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What hangs out in a room even when nobody’s there? Ceiling lights! From spotlights to flush ceiling lamps to pendant chandeliers, they provide general light and their designs say specific things about style. Whether you want an industrial feel, a natural touch, a retro vibe or another look, we have a ceiling light for you and to keep your furniture company.

Let your ceiling light be a bright spot in your home. With a ceiling light from IKEA, you can light a room with style. Whether you’re looking for a low hanging chandelier, an intricately designed pendant lamp or a ceiling track of spotlights, you’ll find plenty to choose from in our range.

Ceiling lights as a general light source

When choosing a ceiling light, the first question you need to answer is what it’s going to be used for. As a general light source, a semi-flush, pendant light or chandelier located near the centre of the room can be a good choice. If you want to highlight a part of your décor, a ceiling track with spotlights might do the trick. If you’re looking to light a workspace, such as a tables or a kitchen island, consider a flush ceiling light located directly above the work area.

The right ceiling light for the right room

The second question is which room you’re lighting, and what you’re doing in the room. In some rooms, it’s a good idea to prioritise bright, practical lighting. For example, you might want a bright ceiling light in the hallway to easily find everything you need before leaving the house. Your bathroom might also benefit from bright, clinical lighting for shaving or applying makeup in the morning. Other rooms, such as a living room or children’s room, are multi-purpose. You might want to have bright general lighting when entertaining guests in the living room, or when playing in the children’s room. But once the guests leave and bedtime comes around, you might want to switch to softer mood lighting. In these rooms, a ceiling light with a dimmer can come in handy.

Remember to mind your head!

Our ceiling light collection has something for every kind of room. But before you decide, you should consider the height of your ceilings. If you have particularly low ceilings, a pendant or modern chandelier could prove to be a bit of an obstacle. If so, look for flush ceiling lights, LED spotlights, or recessed lighting, so you don’t risk bumping your head. If you do have a high ceiling, however, our pendant lamps and shades are a great place to start. We have pendant chandeliers and lampshades available in various different designs, letting you express your individual style. Ceiling lights as interior design Decorating with light can be a tricky, but fun challenge. You need to consider both the direction and intensity of the light, since each light source is going to affect the mood of the room. And, since nothing draws attention quite like a source of light, it doesn’t hurt if the lamp is looking gorgeous as well. If you want to take your lighting design to the next level, make sure to also check out our decorative lighting, integrated lighting and smart lighting products.


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Sepete Ekle
IKEA-avize skurup sarkit lamba

Simple and functional

With the SKURUP lamp you can provide a clear light in any room of your home. Thanks to the design of its head, it gives a clear light, ideal for the dining room!

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Mood lighting on demand

Curate the ambiance you want with the new YTLÄGE pendant lamp. A pull of the cords transforms its shape, casting mesmerising light patterns that elevate the entire space. It’s sophistication and novelty, wrapped into one.

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