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We may not realise it, but we spend a third of our day sleeping. A healthy sleep is one of the most important elements not only for us to be comfortable at night, but also for us to be energetic and happy all day. For this reason, the mattress and bed you choose for a good sleep and a fit day can change your daily habits.

It's time to add the most stylish and elegant touch to a dreamy bedroom decoration! The bed is a special piece of furniture that will complete your bedroom. Made of quality materials and carefully designed, the headboard will add a sophisticated atmosphere to your room. The bed offers various headboards that you can use for years with its durable structure. The bed, which has various designs that will adapt to different styles, can be customised according to your size. Whether you prefer a modern minimalist style or look for a classic touch, our bed models give you the chance to be creative. Choose the bed to transform your bedroom into a place of relaxation and tranquillity. Create a dream bedroom with a bed that combines quality design, elegance and longevity.

Bed models

Bedsteads are one of the most important parts of bedrooms. For a healthy and comfortable sleep, bed models contribute to the overall decoration of the bedroom and also offer storage space. A bed is used to raise your bed off the floor and offer a more comfortable sleeping experience. Bed models have become one of the most important parts of the bedroom thanks to its ability to change the overall look of the bedroom and provide additional storage space.

A bed is a frame that is placed under the bed. It is used to increase the stability of the bed and keep the bed off the floor. The bed is usually made of different materials such as wood, metal or leather. The headboard part, which complements the decor of the bedroom, is usually the most striking and aesthetic part of the bed. The choice of headboard is very important to give the bedroom a sophisticated look.

Bed models are generally classified as single, double and bunk beds. Single beds are usually designed for single person use. Double cots, on the other hand, are designed to be large enough for two people to sleep comfortably. Bunk beds are a solution that is usually used in children's rooms and offers two beds together.

Single cots are usually ideal for narrow spaces. Such cots usually have a compact design and usually offer enough space for a single person. Single bed models are often used in youth rooms or small rooms. Double cots usually offer enough space for two people. Double bed models usually occupy a larger space in the bedroom and are usually ideal for a couple. Double beds usually offer a larger storage space.

Bunk beds are an ideal solution, especially for children's rooms. Bunk beds offer two beds in one and often save space. Bunk beds are generally ideal for children and teenagers.

How to determine the dimensions of the bed?

When choosing a bed, the area of the bedroom where the bed will be placed should also be taken into account. No one wants to have a bedroom where it is not possible to move comfortably. If the bedroom is also an area where furniture such as wardrobes will be located, it is necessary to choose more carefully.

The bedstead is a piece of furniture that is recommended to be positioned in the bedroom with the headboard against the wall and the sides empty. When the space on the sides of the bed is approximately 60 cm, enough movement space is obtained. The gaps on the sides of the bed prevent minor accidents when getting in and out of bed and increase the comfort of cleaning processes.

In small rooms, one side of the bed may need to rest against the wall. In this case, it is recommended that the end of the bed should not be at a height that makes it difficult to get out of bed. A distance of 60 cm from the foot end of the cot will help to move comfortably.

Storage solutions in bed models

Many bed models offer additional storage space. This can be in the form of drawers, which are usually located under the bed, or storage areas located inside the bed. These types of bedsteads are particularly ideal for small rooms because they offer extra storage space.

Bed models are often designed to allow the beds to stand higher off the floor. This results in a space between the bed and the floor that is useful to evaluate. This area can be used as storage space. According to their models, the choice of storage space in furniture offered as a bed with or without a box spring can be shaped according to decoration expectations. Making this choice helps to meet the need for storage space as desired. People who choose an empty bedstead model and have an increased storage requirement can meet their storage requirements by using wheeled boxes or scraps that can be placed under the bed.

