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Sometimes lampshades are just what a room needs for a practical, personal touch. They can make your living room extra cosy for movie night or help your body settle down as bedside lamps. Their designs add plenty of style, too. So, turn off the chandelier and give table lamps a chance to shine.

How big should a lampshade be?

To get the best lighting experience from a lampshade, aim to have the middle of the shade at eye-level, so you don’t get any glare directly from the light bulb. The light bulb itself should also be far enough away from the surface of the table to allow an even distribution of light.

How do you pick a lampshade?

The best lampshades for the nightstands should provide your bedroom with dim but sufficient lighting. Too bright and they could make it harder to fall to sleep. You should also consider how big your bedside table is, as a large lamp will look out of place on a small cabinet. Touch bedside lamps are ideal when you need to simply switch off and sleep.

Lampshade models

Whether you are looking for a lampshade for your bedroom or living room. It is very easy to choose from lampshade models that will fit every room of your home! You can illuminate your home with a simple lampshade or add a stylish look to your home with decorative lighting models. You can also create your own special design by choosing lamp bases and lightshades separately, so you can create your favorite lampshade look.

Complete your lampshade look with another lighting

By choosing a lampshade compatible with your floor lamps or chandelier, you can make the lighting in your home more harmonious. Thus, all lighting products in a room can offer a decorative appearance.

A new lamp with a bold glow

With its distinctive style, and interchangeable glass shades, this new space-transforming lamp is guaranteed to be a talking point, on or off. Connect it with our TRÅDFRI remote control kit so you can dim and switch lights, and get even more ways to set a stylish mood.

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