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Decorative lighting makes a big visual difference in the home or office, and is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In IKEA's wide range of decorative lighting products, you can find solutions for every taste and need. These products, which stand out with their stylish and modern designs, bring a breath of fresh air to your spaces. The right choice of lighting can radically change the overall atmosphere of an interior. When it comes to decorative lighting, the colour and intensity of the light becomes as important as the other decorative elements in the room. Soft lights can create a relaxing ambience, while bright and striking lighting can energise a space.

With its unique decorative lighting solutions, IKEA offers designs that reflect the character of any living space. A simple yet elegant lamp may be enough for a minimalist space, while crystal detailed candlesticks or an impressively sized chandelier are ideal options for a more flamboyant decoration. The products in the decorative lighting group are shaped according to the personal tastes of the user and our designers manage to appeal to every taste with a wide variety of alternatives in this sense.

Our design team also prioritises sustainability elements. While energy-efficient decorative lighting is known for its long-lasting use, it also contributes to protecting the ecological balance thanks to the use of environmentally friendly materials. These guiding lighting solutions offer an ethical choice as well as aesthetic, and add value to living spaces by offering fashion and functionality to users at the same time.

It is possible to find solutions recommended for every space and function in decorative lighting products. Such as lampshades that create an inviting atmosphere for the guest room, table lamps that increase concentration for the study room or wall lamps that provide soft light for the bedroom. Each of them contributes to a decoration process in harmony with other furniture and accessories in the room and is carefully designed to raise the living standards of the users.

Decorative lighting is frequently preferred not only in homes but also in commercial spaces such as offices, cafes or restaurants. Stylish and functional lighting products that reflect the brand's line in corporate areas bring professional solutions to the decorative needs of businesses. With its wide range of products and aesthetic solutions, lighting options that beautify all kinds of spaces are preferred.

The products we offer are capable of meeting the aesthetic and functional needs of your home and workplaces. These products, which are offered to users with a wide range of products suitable for different styles and needs, bring elegance to your living spaces with quality assurance. You can examine our collections to discover innovative and attractive lighting solutions to add value to your decoration and illuminate your spaces.

Decorative lighting that will change the mood of the environment

Decorative lighting solutions are ideal when you want to make a difference in your home or workspace. Decorative lighting types offered in different sizes, shapes and colours allow you to customise every corner. Elegant decorative lamps create focal points by providing point lighting, while stylish chandeliers designed to illuminate large areas offer wide usage areas. It appeals to every taste with different styles and designs. You can meet the lighting needs with suitable solutions for modern and traditional spaces, and create warmth and invitation in a space.

Decorative lighting is an important element that increases the functionality of a space. Having enough light throughout the day is critical for eye health and general well-being. When creating special areas in your home, such as reading corners, study areas or hobby rooms, choosing the right lighting makes these spaces more useful. Energy efficient LED bulbs and environmentally friendly lighting options prioritise both savings and aesthetics.

Another important factor is that your lighting choices should be in harmony with the decoration style. For a rustic decoration theme, you can choose classic lamp models designed with metal and wood materials. If you have a modern decoration concept, minimalist lighting products with geometric forms can be an ideal choice. The extensive product range offers a variety of lighting options suitable for every decoration style.

Lighting can completely change the atmosphere of the space while providing light where your home needs it. With correctly placed lights, you can create a brighter, more spacious or warmer environment. Chandelier or pendant type lighting options make the space look more spacious by highlighting the ceiling height. This type of lighting can be used to create an effective visual focal point in large and open-plan spaces.

Decorative lighting, which stands out in terms of design and functionality, occupies an important place in a wide and varied product range. You can choose the most suitable products to find the perfect lighting solution. Discover rich lighting options to add a new breath and light to your home or office!

What is decorative lighting?

Decorative lighting is lighting fixtures designed to emphasise the aesthetic elements of a space. They fulfil a practical need and also serve as a part of the decoration. IKEA helps you to beautify your spaces with decorative lighting, prepared with every detail in mind. Lighting elements include not only conventional sources, but also time and fashionable designs. Geometrically shaped lamps or chandeliers produced in rustic style have an important place in the decorative lighting category.

The concept of decorative lighting has the power to completely transform a living space beyond traditional lighting solutions. Decorative lighting comes into play in the need to create a certain atmosphere on special occasions or at various events. Dimmable light sources have the potential to provide the desired energy or comfort to the environment in which they are used. Lighting can add a different spirit to the environment by changing the general tempo and energy of the space.

The use of decorative lighting products is not limited to interior spaces. Outdoor lighting products specially designed for outdoor spaces such as gardens, terraces or workplaces increase the duration and quality of use of the area. These products provide economic advantages in the long term thanks to their features such as durability and energy efficiency.

Offering a combination of aesthetics and functionality, decorative lighting products adapt to the environment in which they are used and become an integral part of that environment. There are many different options such as energy-saving LED lighting solutions, wall lighting, under-counter lighting in the rich product range. These respond to the expectations of today's consumers by offering both economical and environmentally friendly solutions.

Decorative bulbs, which you can use in different forms, not only provide light in your spaces, but also increase the aesthetic value of your living spaces. Decorative lighting types can be useful when you want to emphasise certain objects or areas. Supporting the overall acoustics and vision of the space, such lighting offers a new perspective in your home or office. You can reveal your difference by rediscovering your spaces with aesthetic and modern decorative lighting solutions.

Where is decorative lighting used?

Decorative lighting can be used in every corner of the house. From living rooms to bedrooms, kitchens to bathrooms, you can add character to your space with these products. There are also fun and motivational decorative lighting types for children's rooms and work areas. Decorative lighting, which can be easily preferred in any modern or traditional interior design, creates a great effect in living rooms and entrance halls. These lightings strengthen the first impression you want to create when welcoming your guests.

