Welcome spring in the balcony.

Celebrate the coming of the spring with durable and practical furniture in your balcony. Foldable tables and chairs are perfect for flexibility and to save space in small spaces. And with options like a plant stand or a trellis that supports climbing plants and floor decking in different colors , you can turn your balcony into an outdoor living space.

Enjoy the garden with durable furniture.

The furnishing you use in your garden or patio make it comfortable and enjoyable. You can create an outdoor seating group of any size and shape by combining the modular seating elements. Choosing durable and easy-to-clean furniture for your garden is also an important fact. IKEA PS VAGÖ armchair is made of plastic and durable APPLARÖ sofa is made of solid acacia, which are both weather resistant and easy to clean.

Colorize your table with spring's energising mood.

IKEA - Outdoor

Crowded Sunday brunches, an afternoon teas or parties on the patio... Patterned plates and bowls, colorful jugs, all on a nice tablecloth may be appetizing for you and your guests, with colorful napkins and tableware accessories adding decorative touch to your table.

Plant a garden anywhere.

How about placing never-fading artificial plants in your bathroom, kitchen and your resting corners? You can change the atmosphere of the room with high structured plants or bring the spring air with flowers in colorful plant pots placed in the windowsill.

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