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Desk lamps can help you focus on your tasks more efficiently, productively and comfortably. Our desk lights comes in a range of styles to suit your home office environment. Choose a lamp with a flexible arm and head to direct light exactly where you need it. Complete your light with our range of LED light bulbs.

What is the best desk lamp for studying?

The best light for studying is natural light, but we know it’s not always possible to get everything done while the sun’s up. Enter, desk lights and LED desk lamps. Focused task lighting relieves stress on your eyes, compared to relying on a single, main light in a room. You should also give some consideration to the kind of bulb you’ll use with your desk light. You should look for one that provides enough light to see what you’re doing, but not so bright that it causes you to squint. We have a huge range of task lighting available in store and online, including the classic lamps, reading lamps, LED-powered table lamp, and table lamps which comes with a wireless charging pad in its base.

What are the different kinds of lighting?

There are two different kinds of lighting when it comes to the home – general, or ambient lighting, and task lighting. General or ambient lighting is for lighting a whole room or area, letting you safely navigate your furniture and find things. Task lighting, sometimes called focussed lighting, is for a specific purpose, like reading, painting or studying.

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