Storage across the home

Storage space, vertical garden and more

Even a small wall has a potential to become your new favourite spot on the balcony. Use a sturdy and lightweight shelving unit to house your greenery and store extra pots. Fresh herbs will always be within reach when you’re eating outside. Just don’t disturb the shoots growing in the plant nursery!

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The open and shut choice for flexible storage

However you keep items accessible and in order, there’s an IVAR combination tailored to the task. Build, shape and style see all shelves, concealing cabinets or a mix of both (e.g. with mesh front doors). Wall mounted or on legs, wood or metal – the choice is yours. Fold-out desk? That’s works, too.

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IKEA-ivar cam 80x30x60 cm surgu kapakli dolap


sliding door-cabinet, pine
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-ivar cam 80x50x18 cm cekmece


drawer, pine
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-ivar cam 80x30x120 cm dolapli raf unitesi


shelving unit with cabinet, pine
Sepete Ekle


shelving unit, pine
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-ivar cam 259x30x179 cm raf unitesi

Heroes to help you organise

A clutter-free kingdom for little rulers

Toys, books, clothes – little explorers accumulate a lot. Thankfully, these new storage combinations understand the little ones. With everything in their line of sight and reach, it’s not just storage; it’s an invitation to play, learn, and grow.

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Lowest price

We work hard every day to keep prices as low as possible for you, and we lower prices where we can. By producing in high volumes with smarter designs and flat packaging, we can continue to offer affordable products without compromising quality. Shop our new low prices now!

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Easy organisation for the day-to-day

Add a perfect fitted organiser inside your makeup drawer or in your fridge to make the everyday that little bit simpler.


counter top organizer, white
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-avsteg beyaz 40x21 cm tezgah ustu duzenleyici


storage with compartments, grey
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-visslaan gri 32x31x9 cm bolmeli duzenleyici
IKEA-klippkaktus seffaf 28 cm donen tabla


lazy susan, transparent
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-aksesuarlar metin en

What about managing shared space?

“Create areas of the home that serve more than one purpose. A desk can work as both a makeup station and a study space. The key is to pair it with storage to keep what you need in easy reach and out the way.”

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‌Our new products are here!

Discover our new products for your home. With our new products that you can choose from home furnishing and accessories, you can renovate your home as well as make it more functional with furniture.


storage bag, multicolour
Sepete Ekle


storage bag, multicolour
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-sackkarra serisi canta
IKEA-yeni en


bookcase with half panel, white/bamboo
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-billy beyaz bambu 80x30x202 cm yarim kapakli kitaplik


Open Shelving Unit, white
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-kallax beyaz 147x77 cm acik raf unitesi


label with string, white
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-fonsterfikus beyaz ipli etiket

Neat options for spices in drawers

You can use the UPPDATERA spice rack insert – available with or without a tray – to keep your spice jars tidily arranged in a convenient drawer, ready to pull out when you need. Meanwhile, the UPPDATERA sliding organiser for drawer can be a smart way to store your spices in a space that you probably don’t use.

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drawer organizer, anthracite
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-uppdatera antrasit cekmece duzenleyici


drawer organizer, anthracite
Sepete Ekle
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