting? When looking for your favourite snack in the dead of night, a little light in your pantry can be a life saver.

LED light strips as decorative kitchen lighting

Another versatile and useful light source for the kitchen is the LED lighting strip. As decorative lighting, the LED strip is very discrete since it is flat and directs the light downwards. That means it will not blind you if you look directly at it, and it won’t steal any focus from your kitchen interior. But it does add romantic little spots of light that can be a real mood setter for a romantic dinner. LED strips can also make for great integrated cabinet lighting.

Dimmable lights to set the mood

Many of our kitchen lights have another great advantage. And that is that they are dimmable. Several of them can be connected to the TRÅDFRI driver and wireless dimmer. This lets you easily turn on, turn off and dim your lighting as needed. Something which can be very useful when you sit down for dinner and want to change the lighting from work mode to relaxing mode.

Energy efficient for a brighter future

All off our kitchen lights use LED lighting for a lower power consumption and a longer life span. This will save you money on energy as well as contribute to a better environment and brighter future.

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How to set up your kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting isn’t just a question of good general light and proper work light around cooking areas. A few additions can make way for more activities and give you extra functionality, convenience and comfort. It’s also a great way to boost the style of the room. Here are some ideas.

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