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Every dining room is complete with a carefully selected design of dining tables to host special moments. At IKEA, you can find everything you need to personalise your dining room with a choice of different colours and designs. From modern minimalist to classic avant-garde, there is a dining table for every style of decoration. In the rich product range, each dining table designed with a different architectural vision can be supplied with 6-seater, 12-seater or larger versions. These products, prepared in various materials, perfectly blend aesthetics and function in your living spaces. IKEA dining room furniture are products that you can use safely for many years thanks to the quality materials and workmanship used.

IKEA has a wide collection of dining table models that are both aesthetic and functional. Whether you're looking for a sparkling glass dining table or a wooden dining table that will add a warm touch to your home, you can make the most of your space by considering folding dining tables and folding dining tables designed to save space without compromising on functionality. IKEA's dining tables aim to meet all needs by offering a variety of different sizes and shapes within its rich variety.

Choosing a round dining table is perfect for more intimate conversations and closer interactions. Rectangular dining tables are ideal for larger gatherings and spacious dining rooms. If you are looking for more flexibility, there are also models that you can adjust in size with extensions or additional leaves. Thanks to their stylish appearance and versatility, IKEA dining tables can be used not only for meals, but also for homework or hobbies. So these tables can become the multifunctional centre of your home.

What is important for users is that dining tables are not only pleasing to the eye, but also durable and robust for long-term use. When choosing a dining table equipped with all these features, you can also browse the collections of dining room furniture and dining room chairs and discover pieces compatible with your table. Thus, you can bring an integrated decoration and functionality to your living spaces. The diversity in the collections makes it easy to see which home style the products will adapt to and encourages you to create the combination you want.

Finding a dining table that reflects personal taste is a dream come true for many people. IKEA works with outstanding designers to make these dreams come true. Each dining table in the collections is designed to enhance your quality of life and make your daily routines more enjoyable. If you want to find the perfect combination of quality, elegance and functionality, start browsing these special collections and meet your ideal dining table.

Dining table models in different colours

When choosing a dining table, colour directly influences the style and atmosphere of your interior design. IKEA offers a wide selection of colours, each reflecting unique tastes and styles. From traditional shades of brown for a classic look to modern and minimalist white dining tables, you can find all the options you need. Neutral colours such as grey and cream are often easily integrated into any décor, while bold hues can add vibrancy to your room.

Colours also offer suitable solutions for seasonal decoration changes. For autumn and winter, you can opt for warmer and darker colours, while for spring and summer you can go for lighter and more vibrant colours. IKEA has dining table options to help you capture the spirit of different seasons throughout the year.

If you follow a certain theme in your decoration, you can achieve this integrity with colourful dining table models, as well as harmonising with your existing furniture and accessories. Thanks to the rich colour options that appeal to different design styles such as rustic, Scandinavian, industrial or modern, you can easily reflect the theme you want.

In addition to colour, the texture of the surface of the dining table is also important. Different surface finishes such as matt, glossy or natural wood texture can create depth and character in the space. IKEA's quality dining table surfaces are resistant to stains and scratches, so their beauty is preserved for a long time.

Choosing a soft-coloured table chair set can save you time and ensure the perfect fit for your room. IKEA enriches its wide range of dining tables with dining table sets that will create a perfect integrity with the tables. In this way, you will have the space to offer yourself and your guests both an aesthetic and comfortable dining experience.

Choosing special colours for your private dining areas allows you to add a personal touch to the environment. An orange or yellow dining table can be ideal for a bright and cheerful kitchen, while a red or burgundy choice can be ideal for creating a romantic atmosphere. The colour of your dining table significantly affects the mood and energy of the time you and your family will spend at the dining table.

Tone-on-tone combinations and contrasting colour transitions between dining tables will add visual richness to your dining room. Creating a modern and minimalist or traditional and warm look is simple with IKEA's wide range of colours and models. Use the power of colour to turn every dining experience into a visual feast.

With all these colourful dining table models, it's important to make a functional and aesthetic choice that will fit your interior. IKEA offers you the perfect colour and design match for your dining room, as well as quality and durable dining tables. The key to a stylish dining environment lies in colour. Whether you prefer to create a simple or vibrant ambience, you can design your ideal dining area with IKEA's dining table models full of colours and textures.

What are the dining table sizes suitable for the number of people?

The quality of time spent at home is directly proportional to the right choice of dining table. While a 4-person dining table is ideal for small families or narrower spaces, 6-seater dining tables or 8-person dining tables are suitable for large families and homeowners who host guests more often. The 6-seater dining table models, which can be opened and closed according to the space and the number of users, have the capacity to meet all kinds of needs.

Dining table dimensions should not only be limited to the surface of the table top, but also leave suitable space for the distance between people. IKEA dining tables are produced with the necessary space for everyone to sit comfortably.

Personal tastes and existing decoration should also be taken into account when choosing any dining table model. Dining table options ranging from classic to modern, from minimalist to flamboyant designs, offer aesthetic values that will adapt to any decoration. IKEA offers a rich collection of not only dining room furniture but also accessories and additional products that personalise these areas.

Another important point about dining table sizes is the measurement process to be done before deciding on the type of table you want. Choosing a table with the most suitable dimensions for the dimensions of your space is very important in terms of functionality and appearance. For this reason, it will be useful to evaluate the dimensions of the table you plan to buy for your dining room together with the dining room furniture.

The shape of the room also affects the shape and size of the table. IKEA's dining tables in different shapes such as round, rectangular and square offer ideal solutions in line with the characteristics of the space and personal preferences. Combining functionality and aesthetics, these tables make every meal a special experience.

