Day Beds

Day bed models that blend elegance and functionality are indispensable parts of home decoration. These unique products, which are among the IKEA furniture range that will adapt to every corner of your home, allow you to make an aesthetic touch everywhere from guest rooms to balconies, from bedrooms to living spaces. Patterned day bed models with their unique designs and functional structures are elements that increase the dynamism, elegance and comfort of a room. Day bed models with drawers both offer a stylish seating area and make your living spaces more functional with practical storage solutions.

Day bed Models

Ideal for living rooms, day bed options are a comfortable and ergonomic alternative for you to relieve the tiredness of the day. These models, which can also be used as a bed, offer a saviour solution for limited living spaces. On the other hand, wooden cedar models bring the warmth and aesthetics of natural material to every corner of your home. Balcony day bed models, which you can use in open areas such as balconies or terraces, bring together your outdoor pleasure with comfort and elegance.

The day bed models at home, which can also be described as modern interpretations of traditional designs, can adapt to all kinds of lifestyles. Different fabric textures, colour scales and accessory options make these pieces of furniture customisable, while wooden day bed models stand out as timeless and durable options. With the ability to adapt to any space, day beds are far from being outdated and are flexible enough to keep up with the fashion of every period.

Day bed models, which increase the functionality of a room and are also used as a decorative element, meet your different furniture needs. By taking advantage of cleverly designed model options, space saving can be achieved especially in small and narrow spaces. You can find an ideal furniture for every corner of your home with day bed options that you can use in every area from living room to bedroom, from foyer to study room.

Combining elegance and aesthetics, day bed models are ideal furniture alternatives for traditional and modern spaces. This furniture can be used even in outdoor decorations, bringing aesthetics and functionality to your home. Day bed models can often double as a separate sitting corner or as a bed, while ottoman models are preferred as items that increase comfort and elegance in foyers or balconies as well as living rooms.

Day bed models with drawers, which prioritise design and workmanship, offer practical solutions to your storage problems, while wooden ottoman variations create an authentic and natural atmosphere. While day bed options make your life easier to create a relaxing environment at the end of the day, day bed types can serve as extra comfort for your guests. In addition, balcony day bed models specially designed for you to evaluate in the garden or terrace make your outdoor time more enjoyable.

You can increase the energy of your space with day bed models specially designed for usage areas. With the innovative and functional approaches of today's designers, these furnitures are becoming more and more diverse and suitable for personal tastes. For example, wooden day bed models with straight lines and simple colours can be an ideal choice for homes with minimalist decoration. On the other hand, for those who adopt a more traditional or rustic decoration approach, richly embroidered wooden day bed models can enrich the atmosphere of your home.

Designed in accordance with today's dynamic lifestyle, day bed models focus on keeping the user's comfort and comfort at the highest level as well as complementing the decoration style of each home. The robust and durable structures of this furniture are ideal for many years of use. IKEA designers, who prioritise the needs and expectations of users, emphasise quality and aesthetics in the production of cedar day bed models.

Discover the day bed models suitable for your home

Day bed models offered in a wide range from classic to modern designs; They are versatile furniture options preferred in bedrooms, living rooms and even balconies. In particular, day bed with bed and day bed with drawers increase functionality by providing an additional storage space other than the existing cabinets in your home. Carefully selected according to the colour schemes of your home, day beds offer you a comfortable and eye-catching seating area.

Day bed models produced with patterns and fabrics suitable for your lifestyle add a special atmosphere to the corners of your home where you spend the most time. They are ideal for creating a corner where you can comfortably read a book or relieve the tiredness of the day. IKEA's wide range of products offers alternatives for every budget and need with different sizes and functions. The quality and craftsmanship of the materials used ensure that this furniture maintains its durability and elegance for many years.

Wooden balcony day bed models made of different textures and materials are perfect for adding the warmth and comfort of naturalness to your homes. The warm tones of wood, the modern lines of metal or the soft touch of upholstery are indispensable elements of day beds.
Designed especially for small spaces, day bed models can be used effectively as a sitting or working area during the day while providing accommodation for visitors. When it's time to rest, you can turn the sleeper models into a day bed in a few easy steps. This makes day beds very functional, especially for homes with limited space.

