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An evening on the town

A small park or a bench lined with greenery is all you need to kick-start spring. Just pack the necessities and go.

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Find a seat and make it yours

Don’t underestimate what a little effort can do for the mood. Take one minute to hang some decorative lighting and make the evening twice as nice.

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Bring some extra warmth

Spring time temperatures are often a gamble. To be safe, bring a hot beverage. And then you might bring something to nibble on, too.

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There is no such thing as too cosy

You may be in a public place, but tonight it’s yours. No need to compromise on comfort, so bring cushions and throws to soften the spot just right.

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A playful breakfast outside your door

You don’t have to travel far to make a picnic special. Enjoy a spring morning with your child right outside your front door. Grab folding chairs, a box of food and drink, toys and decorations, and step out.

IKEA-create your pop up garden 07

Set a table for two

When you’re a small crowd, stay close. Let the lid of your picnic box act as a table, and maybe add a tray for stability.

IKEA-create your pop up garden 08

Mood makers

Celebrate spring with some brought-along colour. If it’s early in the season, the effect will be even greater. Also, you can charge solar-powered lamps for later.

IKEA-create your pop up garden 09

Let everybody join in

Even if you’re a party of two, there’s always room for an extra companion or two (especially if they bring their own food).

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Random day, Saturday feeling

You’ve had your spring-greeting breakfast and your day has just begun. Savour the moment while you decide on which games to play, and in what order.

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