Extending dining tables for small spaces

The limited living space brought about by metropolitan life requires prioritising functionality in furniture choices. IKEA's innovatively designed extendable dining table series offers a large and spacious dining area even in limited spaces, while requiring minimal space when not in use. Available in a wide range of models and sizes to suit every space, from small kitchens to studio apartments, these tables are also portable.

These products, which attract attention with their compact design, can also be defined with the terms 'folding dining table' or 'foldable dining table'. Produced with a functional design approach, the surface areas of these models can be doubled with an easy movement, while they can be folded elegantly when not in use, allowing you to save space. These designs, which easily meet the need to create extra space for sudden guests or dinner invitations on special occasions, also attract attention with their facilitating aspects of daily life.

Another advantage of this collection is its ease of installation and use. When you bring a product to your home, you can quickly make it ready for use with simple steps. In addition, thanks to its robust structure and quality material, you can benefit from these tables for many years without any problems. IKEA has a wide range of drop-down tables and offers many alternatives to its consumers according to their style and needs.

Designed especially with the needs of small kitchen owners in mind, these tables transform kitchens and dining rooms with their functionality and maximise the potential of the space. Available in modern, minimalist or traditional designs, drop-down dining tables are available in different colours and materials with options to complement every decoration style and taste. They attract attention in terms of both aesthetics and durability with their leg structures and top tables.

If you are looking for a dining table that takes up little space but allows you to create extra space when you need it, you can check out IKEA's drop-down table collection. With these tables, which are perfect for daily use, you will make the most efficient use of every square centimetre in your home. Thanks to IKEA, which offers practical solutions for creating small but functional living spaces, you can easily find a model that suits your needs and taste.

How many cm should the height of the dining table be?

The height of the dining table is a critical factor for seating ergonomics and comfort. A standard dining table height usually ranges between 74 and 76 cm, but whether these dimensions are ideal for all users depends on personal preference and body size. IKEA's dining table heights are designed to meet the needs of users of different heights, following universal design principles. This ensures an ideal seating experience for everyone.

It is also important to establish the correct relationship between chair and dining table height. The seat height of your chair should fit comfortably under your table and provide enough space for your knees. From this point of view, IKEA chairs and tables have a height harmony created by thinking together. This ensures comfort even when sitting for long periods during meals.

Higher dining table models may be required in dining rooms or bar-type seating areas with specific design requirements. In these cases, tables with an average height of 85 to 105 cm are preferable. IKEA's height-adjustable dining tables offer flexible solutions to perfectly suit a variety of situations and requirements.

For families with children, the height of the dining table is also important; children should have easy access to the table. IKEA offers a complete dining room experience with tables for all age groups, as well as children's chairs and risers.

For users who want to customise the height of their dining table for their specific design preferences and body shape, IKEA offers a wide range of services and solutions, including special order options. Your table height should match your overall dining room décor and your personal ergonomic needs, which is one of IKEA's specialities.

Another important consideration when it comes to dining table height is the amount of free space that should be available under the table surface. Adequate legroom is essential for comfort as well as for being able to move around the table as needed with ease. IKEA's extensive collection of dining tables includes many models with optimal legroom and height, each carefully designed to make your dining experience more enjoyable.

The choice of dining table height is intertwined with aesthetic values as well as functionality. IKEA's modern and minimalist designs harmonise the height of the dining table with the overall aesthetics of the room, without compromising the comfort of the user. This approach is an indication that IKEA not only offers functional furniture, but also cares about designs that beautify living spaces. At this point, you can discover many models from metal to glass, acrylic to wooden dining tables collections at IKEA.

What to look for when buying a dining table?

In addition to aesthetics and functionality, durability and ease of use are also important criteria when choosing a dining table. Making sure that the table surface is made of a material that is easy to clean and stain-resistant will help you maintain the aesthetics of the table in the long run. IKEA's dining table models with various surface treatments offer options that can withstand the rigours of daily use. You should also make sure that the weight and dimensions of the table are at a level that allows for portability and space changes.

Investing in a dining table that will adapt to the decoration style of your space positively affects the overall ambience of your room. A dining table with simpler and modern lines is preferred in a room with a minimalist design approach, while tables with traditional details are ideal for spaces with a more classical decor. In addition to your aesthetic preferences, dining tables with functional and extra features should also be considered. Extra storage sections or built-in drawers under the table may be preferred in terms of usefulness.

When choosing a table, the lighting of the space and colour preferences according to the location of the table are also important. Dining table colours that harmonise with the lighting contribute to making the meal and the space visually more inviting. However, for those who prefer to use a tablecloth, the surface texture of the table is an equally important factor.

The dimensions of the dining table should also be in harmony with the other furniture in the space. Choosing a dining table that is too large can limit the other functional areas of the room, while a table that is too small can inevitably make the room look unusable. Also, when choosing a dining table, the possibility of a possible move or change of space in the future should be taken into consideration. IKEA offers a wide range of flexible solutions to meet these needs when choosing a dining table.

IKEA's user manuals and simple design approach make the assembly and maintenance of a dining table accessible to every customer. If you are looking for the perfect balance of style and comfort, you can order from IKEA's dining table collections by examining the solutions that best suit your needs and taste.

It's beautiful when the dining tables are crowded

How about using your dining table for crowded meals? Thanks to the extendable dining tables, you can eat comfortably and at the same time, you will save space. Enjoy pleasant dinners with your loved ones with the dining table you choose.

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