Decorative lighting, which is preferred not only in homes but also in workplaces, restaurants, cafes and even hotels, is critical to maintain the integrity of the ambience and create a certain atmosphere. Lighting, which is a sensory element of a restaurant to improve the customer experience, supports the thematic structure of the space and makes customers feel better about the space. Stylish chandeliers or elegant masalampas hung at different heights and sizes are ideal for dining areas.

In themed or period-style spaces, decorative lighting choices are very important. Classic and avant-garde models to create a historical atmosphere are perfect for such venues. In a classic wedding hall, a crystal chandelier or an antique lamp adds character to the space. Likewise, contemporary art galleries or modern art exhibitions, minimalist and modern

Decorative lighting is often chosen to reflect individuals' own personalities and tastes, thus offering the possibility to create a personalised decoration. A special reading lamp designed for a book lover or a specially designed musical note shaped lamp for a music room brings personal tastes to the fore. Bathrooms are spaces that are often overlooked but can make a big difference with lighting design. Mirror lamps with LEDs that are resistant to moisture and fog or stylish pendant lamps can be considered as complementary elements of bathroom decoration.

Decorative lighting solutions that stand out with their functionality allow you to make a difference in every corner of your home or workplace. By doing much more than the general lighting of the space, it complements your decoration and makes your living spaces more functional. Lighting transforms not only the appearance but also the way a place feels. For this reason, choosing the right decorative lighting types is one of the keys to creating both an aesthetic and functional living space.

Decoration ideas for decorative lighting

Decorative lighting works best when chosen according to the theme of your space. While simple models are preferred for a minimalist decoration style, eye-catching crystal chandeliers or colourful lampshades are ideal for a more ambitious decoration. Lighting placement and intensity should be adjusted to support the ambience you want to create. When evaluating the options, thinking about which room serves which function and at which times it is used the most will help you choose the right product.

If you want to create an art gallery atmosphere in your space, you can use dazzling design lamps and accent LED lights. This type of decorative lighting will make your artworks look more impressive and draw the attention of visitors directly to your artworks. In areas used for relaxation and rest, lamps that provide softer and warmer light should be preferred. This type of lighting makes the general atmosphere of the room more inviting and comfortable.

Another important factor is colour temperature. If you want to create an energetic environment, white or colour temperatures close to daylight are ideal. On the contrary, yellow light tones should be preferred for a calmer and more relaxing atmosphere. There are products with different colour temperatures in decorative lighting types, so options suitable for all kinds of needs are offered.

The physical characteristics of the spaces should also be taken into consideration when choosing lighting. Ceiling height plays a big role in determining the type of lighting. Space-saving and floor-mounted light sources may be more suitable for low ceilings, while large and suspended lighting may be more suitable for high ceilings. Such strategic choices ensure that the space is illuminated more effectively and looks more aesthetic.

Energy efficiency should not be forgotten. LED lamps are among the most preferred options because they are both long-lasting and energy-efficient. Environmentally friendly lighting solutions both help you save your budget and allow you to reduce your impact on nature. When choosing decorative lighting for your home or workplace, you can make a contemporary and environmentally conscious choice by paying attention to the energy consumption labels and the efficiency of the product.

Which decorative lighting should be preferred?

The decorative lighting models you prefer vary according to the purpose of use and aesthetics. By examining lighting options for general lighting, you can reflect your decorative style while meeting functional requirements. You can achieve an aesthetic appearance while saving energy with specially designed LED bulbs and flameless candles. Modern designed LED lighting solutions are both environmentally friendly and economical with their long life and low energy consumption.

Lighting should contribute to the space aesthetically as well as its functionality. There are many options such as colourful lampshades, design chandeliers and stylish floor lamps in the decorative lighting category. These products create a relaxing atmosphere and blend perfectly with modern or classic decorations. Choosing the right lighting in areas such as living rooms, bedrooms or dining rooms can become an integral part of the space.

Decorative lamps, another prominent type, are ideal for illuminating a specific reading corner or artwork. In this way, you will have a more functional use and you will also get a stylish detail in your decoration. IKEA offers solutions for every taste with its lamps known for their minimalist and simple designs. For spaces with simple decoration, wall lights with simple designs create a cosy atmosphere by illuminating the space with a soft light.

Decorative lighting solutions suitable for every budget not only fulfil the general lighting needs of the space, but also provide a unique and personal touch. The materials, carefully selected by IKEA's experienced design team, guarantee effective light distribution and long-lasting use. In this way, they add aesthetic value to interiors of all kinds. A wide range of products is available, from ceiling lights, table lamps, wall sconces and floor lamps.

To create a suitable atmosphere in your homes or offices, you can evaluate our various decorative lamps, decorative bulbs and LED candles. By using LED bulbs with LED technology, you can both save energy and benefit from long-lasting lighting advantages.

As IKEA, we offer a range of modern and stylish decorative lighting that will make your interior design brighter and more inviting. As you explore our lighting accessories, you'll see how each product can contribute to the aesthetics of a room. From the living room to the bedroom, from the kitchen to the study, our specially designed lighting for every space will make the areas where you and your loved ones will spend time more comfortable and useful.

Offering the perfect harmony between design and functionality, our decorative lighting will add a unique elegance to every corner of your home. Each lighting unit you buy from our collections is characterised by quality and aesthetics, as well as practicality and energy efficiency, making it appealing to both your eyes and your budget. With IKEA's modern design approach, you can change the atmosphere of your home or office, making it warmer and more inviting.

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