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worktop, walnut effect 3,499 Add to Basket


LED lighting strip for drawers, white 529 Add to Basket
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drawer organizer, bamboo-anthracite 1,107 Add to Basket


inside drawer front, white 140 Add to Basket

Ta-da, there it is

Having integrated lighting that comes on automatically inside your kitchen drawers is like a small surprise party each time you open them. And it truly is a pleasant surprise how easy it makes finding things. Installing them is easy too, no electrician is needed.

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General light is a good start

Setting up your kitchen lighting, it’s best to start with well-distributed general light. These ceiling spotlights can be directed to give you even light throughout the kitchen. Install a dimmer and you can finetune them for endless combinations with other lamps to get the right lighting for any activity.

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glass door, anthracite-embossed glass 1,340 Add to Basket


chopping board, oak 1,499 Add to Basket


bowl, glass 57.99 Add to Basket

Proper light for working comfortably

Lighting strips under the top cabinets enhance both atmosphere and function in your kitchen. They can be dimmed for pleasant background light when dining. But most of all, they make preparing food safer, easier and more fun. As the light source is in front of you, no shadows are cast over what you’re doing.

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Illuminating your cabinets

Set a nice mood in your kitchen with LED spotlights inside your glass-door cabinets. With clear glass doors, it’s a beautiful way to display things. With textured glass, the glass itself becomes a part of the display. Note that you need glass shelves inside so the light can spread evenly.

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background curtain, 1 pair, dark beige 2,999 Add to Basket


pendant lamp, white-light green-gold 8,999 Add to Basket


glass-door cabinet, darkbrown 18,999 Add to Basket


serving bowl, bamboo 819 Add to Basket


place mat, seagrass 149 Add to Basket
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jug, green 749 529 Add to Basket


plate set, white 399 329 Add to Basket

The centre of attention

The central placement gives your dining table pendant the potential to be a real statement piece. So, why not choose a design that really adds a bit of personality? Just make sure that it also provides good functional light to support all activities – from enjoyable meals to homework and hobbies.

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Top pendant picks for your dining table

Find the pendant lamp that complements your kitchen or dining area perfectly. Explore the whole range starting with these favourite picks.

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Wireless control of light and sound

Setting the atmosphere with the right light and the right sound couldn’t be easier than with everything connected to the DIRIGERA smart home hub. Simply open the app on your phone to take control.

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