Home essentials for the summer

Enjoy your summer by bringing your living space to the open air and decorating your home with colorful lanterns, plant pots and flowers. You can carry the foldable table and chairs anywhere you like or have a fun picnic with friends and family with hammock, picnic hamper and barbecue.

Create an outdoor living room.

With our wide variety of outdoor furniture, you can bring the comfort of your living room into your balcony or patio. Choose from modular sofas, tables and more to arrange a custom outdoor hangout. For comfort and style we have cushions, rugs, plant pots and LED solar powered lamps and lanterns to complete your decoration.

Relaxed hours under a tree

Colorful textiles, lighting and decorative accessories let you make any place like home, whether it's a sun-dappled woods, a deserted beach or your very own backyard. Use a colorful fabric to make a tent and an outdoor rug that withstands the sun and dirt. Decorate with candles and cushions also bring cordless, LED solar powered lamps to give a personal touch.

Dress your table for the summer.

Colorize your table with spring's energising mood for Sunday dinners, balcony breakfasts and parties on the patio. Colorful plates and bowls on a nice tablecloth may be appetizing for you and your guests, with place mats, napkins and some lighting adding decorative touch to your table.

Lighten up your nights with solar powered lamps.

Just because the sun goes down doesn't mean the fun has to stop! Turn on the lights wherever you are and create atmosphere with colorful decorative SOLVINDEN LED outdoor lighting. The LED solar-powered lamps come in a variety of styles, from boldly patterned hanging lanterns, to rock-shaped floor lights, to an adorable table lamp. Now you can keep both indoor and outdoor space lit in style, no bulb changing required.