Base bed designs offer storage in an area with a very large volume, at least the size of the bed and higher than the bed. Bedstead models without base can be preferred as empty under the bed according to the space and need in the bedroom. However, an under-bed design with drawers both facilitates the compartmentalisation of items and provides the comfort of opening a single drawer whenever needed. Bed models with drawers have one or more drawers under the bed. These drawers often provide additional storage space for bedding, clothing or other items. Bed models with drawers are ideal for those who usually need more storage space. Bed models with chests usually offer a large storage space under the bed. This storage space is often used for bedding, blankets or other large items. Chest bed models are ideal for those who often require extra space to store large items.

Wooden bed models

Cot models are usually made of various materials. The most commonly used materials include wood, metal and chipboard. Wooden bed models usually offer a more traditional look, while metal bed models usually offer a more modern and minimalist look.

Wood bed models are generally durable and long-lasting. Wooden bedsteads usually offer a warm and cosy look and blend easily with many decoration styles. Wooden beds are a great option for those who want a natural and warm look. Metal bed models are generally durable and easy to maintain. Metal bedsteads usually offer a modern and minimalist look and easily harmonise with many decoration styles. Wooden bedstead models are the choice of those who want to create a warm effect in the bedroom. Bedstead models made of trees with different colours such as oak, pine, ash and walnut are presented in styles to suit every decoration. They can have designs with or without legs. They can have a headboard consisting of slats, as well as fabric covered, chest, bookcase headboard options. Wood, which is a very strong and durable material, is also preferred because it is easy to clean.

With wooden bedstead models, which are preferred by those who love warm and natural colours, many different styles of decoration can be tried. The most preferred ideas are a decoration where cream colour and brown tones are at the forefront. For a rustic decoration, it is a good choice to throw a brown toe chest in the bedroom and a brown knitted shawl on the bed when you want to bring the wood to the forefront.

Depending on the type of wood, the range of colours that can be used in the bedroom varies. In the case of light woods such as birch, you can choose from soft colours such as light blue, pink and green to bold colours such as red or navy blue.

When it comes to darker colours such as walnut or beech, it is preferable to have a tone-on-tone effect such as cream or paper bag colour. Alternatively, the dark colour effect can be balanced by choosing pastel tones.

Material options in bed models

Metal bedstead models, which are the choice of those who want to create a romantic and elegant environment, are made of durable materials such as iron, brass and aluminium. Although black and white colours are commonly preferred, there are also designs with romantic colours such as pink. In this furniture, also called wrought iron beds, the bed does not take up much space. It can be preferred in small rooms as it will occupy almost the same area as the bed size. It is possible to experience many different styles together with a metal or wrought iron bed. Wrought iron bed single bed models are also among the prominent designs especially for young girls' rooms. The unique details of the metal bed models combined with a mosquito net help to achieve a very stylish look.

If an industrial decoration is desired, dark coloured bedspreads and bed linen sets can be preferred. In lighting choices, grey and black can also be used in the lampshade section, again in the foreground.

In order to have a simple but comfortable space with smoother transitions, it is preferable to include plenty of curbs in the decoration of the metal bedstead, to choose a long pile carpet under the bedstead or to use two small carpets on the sides of the bed. Oranges with black metal and blue and navy blue with white metal help to achieve a softer and warmer look.

These are the designs obtained by supporting the metal or wooden bed with sponge and covering it with fabric. For a decorative look, fabrics that match the carpet or curtain preferences used in bedroom decoration can be selected. Fabric bed models can be quite compatible with linen bed linen sets. Thanks to the contribution of the fabric to the layered decoration, it is a good choice to use a bed shawl and a few extra cushions in addition to the bedspread; to utilise the power of bed textiles in decoration.

When you want to achieve an elegant and sophisticated look, leather and velvet are among the most common choices. The combination of these two materials is luxurious and splendid at the same time. For those who want to achieve softer transitions in the use of leather, knitted bedspreads help to give the environment a more intimate atmosphere. Another texture that goes well with the assertive look of leather is satin and silk. A satin bed linen set selected according to the colour of the leather used on the bed helps to complete the whole decoration alone.

