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The sensor lambs, which are tested and approved for children, worked via motion detection. You can use less energy and have longer life thanks to the sensor lamps that turn on automatically in the dark or turn off automatically when the weather is bright.

Always look ahead

When you get out of bed at night to drink water or go to the toilet, you may find it difficult to see in front of you due to the darkness. For these situations, sensor lamps will provide you with the level of brightness you want. The simple and minimal structure of sensor lamps adapts to the decoration of your home. Lights with sensor socket lights automatically switch on when it is dark and automatically switch off when it is light, so you don't have to remember to switch on and off every day. If you wish, you can also choose a wireless sensor lamp that works by motion detection. By choosing an LED light bulb for your lights with a sensor lamp, you can ensure a longer life with less energy consumption.

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