The careful selection of each piece of furniture greatly affects the overall decoration of your home. For this reason, the choices you will make among the day bed models are one of the elements that will reflect the spirit of your space. The variety of colours and designs of this furniture, in accordance with your taste and needs, pushes the limits of your imagination to increase the aesthetic and functionality level of your space.

With a wide range of colours and various designs, wooden ottoman models suitable for every style, whether modern, minimalist, authentic or classic, not only create a comfortable seating corner in your living space, but also increase the elegance of the space. Choosing the right ottoman or daybed provides an element of decoration that impresses you and your guests and complements the overall style of your space.

When choosing these unique pieces of furniture, it is important to make the right decision not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of functionality and comfort. Home day bed models can be preferred in different sizes and functions according to the area where they will be used. In addition, the remarkable details and elegant lines of the products add a noticeable sense of luxury and sophistication. Rich fabric options and attention to detail make these pieces of furniture unique.

Cedar day bed options that will adapt to your personal tastes and lifestyle can be your first step towards making your home both functional and stylish. These products, presented with their embracing comfort and aesthetic beauty, have a special place in your home decoration and continue to add value to your living space.

Day bed models for your guest rooms with different colours

Day bed models, which are the leading representatives of comfort and aesthetics, are important pieces that increase the ambience of your guest rooms. From white to grey, from cool shades of blue to warm reds and browns, each colour option is prepared with different tastes and design concepts in mind. Especially the colours you choose, in harmony with the existing decoration, add a characteristic touch to the room and stand out with their unique charm.

The colour scale of this furniture sets the vision of the space, while at the same time allowing decorative freedom according to seasonal changes or trends. The natural tones of a wooden daybed, combined with elegant textiles and soft lighting, create a warm and inviting atmosphere. In addition, a daybed covered in dynamic patterns or vibrant colours makes a modern statement, adding movement and energy to the room.

Whatever the size of your guest room, a day bed in a suitable colour can change the feel of the space. A dark coloured daybed can add depth and weight to a large and bright room. Conversely, a light-coloured daybed can help a smaller or low-light room look spacious and large. Considering these details, it is clear that colour and texture will play a decisive role in the overall atmosphere of the room when choosing a day bed.

In addition to colour selection, fabric type and texture are also important. The texture of the fabric covering the outer surface of a day bed offers a much more distinctive aesthetic when combined with colour. For example, a rich and luxurious texture such as velvet, when combined with dark colours, leads to an elegant and classy look. In this way, you can complete your guest room in an extraordinary style and create a decoration that will impress your guests.

It is possible for a day bed to be versatile in terms of functionality as well as aesthetics. In particular, day bed models and day bed models with drawers offer excellent solutions for those looking for both elegance and practicality. In addition to colour and texture, these designs also meet functional expectations such as extra storage space or the need for a spare bed.

The use of colour in interior design can reinforce certain emotions and add personality to a room. Soft pastel shades create a calming and relaxing effect, while colours such as vibrant orange or yellow represent energy and dynamism. The colour palette you choose for the day bed reflects the desired mood for the room and impresses your guests, providing them with a comfortable experience.

When choosing day bed models for guest rooms, colour and texture should be carefully evaluated. The aesthetic richness and functionality provided by this furniture allows you to create an environment that will delight every guest by adding value to your home. You can always make your family and guests comfortable with a decoration supported by functional nightstands and coffee tables. You can personalise your space by choosing the right day bed to add a stylish and comfortable atmosphere to your guest rooms with the power of colours and take advantage of the advantages of these unique pieces of furniture.

What are the most useful day bed sizes for your home?

Considering the living spaces of the houses with different sizes, it is difficult to determine a standard size for day bed models. Day bed models that attract attention with their compact structure can be ideal for small rooms. Larger and more comfortable wooden ottoman models can be preferred for large living rooms. These dimensions vary depending on the available space of your home and your usage habits. Since each area has its own aesthetics and functionality, area-specific choices should be made about the dimensions. 