To achieve a stylish and sophisticated look, you can choose from leather bedstead models. Since leather is a material that easily shows natural marks and imperfections, it is a better choice to choose leather for beds in adult bedrooms. A headboard is commonly added to the design when designing leather bed models that show its quality at first glance while emphasising its appearance and feel.

Since the leather in the headboard stands out in an eye-catching way, it is recommended to choose models with a headboard instead of models with only a leather frame. It will be useful to evaluate home-specific conditions during preference. In homes where pets live, leather headboards can be deformed due to scratching.

What to consider when choosing bed models

When choosing a bed, it is important to consider the space in the bedroom. To ensure that the bed fits comfortably in the room, it is important to measure the dimensions of the bed. When choosing a bed, you should also consider your storage needs. If you need a lot of storage space in the room, you can consider a bed model with drawers or chests. When choosing a bedstead model, you should also consider the general decoration style of the bedroom. It is important that the bedstead is compatible with the general decoration style of the room.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a bed. For example, it is important to consider the size of your bed when choosing a bed. The bed should be chosen according to the size of the bed so that the bed fits snugly and fits snugly. Make sure you choose the right bed by measuring the bed size. Bedsteads can be made of different materials. Materials such as wood, metal, leather each have different properties. Paying attention to material quality when choosing a bedstead ensures the durability and longevity of the bedstead. Bedsteads made of quality materials will be an investment that you can use for years. When choosing a bed, it is important to consider your current decoration style and personal style. The bedstead should harmonise with the general atmosphere of the bedroom and complement the decoration. You can create the style and atmosphere you want in the bedroom by considering elements such as colour, pattern and headboard design when choosing a bed.

Bed models are one of the most important parts of the bedrooms. Bed models have become one of the most important parts of the bedroom thanks to their ability to change the overall appearance of the bedroom and provide additional storage space. When choosing a bed model, you should consider the space in the bedroom, your storage needs and your decoration style. Choosing a suitable bed model can significantly affect the overall appearance and functionality of the bedroom.

Cot cleaning and maintenance

It is important to clean your cot regularly. You can use a damp cloth and mild soapy water to clean wooden cots. You can use water and detergent to clean metal cots. To clean leather cots, it is recommended to use special leather cleaners. It is important to be careful during use to protect your cot. You should avoid contact with hard objects and protect the bed against scratches. You can also prevent colour fading and material deformation by keeping your bed away from sunlight. Regularly checking your bed allows you to detect potential problems early. It is important to keep the screws of the bed tight and repair or replace loose parts. Regular maintenance and repair ensures that your bed will last longer.

Cot design ideas

The choice of bed is important to complement the atmosphere of the bedroom and reflect your personal style. A minimalist bed design provides a simple and elegant look. You can create a minimalist bed with a simple frame made of wood or metal and a plain headboard. This design is a great option for a modern bedroom.

A classic bed design adds elegance and nostalgia to the bedroom. You can achieve a classic look with a wooden bed and a high headboard. This design is ideal for those who prefer a traditional style. A modern bed design adds a contemporary look to the bedroom. You can create a modern bed with a metal bed and a stylish headboard. This design is a great option for those who prefer an industrial or minimalist style.

The secret to a comfortable sleep

In addition to using the beds as a place to physically rest, you can also use them as a small hobby area where you can lie down and watch TV or read a book. You can also choose one that is compatible with your dressing table and nightstand to achieve general harmony in your bedroom. And finally, don't forget to add colour to your mattress with soft duvet cover sets!

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"My idea with TÄLLÅSEN was to make an upholstered bed frame that stands out in a playful way through the choice of materials, colours and construction. While it has its own expression, it also offers lots of functionality. An example is the padded headboard, which is nice to lean against when sitting up in bed, but also has a subtle print that gives the textile a richer look and texture. So I hope that many people appreciate both the comfort and the character of TÄLLÅSEN."

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