New school year, new preparations and new excitements.

All students from new beginners to seniors feel pleased to have a room of their own to study, experiment, develop new ideas and spend time on their hobbies. IKEA welcomes all parents who experience this excitement to find everything a student needs; from desks to bookcases, chairs to workspace accessories.

Sleep and socialize, thanks to SVARTA

Short breaks while studying and socializing with friends can at least be as motivating as a good night's sleep. Create a quality study space for your child with a functional desk, a comfortable and ergonomic chair and a must-have bookcase.

IKEA 8-12 Yaş

Complete your workspace with SKADIS pegboard and arrange it according to your needs by adding the board parts. You can also keep your accessories, art crafts or stationery supplies or toys in TROFAST storage units to keep your room organized.

Keep up the school excitement with FLISAT.

Okula Başlama Zamanı

Share the excitement of your new school-beginner with FLISAT Series. The FLISAT children's desk has a handy area for children to do homework or develop hobbies and can be adjusted to three different heights, so it can be used for homework or arts and crafts for many years. FLISAT desk for small children becomes both a practical storage when completed with TROFAST storage boxes.

Personal bookcase with KALLAX shelving units

As books and files start to pile up in the new school year, new storage solutions come along. Personalize your KALLAX shelving unit with interior organizers like shelf dividers, wire baskets and boxes to keep materials organized.

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