For an elegant and stylish look, a day bed in the right dimensions can add a sophisticated atmosphere to your space. If your living room is spacious, wider and longer models that you can use together with flashy chest of drawers can be a good choice. However, in a narrow house, day bed models with drawers with smart designs such as folding or drawers can help you use the space efficiently.

It is also important to consider functionality when making a choice that suits your personal tastes. If you need a day bed that converts into a bed for guests or offers extra storage space, such a model can be both an elegant and functional solution. A design that can be used as a comfortable seating area during the day and converted into a bed at night makes you always prepared.

In addition to the dimensions, the material quality should not be ignored when choosing a day bed. A wooden day bed or ottoman made of durable and high quality material will be a part of your home for many years. Material selection and workmanship are among the main criteria for durability and longevity. Day bed are perfect not only for indoors but also for outdoor areas such as balconies or terraces. Especially designed for such areas, balcony day bed models produced with weather-resistant material options increase your comfort in the outdoor area and offer aesthetic richness.

If you're worried about finding models that meet a specific size, you might want to consider checking out IKEA's customisable options. Customisable day bed can be designed to best suit your space, in exactly the size and style you want. Whether you're looking for a minimalist style for a modern city apartment or a rustic design for your country house, you can create the decoration you dream of with customised options.

Day bed, which offer functionality, aesthetics and comfort together, are among the furniture that you will enjoy in your home for a long time when chosen correctly. You can make your choices by considering the dimensions of the room to be used, the general design style of your space and of course your budget.

Things to consider when choosing a day bed model

Depending on your intended use, consider day bed models with drawers that offer extra storage space or day bed types that can be used as an extra bed. These types of models help you to make the most ideal investment by considering your frequency of hosting guests and your storage needs in the house. When choosing among the colour and material options that will adapt to your decoration style, consider the day bed models at home that will be in harmony with other furniture. A day bed or ottoman that provides harmony with colour harmony, textures and design concepts can harmoniously integrate into your space and add functionality without disrupting the overall aesthetic flow. Choose a cedar day bed that is suitable for the dimensions of the space you have. A large day bed can look dominant and bulky in a small room, while a small ottoman may not fully fill a large space. Make a critical assessment of material quality and workmanship. The durability of materials such as fabric, wood and metal, which will be selected with long-term use in mind, is important in home furniture. In addition to functionality, make sure that your day bed appeals to your home in terms of style. You can choose the one that suits your home among different style options such as modern colours, authentic motifs or minimalist lines. Consider your budget along with your needs. There are many day bed compromised. Learn about the maintenance and cleaning of both the material and upholstery of the products. Easy-to-clean and low-maintenance models offer more practical and economical solutions in the long term.

Explore IKEA's range of furniture for every style of home décor and complement these items with complementary pieces in the bookcases category to create sets to suit your taste. Whatever your choice, a quality IKEA day that is fit for purpose will add value to your home and improve your quality of life.


A flexible living area with space for sleep and relaxation

It may be small but there’s space for comfort, 24 hours a day. Flexible ideas like this day bed make it super easy to transform this living area into a bedroom. And a few well-selected items create a cosy, harmonious atmosphere, day and night.

Make your guests feel as comfortable as if they were at home

When your study is also your guest room, a day bed that easily transforms into a comfortable single or double bed is a great choice. The HEMNES day bed’s high frame creates a cosy, cocooning feeling, while its three large drawers underneath are perfect of storing extra duvets, pillows and bedding. So you can make sure your family and friends have a comfortable place to stay, on those late nights filled with conversations.

Bedding that will keep your day-bed guest-ready

Champions of function

Day beds can be used in many rooms of the house as a cosy relaxation area, a double bed for guests or yourself, or a fun bed for your children. And thanks to the storage space in some day beds, you can keep duvet cover sets, blankets or anything else you need close by. Three functions in one product!

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